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Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Arianna Superleak 8: First Nations Fraud, Megan, Paris.

We’re only about halfway through the Jessica Yaniv Simpson / Arianna Leaks. I may need to start leaving some pics out and only including the “good” ones.

If you missed any of the previous leaks, simply scroll recent posts or search MeowMix for the term Arianna. It’s been a wild, cringe-filled, wrath-inducing ride, but it’s also been fun watching Jessica Yaniv Simpson get what he deserves. This is what he’s dished out to so many people. I hope it keeps happening to him.

So far the highlights have been:

  • 12 year old girls
  • Obsessions with Sara, Langley Resident, Denton Dick, and MeowMix.
  • Tampons
  • Timbits
  • Leaking pads
  • Pageants
  • Rape fantasies
  • Silver nitrate
  • Breastfeeding
  • Tax fraud
  • Dilating
  • Being a teacher
  • Missing clitoris
  • Riding fingers.

That’s not counting the numerous things WGKitty has been posting on KiwiFarms. And now, let’s get into todays chats:

The pic below has been posted before. She has to be found. I love that he met her once and she’s basically ghosted him. Can you imagine how gross that must have felt to have those lips on you?

This is Megan from Ladner, BC. JY originally claimed she was 15, then 24. #FindHer.

He kept the Sara pics! LOL!

Also…Jon, if you think that slime is what women have when they get turned on then I guess that explains why you think you’re a woman, you slimy bastard.

Time to start scouring LiveMe for Jon again. Any volunteers?

At least he admits he’s stupid.

This was for Mr. Swirl, a local plumbing service. Poor bastards. At least they wised up and canned him.

Does he think this looks good? Edited face, edited cleavage (fat rolls), a visibly dirty shirt?

Vanilla Bean Frap, 4 pumps mocha, strawberry puree, extra whip, add frapp chips, caramel drizzle, 3 pumps raspberry syrup in a venti cup.

Didn’t he say he was trying to lose weight?

A heart filled relationship?

No way she’s 24. No way. Also, Jon doesn’t have BPD. Anxiety, depression, most likely. PTSD? Not a chance.

Executive roles? Maybe he meant executive-size fat rolls.

It would be interesting to find some more people on this team. Anyone have any leads?

Not a single picture with a friend. That will be the rest of his life goes.

He hated how he looked? Has he looked in the mirror now?

Lol No she doesn’t.

Hey guys remember that time some of ya’ll thought MeowMix didn’t know what we were talking about when we said Jonathan Yaniv identified as First Nations to jump the COVID vaccine line? Our sources are solid.

I know. That was a little smug. I’m done now lol.

I hope this spreads. I hope more people find out that Jon is basically blackfacing as a First Nations to take advantage of a benefit designed for actual FN people.

“Getting the restraining order today”. Nope! Thrown out of court.


Make out on the first date? Incel.

More coaching Arianna’s dad to ID as FN.

Jon, inspecting elements is not hacking.


It’s very odd that a “gender dysphoric” “penis-shy” person like JY is so obsessed with penetrating women. Did I say odd? I meant obviously rapey and a clear indicator that JY is a fake.

It’s hideous even when blurred out.

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