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Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Arianna Superleak 7: 12 Year Olds, LangleyResident, and Posters

The chats between Arianna and Jessica Yaniv Simpson keep coming. I want to take a quick moment to shout out to pr3nt177 on KiwiFarms for his (or her?) summaries of these posts. They’ve got a great eye for the highlights and I really enjoy them.

Today’s batch of pics includes the usual I love/hate you banter with a good helping of creepy shit, such as JY thinking his Homer Simpson-esque mangina looks like a 12 year old girls vagina, which opens up a world of questions, such as why does Jon know what 12 year old vaginas look like, and why would he think that his adult sexual partners (if they existed) would want that? Maybe this is another thing inspired by his trans icon Morgane Oger.

You’ll note that there are several images/videos not shown here. We’ll get to these in time, but some of them are too much for MeowMix. You’re likely to find them on KiwiFarms though.

And now, let’s get into the chats.

jessica yaniv simpson

When he’s more fit? A triceratops is more fit.

Uranus? Really?

At least this one isn’t inside out.

How much do you think Arianna was laughing when she told him how cute his “vagina” was?

Does she want to eat it?

The surgeon makes it look like a 12 year old pussy? And he’s notable for that? WHAT?

Tossing him around the bush? My gut says he means they were deflecting him and he was speaking figuratively. Maybe? Or maybe the cops actually chucked him a in bush.

He won’t let anyone bully or harass him? Right.

Two hours, needed vitamins!

No axes, just an axe wound.

He needs his p…never mind. I can’t finish that sentence. Nobody will ever do that. What a fucking sick thought!

He’s never hurt anyone guys. You heard it here first. He’s truly a good person. LOL!

Panic boy, panic!

Wishing death on DFS? Remember, he’s “truly a good person”.

He almost Jilled himself. Wah.

“Truly a good person”.

I love how Arianna fucks with him. This is the kind of shit he deserves. Up and down, mood swings, fucking with his head. It’s well-deserved and well delivered.

Interesting that he mentions his release conditions related to Chris Elston.

Funny how Jon named the cop that “kicked in his door” before and it was a guy.

I love that Jon went around hunting for posters. Maybe we need some more…

That TikTol video is a young woman with Tourettes, which Arianna claims to have. JY asks, “are you this bad?”.


He might hurt himself? Missed opportunity.

Remember those times he claimed to have gender dysphoria and hated even thinking about dick and here he is and the first thing that comes to mind is cock?

Please do.

LOL! He put a knife to his own throat.

This is taped up in his own building, on his floor.

I’m glad he can’t believe it. It’s true. Nobody will ever like him. Not after what he’s done to hurt everyone.

“Pussy treatment”. Jon, listen. You don’t have a “pussy” or a “vagina”. You can call it that the same way I can call the crack in my folded elbow a vagina but that doesn’t make it true.

Puke. Can you imagine making a porn with Jon?

So the person who physically cannot have a period has a period tracker?

Can someone send this to the Langley RCMP?

He fainted into bed again. Fainted.

Chris Taylor, that monster! lol. Another failed suicide attempt though. Seriously Jon, can’t you succeed at anything?

I, too, heard Chris Taylor lives on JY’s floor.

More suicidal thoughts. Waaah.

I’ll try to get the next batch posted soon guys. Don’t forget to watch KiwiFarms for other leaks.

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