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Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Arianna Superleak 5: Sara, Blood, and Pageants.

The craziness keeps coming! This is batch #4 in the leaked conversations between Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Arianna.

I apologize for the delay in getting this all out. There’s over 1000 images in total, dozens of video and audio clips, countless images, and this stuff takes time to sort through, crop, clear metadata from, etc. Also, the slow leak of pain is good. This slow burn is only a hint of the real pain that Jessica Yaniv Simpson caused dozens of aestheticians and countless other people over the years. I enjoy that JY wakes up each day wondering what new info the world will learn.

Imagine how easy this would all be to make go away Jon. All you have to do is quit attacking women, quit targeting children online for sexual pleasure, and quit bullying people. Get a job, be a normal person, and all this goes away. Nobody cares that you’re trans. That isn’t why this is leaking. That isn’t why any of this happens. It’s your actions and your character that caused this. Not your gender identity. The balls in your court.

Without further delay, batch #4 of the Ari leaks.

It’s funny reading about him “slapping charges” on people. All of them were thrown out, and he ended up owing $350 to DFS. Such an epic failure.

So he doesn’t say a word? Or he does? Which is it Jon?

Suicide obsession again. Imagine courting a woman by talking about your “bleeding pussy”.

Barely a month in and this incel is begging for marriage.

“I’m overweight, ugly, and I don’t deserve anyone”.

J. Yaniv.

Truer words have never been spoken.

“I’m a lesbian”. No Jon, you’re not. You’d have to be a woman to be a lesbian.

He wants to be on stage. Nobody wants to see that. And he’s no different than anyone else? Jon you’re different from everyone else in every way possible! Your body is wildly deformed and permanently ruined now. Your actions are bizarre and psychotic. You’re behaviour is abnormal. You have no soul. You’re nothing like anyone else.

Jon =/= normal.

So he doesn’t know if there’s any adult pageants? He hasn’t looked? I found some pretty easily. Sounds more like Jon just wants to be with the kids.

We’ll make sure the people at Galaxy Pageants see this. It should help their defense.

“The best lawyer there is”. Jon, you’ve got legal aid. Come on. He had to be reminded three times about who Crown Counsel was. He failed to appear on your behalf once, and your mother and aunt’s another time. To be honest this isn’t even an indictment of your lawyer. It’s a sign that the legal aid system is overburdened and needs better support but that’s a different topic.

Inches from suicide. Fuck, so close.

Sara cracks me up still. Talk about getting what you deserve. After all the stuff Jon did using fake accounts online to hurt people and harass people, this is karmic. I love it. At the same time Jon is whining about Sara and Arianna being fake, Jon is still using fake accounts online to hurt DFS and target others. I guess Jon can dish it out but can’t take it. Bring on the catfish!

Two vaginas?

Jon just wants people to leave him alone…so he can go back to doing things without drawing attention.

Now before we go further….


There is something awful a few pictures ahead. Brace yourself.

From what we understand, Arianna blocked Jon for a few days here. LOL I love it.

Dyspareunia: a recurrent or persistent pain with sexual activity that causes marked distress or interpersonal conflict.

No Jon, you have a axe wound that your body is vigorously fighting to heal and you’re fighting nature in keeping it open. This dyspareunia thing is adjacent to his sexual assault / rape fetish. He wants to be a victim of sexual-related trauma.

He washes it daily! LOL!

“I send that stuff to India”. Hints of racism….

The video he shared was Denton Dicks Instagram feed showing him commenting on Arianna’s pictures.

We’ve got these videos and we’ll get them out when we can. As I recall, the expert marketer set some stuff up wrong for Google or Facebook ad buys and spent $1000 in one day (of a clients money).

“I know how to do restraining orders”

-The guy that fails at restraining orders

Does he think women really walk around talking about their “pussy” like this?

That’s right bitch. Can’t touch us. 😀

This clit reference was before the missing clit video/audio.

Massive tampon attacks? I guess it’s conceivable that his phone autocorrected panic to tampon but that would only be because it has learned that he types tampon a lot.

Honestly this gets better every day. I hope to have another batch of pics ready for tomorrow morning guys. Thanks for your support!

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