Jessica Yaniv Simpson Affidavit to Avoid Rebel Dismissal

Jessica Yaniv Simpson is afraid – afraid that the BC Court is about to dismiss his vexatious and whiny lawsuit against Rebel Media.

The affidavit shown below was filed Mar 1, 2022, after Rebel filed to reset the date for a dismissal hearing.

Which lie do you think is the most egregious?

  • That JY is a woman?
  • That he is a marketing professional?
  • That he’s disabled?
  • That he suffers from fibromyalgia, CRPS, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc?
  • That Rebel is stalking him?
  • That he’s suicidal?

Honestly it’s all bullshit. JY self-diagnosed himself with half the diseases on that list. My favourite part is him filing an affidavit in BC Supreme court that says (in point 3), that he basically says he couldn’t be bothered to deal with this right now. Smart move, legal eagle.

I will say that I hope #6 is true. I hope JY fears for his safety everywhere he goes. #5 wouldn’t be half bad either, come to think of it.

My thoughts…Rebel’s argument for dismissal is strong, and should be granted, but the court has a history of siding with self-representing people, at least giving them the flexibility to be heard. However, this isn’t small claims. This is big boy court and JY was already told he had to have his shit together on February 14. Will it be dismissed or will BC’s soft legal system hold his hand through to a hearing?

20220301 - JY vs Rebel Media - Affidavit to Stop Dismissal of Proceedings
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After some discussion with our legal expert, there is a possibility we’ve misinterpreted the sequence of events – but there really is no way to verify at this time. Instead of JY missing his Feb 14 deadline, he may have met the deadline and submitted the affidavit directly to Rebel, which would not appear on CSO.

Whatever happened there, it led Rebel to file to re-set the date for the dismissal hearing, which led to JY filing to keep the case alive.

Quick note about Jessica Yaniv, Q.C.’s legal skills – his affidavit made our real-lawyer-friend laugh. Five lines of “waaah“. One line of “the defendant has caused me distress by distressing me”. And on a technical note, you don’t “write” an affidavit, like JY says in #3. You swear one, or affirm it. Maybe our Cheeze-whiz kid can do better next time.

However events went down, it’s unclear if JY filed his affidavit by Feb 14 or not, or if any days were provided for cross examination. A hearing will be held on March 22, 2022. If Rebel succeeds in having the case dismissed – and especially if its a SLAPP dismissal – JY will likely be facing some serious costs being awarded to Rebel. Fingers crossed.