Jessica Yaniv Simpson Activism Failburger, Large Suicide Obsession, and Side of Assault Fetish To Go Please

That’s today’s order, courtesy of the Langley Lump Jessica Yaniv Simpson.

BC news sites ran a story on January 14, 2021 about a transgender girl at a local middle school that was allegedly assaulted by two other students. Leave it to Yaniv to twist this into his dream checklist of kinks and fantasies:

Grade 8 Girls
Assault Fantasy
Vulnerable Trans Person
Suicide Manipulation Threats
Faux Trans Activism
Attention Seeking Behaviour
Arrest Someone OMG

The only thing really missing from this list of Jonny’s fetishes is nachos and Miriam Yaniv.

More after this not-shocking-but-still-infuriating sign that @trustednerd Jessica Yaniv Simpson Jonathan Yaniv Jessica Yaniv Jessica Simpson whatever he wants to call himself is a pedophile. This is the tiktok stalk alert!

jessica yaniv tiktok stalk alert

Sitting in recovery in Montreal hasn’t stopped Yaniv from being a pedophile. In the last few days he’s added dozens more young girls on TikTok, apparently trying to get ahead of the looming changes where girls under 16 will have their accounts set to private. Some of these girls look to be as young as 11 or 12 years old.

I left the usernames in so anyone with a TikTok account can contact these girls and warn them about Yaniv. We’ve already started, but more is better. It doesn’t take long for people to become disgusted by JY.

So, while I was disappointed that Yaniv broke his vow to stay quiet on Twitter for a while, I’m not at all surprised that he tried to inject himself into this situation.

jessica yaniv simpson faux activism

Like I said, his Twitter break was only a day and a half, but Yaniv couldn’t resist this one. Like a pedo to a playground, Yaniv was drawn in by the story, which in reality is a tragic event that needs attention and should highlight the state of trans affairs in so many places today, and emphasize the need for more support for vulnerable youth.

But did Yaniv say that? No.

Did Yaniv say anything about the trans community coming together around this girl?

Even the notoriously offensive Morgane Oger took a break from self aggrandizing condescension and hatred towards women to make an effort to discuss the safety of trans youth in schools.

Where was Yaniv? Injecting his two cents about controlling the girl, locking her up, suicide, etc.

This is typical Yanivesque behaviour – twist the conversation to fit his fetishes. Not only that, but how many times has Jonny the Pedo tried to get people locked up against their will like this? That’s basically his thing – call the cops on people and try to get them arrested “for their own safety”. Just ask Carlee.

Nowhere in the previous conversations was suicide mentioned but that’s the first place his head goes. He daydreams about suicide and being assaulted. It’s disgusting, but Yaniv is sitting there right now wishing that had happened to him. You know he’s practically green with envy at the attention this assault victim is getting. She’s everything Yaniv wants to be – a young teen girl, a victim, getting attention, in a school near other youth, and loved.

Yaniv, you’ll never be those things. You aren’t even an activist. Sitting there in Montreal right now reading this with your crotch bandaged up (LOL!!) doesn’t make you an activist. It doesn’t even make you a real trans person. You’re still that same old pervert and if the surgery is real, which I’m skeptical of, you only did it because your dick was untouched and you figure you can further manipulate women if you undergo a surgery paid for 100% by taxpayers.

And just to seal that off, this is the same Yaniv that has said he would never touch another trans person. Yaniv himself is transphobic. It isn’t about equality or rights to him. It’s about shoving his junk in someone else’s hands, scamming people, and getting attention.

I encourage everyone who sees Yaniv engaging in this type of behaviour to comment on his posts. Share the Who Is JY link. Make sure everyone sees that this is a pedophile injecting himself into a story about 12-13 year old girls. Don’t let up. 2020 was the year Yaniv was finally slowed down. 21 can be the year we stop him.

Are you local to Mission, BC? Show your support for the victim of this assault by participating in this amazing idea! This is January 17, 2021. This post was taken from a public Facebook group where it was posted with the family’s consent so I think it’s ok to repost. If you’re not local, please take a moment to search out this story and leave a supportive comment for the young girl, her family, and the rest of the trans community. Make sure Yaniv’s fetish-disguised-as-activism comments are buried.