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Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Courthouse Unraveling

Jessica Yaniv Simpson was given a conditional discharge of his illegal weapons possession charge, provided he successfully completes a one-year probation period and reports to a parole officer. He also received a 2-year weapons ban. This clearly did not sit well with JY. The short clip below is Jonny as he left. Some activist…

Back up to the start of the day. MeowMix was live-posting details as they came in but now we have video. He was confronted outside the courthouse and the unravelling began.

Video from John Southern

Couple bullet points from this video:

  • Yaniv was served and refused to accept it. I’m pretty sure that counts as service.
  • Yaniv’s mother Miriam Yaniv was so humiliated she had to hide her face.
  • Yaniv lied to police, saying Donald had conditions prohibiting him from being near Jonny. This is false.
  • Drea from Rebel asks Jon about his severe car crash. Look how injured he looks….
  • Why does the bubbly activist think it’s acceptable to call Donald an “autistic fucking retard”?
  • Jon can be heard threatening to run them over on the way out of the Courthouse – and he did indeed drive like an ass on the way out.
  • Look at Jonny charging at Donald the same way he tried to charge at Keean while screaming to back off.
  • Note Jonny reversing his car out of the parking stall using only his camera? Could his unsafe reversing habits have led to the damage on the back of his own car?

Donald, if you’re reading this, remember to be the bigger person. Record Jonny, ask Jonny sincere questions in a polite way, but don’t attack him or call him names. Your charges were stayed – not dropped. You need to be cautious. Yaniv is looking for reasons to complain about you. Don’t give him any. Be an observer.

For the rest of the details, check out yesterdays post that we updated throughout the day.

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