Has the Dynamic Duo Become The Terrible Trio?

Are Jesssica Yaniv and Miriam Yaniv setting up their next BCHRT case?

On Sunday, the 16th of August of 2020, in a portion of English Bay, there were, as there frequently are, some street preachers bringing the word of Christ to those who wish to stop and listen. They peacefully share their message and hand out cards and flyers.

At 3:36 pm on that day, three preachers were interrupted by a man (identified by Jonathan Yaniv as “Nick”) who rode up on his bicycle and began to harass them. He attempted to unplug their means of amplification, which they are allowed to use as long as they stay below a certain decibel level and during certain hours. Before the confrontation even got under way, the Yaniv Duo can be seen popping up from their “hiding” place and walking towards the scene. Miriam can be seen leading the way,with her camera already held in a filming position. Jonathan lumbered several paces behind his Mum, struggling to keep up.

It is important to note that Miriam is already filming as she approaches even though at this point, the conversation was not being amplified.

How did Mama Yaniv know that she should be filming? Surely the Yaniv Duo wouldn’t be part of some staged confrontation, right? Or would they?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Jessica Yaniv Miriam Yaniv and Nick

Let’s say for a moment that a few words had still been amplified. At the distance Jon and Miriam were when they began to make their way to the preacher and “Nick”, there is no way Miriam, who is deaf, and Jon, who now claims to be hard of hearing and is without the use of his hearing aids, could have possibly heard what was going on. One deaf woman and one hard of hearing man could not have grasped what was happening enough to know to start filming in the span of less than 10 seconds and just a few garbled low amplified words unless they had knowledge before hand as to what was about to happen.

This has a familiar ring to it, doesn’t it? Jon enlisted the help of Miriam, along with at least one of his alter-ego personalities to lay the ground work for the “Wax My Balls” BCHRT cases. Seems like this time, he enlisted the help of a living breathing human being to parade to the Tribunal to say “Look! I have a witness!”

I will be releasing a video tomorrow exclusively on MeowTube and will be taking a long hard look at what transpired on the sidewalk that day. Let me know what you think!

EDITOR NOTE: Watch Abby tomorrow, August 21, in her first weekly MeowMix roundup video! Details will be posted when it’s ready.