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Jessica and Miriam Yaniv: Cold Call Death Threats (and offering dinner at Boston Pizza?!)

At approximately 6:15 PM PST on August 19, 2020, Miriam Yaniv decided to return the call of a spammer providing up-to-date Yaniverse news. As it turns out, in order to proceed answering the phone with Jessica Yaniv’s mama, you need speak you have to press 1 to accept.

As expected, it’s likely the Dynamic Duo would record the call. On the call, it was quiet at first, and after the recipient pushed buttons and gently whispered, “Pedo?”, it appears that it was JY who was on the phone. JY was obviously looking to release all the rage against Donald Smith, who has abided by his conditions of no contact. However, JY’s vexatious and manufactured false claims to local law enforcement who no longer listen to “crying wolf”, as well as using the legal system to further cause Smith distress, such as frivolous legal claims we’ve seen in previous weeks.

During the call, the JY started going on about “bomb threats”, “snipers” and “own[ing] multiple guns”. Gets better- JY psychotically believes this is Donald Francis Smith. JY made a number of death threats including threatening to put a bullet in the head of Smith multiple times.

A copy of the video has been placed here. The original is retained for local law enforcement.

Ironically, Miriam called from a number she’s been using with a “213” area code. Because it can be traced to JY and Miriam, both are culpable, as at no point is Miriam trying to play the role of “handler” and curbing JY’s violent and psychotic tendencies.

Miriam eventually gets on the line and doesn’t appreciate the “whisperer” who claims to be “The Crow”. Miriam goes from being loud and obnoxious (as per usual) to being disappointed “Donald” did not accept an offering of dinner at Boston Pizza. Was she trying to bait and lure Smith to come to Boston Pizza Langley?

I can assure you, if it was Smith on the call, and after JY’s outbursts calling the recipient of the call as a “retards and “autistic retards” there would have been an explosive reaction from Smith. The caller was cool, calm and composed, but JY still believes it was Smith. Apparently JY is deeply troubled, everyone and everything is Smith. This isn’t PTSD or anything that can be used with JY to claim being a victim- this is someone truly and deeply concerned.

We have new questions have emerged: “Who is Mr. Cohen? Why is Miriam concerned about him and the Jewish Community?” I think in the coming weeks, we will need to look up into this “Mr. Cohen”.

How can you help? If you are fearful for Smith’s safety, as he is not the recipient of the call, please contact Langley RCMP via email (please don’t be anonymous and be composed and I recommend they/them/their to ensure your credibility):

[email protected]

Subject: Jessica Jonathan Yaniv video online with gun possession and death threats toward Donald Francis Smith

Send a link to this video or the hyperlink to this article.

Let them know you’re very concerned as a citizen and supporter about Donald Francis Smith’s for his safety and well-being. Let them know that Jessica Jonathan Yaniv of Langley, BC, is threatening murder to others about Smith and claims to have possession to “multiple gun possession” and has been stalking Smith and filing vexatious complaints to RCMP.

Please reach out to Meow Mix in the comments section if you have questions or concerns. We look forward to coordinating the submission of this and hopefully we can have JY charged for criminal harassment and uttering threats. Share this article and video- tag anyone. Let’s get it out there!

We want to put a call out to @langleyresident to please watch out the local neighborhood for a possible law enforcement visit to Chateau Yaniv.