Physio Settlement Conference & Criminal Charges Update

Looks like Jonny’s August schedule is filling up guys. The vexatious litigant can’t seem to keep himself out of court. Jessica Yaniv, Jonathan Yaniv, whatever you call them – they have over two dozen ongoing legal disputes right now.

August 28 has been set as the date for Yanivs physiotherapist scam lawsuit settlement conference. My instinct says that the other side would have paid Jonny to go away by now if they thought he had a case. Instead, they’re demanding more medical records – documents Yaniv can’t produce.

Jonathan Yaniv Jessica Yaniv vextious litigant physio case document list
JonPhysio case
Jessica Yaniv Jonathan Yaniv vexatious litigant physiotherapist update

If that doesn’t kick him in his August ass enough, Yaniv will spend the better part of the morning of August 31 in court. He’s got a 9:00 am appointment for a first hearing related to his assault charges, followed immediately after by a 9:30 appointment to review the psych evaluation results at his weapons charge pre-sentencing hearing.

Don’t forget that on top of this lawsuit that Yaniv will lose, and the two criminal charges that will follow him for years, Yaniv has at least 22 other legal adventures ahead.

  • 18 ridiculous private charges
  • The Kari Simpson lawsuit
  • The Donald Smith lawsuit
  • The Rebel media lawsuit
  • The Amy Hamm lawsuit

Remember Jonathan. Good always trumps evil, and everyone agrees you’re evil. The things you do to people, the hurt you cause, the lies you spread – these aren’t normal. What you do isn’t normal. You’re a predator and we will stop you.

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