JY June Roundup!

June was a relatively quiet month for Jessica Yaniv, although June 12 was Yaniv’s 33rd birthday. This time there was no Miriam-sponsored Olive Garden birthday party. Just silence and isolation, which should have allowed him to reflect on their past year’s accomplishments and vow to do better (NOT).

What the world saw in June was that JY had put on even more weight, decided that trying to imitate raccoons with eye shadow (in fluorescent blue, no less) made it more attractive, and confirmed that it knew next to nothing about female anatomy.

JY, buddy, vaginas are not clutch purse substitutes for car keys etc. Nor do they leak sticky, slimy discharges – THAT’S JUST YOU. Go to a doctor & get it checked out. Sounds like you have some kind of sepsis infection (not a STI).

Let’s begin.

The month started with a sequel to May’s catfishing of Tianna. This time, Kayla spoke up against Yaniv, saying she found Yaniv the same way – on a lesbian dating site. As of July 6, 2020, Yaniv is still lurking on the HER social app, presenting as a cis lesbian with the infamous black and white “it’s really me, I promise!” picture of JY.

As we all know, the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police sparked global civil unrest. Rebel Media reporter, Anna Slatz went to New York City to cover one of the epicenters and was one of the reporters who were arrested on June 3. While the Committee to Protect Journalists and her own employer, Rebel Media, leapt into action to get her released, JY instead phoned the NYPD, telling them to keep her in jail because it has a personal grudge against her. The NYPD just laughed at him. If you need a laugh, just listen to the call and see those fat fingers, or, to quote Keenan Bexte,  “pickle fingers” stabbing at her phone.

June 5 saw the resurrection of a long dormant Cimorelli fan page on FaceBook by what many suspect was Yaniv. This conclusion was based on its analytics (administered by one person in BC) and its recent subject matter – trying to get businesses to install new signage for their women’s restrooms. Unfortunately, a number of the girl group’s fans thought it was the real Lauren Cimorelli posting until the Cimorelli family found out about the faux Lauren. Yaniv made the account private after disabling the comment option. Wonder why…

On June 8, Jonathan Yaniv’s claims of being sexually assaulted by Amy Hamm were dealt a body blow when, after 5 months, the Surrey Crown Counsel declined to press charges. We suspect that the reason it took so long was not that the Crown believed Yaniv but rather, was the result of COVID related delays. Amy’s defamation lawsuit is still continuing, despite Yaniv finally deleting the infamous tweet, but also because Yaniv kept talking about being assaulted on various international webinars. JY has also stated that it will proceed to charge Amy privately, adding those charges to the existing 18 private charges already filed. If JY does proceed, it will just be more evidence for the Government to have him declared a vexatious litigant.

June 10 was an unfortunate day for Yaniv’s legal ventures, as Bexte and Menzies of Rebel Media filed their reply to JY’s counterclaim, virtually shattering JY’s entire argument in just a few words.

While June was a month that saw some loosening of the COVID restrictions, I don’t think that the BC Health department had a 400 km, 2 night stay road trip on June 18 to hook up with teenagers in mind when they relaxed the COVID distance visiting rules. For all the disgusting details, check out Meow Mix Nicole Speaks Up!

June 12, Yaniv’s birthday, was a Meow Mix frenzy! It started with Bianca, but this time the tables were turned on JY. Bianca, a friend of Meow Mix, catfished Yaniv on the HER app. This story is filled with great quotes from JY like, “SEO is like a clit. Great things happen when it’s used properly and you’ll get to the top”, and “How about you come over and I’ll show you some SEO?” How about no?

On the same day, a member of the LGBT community wrote a heartfelt open letter about his experience as a gay man and how JY is hurting his community.

Later that day, we released Amy Hamm’s statement to police in full, with an exclusive statement to Meow Mix from Amy herself.

The day ended with a feature on screenshots between Yaniv and what they thought was Donald but really wasn’t. It just shows how obsessed Yaniv is with stalking Donald.

During this time, Meow Mix and friends had been contacting various people that follow JY on social media platforms. What we found out was that nearly all of them were following JY for the lolz. Their quotes are here.

June also saw the return of JY to doing product announcements and reviews (two be exact).  JY’s big June announcement about an iPhone Flip was months old and as usual per it’s style was a cut and paste from various media releases. Yaniv ended the month with a peculiar review of Fonus, which caused the company’s founder, Simon Tian, to distance themselves from Yaniv, stating unequivocally that Yaniv did not work for Fonus.

What was even more interesting is at virtually the same time, a small report on Reddit regarding Fonus stated, “with the bringing on famed tech reviewer/social media manager, Jessica Yaniv, Fonus seems to have started the media push” appeared.  Speculation has been rife (not really) as to who the real author is, as well as why the sudden reappearance of Yaniv as a faux tech reviewer after his company JYKnowsIt and product site Trusted Nerd had been dead in the water since the BCHRT hearings last summer. It has been suggested that it may have something to to do with the Federal Government of Canada’s COVID loan program to small businesses of up to $40,000.00, which we know Yaniv applied for.

Various media analysts have said that while the program is “loan”, most do not expect to have to pay it back, and if they do, it will be interest free. Where will JY be when the bill collector comes?

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