Jessica Yaniv finally has her (first) day in court

Jessica (formerly known as Jonathan) Yaniv, the alleged transgender activist, has finally had his day in court today. Although Meow Mix was not present in the courtroom, we remained updated through livestreams and twitter updates such as from Keean Bexte from Rebel Media.

Yaniv had been facing two charges in this preliminary proceeding under the Federal Fire Arms Act for possession of two tasers, which are illegal weapons in Canada. One of these tasers was wielded when Yaniv was “having a moment” during his heated podcast with Ms. Blaire White on August 05, 2019 prompting the audience to leak Yaniv’s personal information and flood the Langley RCMP Non-Emergency line to report Yaniv for possession.

Later that evening, Yaniv was arrested and detained while RCMP searched his premises. There were allegations of a fake seizure and other purported medical claims while in custody. Yaniv was prohibited for almost 24 hours to reenter his premises. Unfortunately, other than claims by Yaniv to have been “sent” child pornography, none was found in his possession that were aware.

Today’s case had Yaniv conveying the usual aggressive stance towards the press with claims of an armed guard detail, something he videoed similar unsubstantiated claims when exiting into a vehicle following one his crotch waxing proceedings at the BC Human Rights Tribunal this past summer. Yaniv allegedly had an outburst in the court to Rebel Media’s Keean Bexte (Twitter: @therealKeean) where he said, “Fuck you Keean!” Miriam had allegedly covered Jessica’s mouth during this interaction. There were supposedly claims by Yaniv claiming Mr. Bexte was taking photographs of Yaniv’s vehicle, which were unsubstantiated when Sheriffs questioned Mr. Bexte.

The Judge did not seem swayed by Yaniv’s claims of an armed guard detail in the vicinity, similar to his boastful claims at the BCHRT, as the judge had none of it and the court will reconvene in the New Year.

Jessica had performed his usual boastfulness in the courtroom, such as claiming an independent journalist was arrested and that he had an armed guard detail by the RCMP outside of the courtroom. Yaniv was unrepresented by legal counsel.

Meow Mix has attempted to reach out to independent journalist, Donald Smith, who had attended the courthouse and was vigilant on his YouTube channel to attend the proceedings following Yaniv’s insults about his grandmother.

Meow Mix was last in correspondence with Mr. Smith at 12:37 PM where he stated, “I was barred from the court house. Put that on twitter the sheriffs would not give me a reason.” This followed by at 13:00 PM correspondence where Mr. Smith claimed that Rebel Media confirmed Yaniv’s presence, “[Yaniv] is in [the] court house.” We confirmed this on Mr. Bexte’s Twitter account, which Yaniv was wearing pumps that barely fit in the anticipate Yaniv fashion faux-pas we’ve seen such as muumuus for the morbidly obese. However, we’ve heard no reply at the time of the Meow Mix release from Mr. Smith.

Following the hearing, Cosmin Dzsurdzsa (Twitter: @CosminDZS) tweeted something happened where a RCMP officer was yelling and both Yanivs scurried away at that time. No word what occurred.

Yaniv is expected to reappear at Surrey Provincial Criminal Courts on January 13, 2019 at 2 PM to further discuss the charges. Meow Mix will provide more at that time.