Jessica Yaniv’s Ongoing Chronicles (and Crying Wolf) to the Langley RCMP

Today, I finally met with some members of the Langley RCMP while visiting Greater Vancouver to provide evidence and statements about Jessica Yaniv. I cannot discuss all details due to some of this requires to remain under confidentiality, as well as not to compromise some of the ongoing matters, but I wanted to provide updates wherever I can.

In the morning, I attempted to give a statement to Constable Sunteen Sharar of Langley RCMP pertaining to JY manufacturing a fraudulent email claiming it was from Donald Francis Smith. As you will recall, Smith was accused of writing an email that was handed to the RCMP alleging a December 10, 2019 alleged incident.

A month prior, Smith was warned that JY was trying to set him up, as JY’s former friend Katie had provided me two emails written similarly with the same narrative shared by JY. These emails were highly suspect and never submitted to the RCMP by JY. If they were so important, why did JY not submit them?

Again, on the date of the alleged email (December 10 13:08 PST) I can confirm I was on the phone at the time that Smith was accused of sending it. Smith was out and about in Vancouver and there was no doubt that Smith could not have sent it given his autism and limited attention span, he wouldn’t have been able to multi-task. I understanding autism being high-functioning myself and I’ve learned Smith can’t multi-task while on the phone very well, as he usually narrates what he is undertaking.

Furthermore, I understand that Yaniv only provided a printed copy of the alleged email and passed it off to the RCMP. The level of scrutiny was extremely low to Constable Sharar who still seems to not understand that he accepted a fraudulent article. Constable Sharar is now claiming to me that he had actually examined the electronic copy, but could not understand how source codes worked. I can tell you that I have been privy for sometime for Constable Sharar’s negligent investigation and other members of the RCMP are aware Constable Sharar of it.

Constable Sharar was extremely combative, stoic and does not practice good listening skills. Constable Sharar constantly interrupted me and had a very limited attention span borderlining frustration. Constable Sharar confirmed to me that he has a very low reference standard that he refers to as “strong evidence” just because it has Donald’s email on it only because he said Yaniv pointed it out as being the same email on Smith’s channel at one point, so it is concluded it must have been Smith.

Constable Sharar demonstrates he has a significant prejudice towards persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as he has twice now directly discounted ASD is an actual disorder in both my interactions (earlier by phone and today in person). Therefore, I don’t qualify as a witness, as he agreed to my theoretical question that it is possible Smith could type with a computer while walking and having a smartphone to his ear. Constable Sharar obviously thinks Smith is that crafty and talented.

Constable Sharar seems to be keeping up the charade and he made the right call to breach Smith leading to 39 days of imprisonment despite that he performed a grossly negligent investigation without evening interviewing Smith. I cannot discuss how and why at this point, but Constable Sharar did not transcribe “accurate details” in a number of statements he has made. It is interesting that Constable Sharar’s latest narrative to me is that he examined an “electronic copy” was actually indeed provided by Yaniv contrary to what he has stated elsewhere.

I must also point out that Constable Sharar had twice referred to Yaniv as “he/him” as I spoke to him, but I guess we can forgive it for simple misgendering of JY, as after all, how many times has Miriam Yaniv done the same?

My witness statement will be provided to Smith’s counsel very shortly. Let’s keep optimistic and our fingers crossed for some good news in the near future!

Moving on to this afternoon, I met with a senior member of the RCMP about the ongoing JY matters. There have been some more interesting developments.

Firstly, JY is the [person] who cried wolf so many times and now goes often ignored by RCMP. To elaborate, it was only a few weeks ago that JY was allegedly aggressive trying to intimidate officers by escalating matters to superiors only to have a snit and then hang up after not getting their way.

Secondly, JY has been losing control and it was only allegedly two or so months ago that Langley RCMP had to break-up a “fist fight” on their own premises between JY and Miriam. My source was fuzzy on the details why JY was meeting with the RCMP and what lead up to the fighting between mother and offspring.

I discussed the bruises in recent photos on Miriam from the Rebel Media release this weekend and I am becoming more convinced that the relationship between JY and Miriam is mutually physically abusive and a symptom of ongoing abuse and domestic violence over the years within the Yaniv household.

To elaborate below, Miriam May have been grabbed violently by JY and we’ve seen in videos how Yaniv orders around the partially-deaf matriarch. It leaves me no doubt that JY was likely very violent towards their aunt back at Greenside Estates and the squabbles reported by Twitter LangleyResident May have been a result of domestic violence behind closed doors.

Screenshot from Rebel Media showing Miriam’s bruise on her right arm.

The senior member of the RCMP agreed that JY and Miriam have terrorized the community and is causing negative impacts on the trans community. It is unfortunate that I hear the crown prosecution will not pursue a matter of a number of undisclosed Yaniv-related complaints for further charges, but not all is lost.

That is only a fraction of the “boxes and boxes of documents” that are sitting in the Surrey Crown Prosecution office. The senior member did not identify what cases or allegations these entailed, but given Yaniv’s predatory history, I am convinced that these are related to sexual exploitation of minors. Since “boxes and boxes of documents” sounds quite substantial, how many more stories and victims have alleged predatory conduct we haven’t heard from?

In the near future, I hope to elaborate more above when there are not legal challenges still ongoing. I hope that after all this acrimony, the crown prosecution will not leave the Langley RCMP high and dry, by hoping to charge JY with manufacturing fabricated evidence.