Jessica Yaniv – Beach Day Racism, Fights, Selfies

Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathan Yaniv, spent a good part of his weekend at a local beach in Vancouver. As we’ve seen in the past, where Yaniv goes, drama follows.

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Yaniv posted this video, showing a little scuffle between what appears to be a street preacher and some onlookers. It’s hard to tell exactly what motivated this, but I’m speculating there’s some anti-LGBT message being preached to a crowd in Vancouver’s well known “Gay Village” area. Video is shown below, and available on MeowTube.

A transcript of the video is below:

jessica yaniv beach scuffle video transcript

It’s important to note that the people in the area, well known for being a safe place for members of the LGBTQ community, know full well who Jonathan Yaniv is and they use his male name. They even ask him to leave several times.

Yaniv, of course, refuses. Why? Because he’s a self-entitled dick-swinging lump that feels the need to inject himself in everything as if he’s offering some sort of value, which of course he isn’t.

Alert: Jessica Yaniv is a Racist.

Ok, you already knew that. Not long after the above scuffle happened, Racist Jon posted this to Snapchat.

You can see in the video that this is clearly not a neck hold. Jonathan is simply trying to portray this person of colour as a violent predator when the truth is Jonathan is the violent predator.

Jon went on to post this. Are you kidding me, Yaniv? You’re not edgy. You’re not cool. Nobody is actually interested in befriending you. This didn’t happen. Nobody said that to you. And nobody praises you. If this is a troll attempt it was an awful one. If you’re serious, which I think you are, remember that you’re so “praised” that the only person you can get to hang out with you is your incestuous mother. The LGBTQ community has rejected you completely and thoroughly. Nobody praises you.

Yaniv ended the evening with a handful of selfies much like this one. You can very clearly see his facial hair, and hilariously, he knows has his bodycam back on. Imagine spending your life walking around with as much anger and paranoia as this guy…

One day someone is going to wipe that smug look right off Jonathan’s face. I hope I’m there to see it.