“BaileyLeaks” (Part 1): How Notoriously Deceptive Predator Jessica Yaniv was Fake-Friended for Nine Months

We’ve seen a gauntlet of young women who have come forward to speak up against notorious alleged child (and “all around”) predator and publicly renown sexual deviant Jessica Yaniv (allegedly now Jessica Simpson) for a variety of wrongs: Katie, Jess, Raygen, Lauren, Tianna, Bianca, Nicole, etc., as the list goes on and on. I am confident in due course, we’ll soon have Sara and Emily on this growing list of victims (as will all feel better knowing they won’t be physically, emotionally or sexually abused for years by JY and/or Miriam Yaniv).

Today, we shall reintroduce you to “Bailey” aka “Earthwoke“. Many of you may recall months ago there was a very snippy-believed-to-be a “Jessica Yaniv (JY) sock account” that achieved it’s intended purpose: A trojan horse in JY’s DMs and SnapChat. Also, in the not far off future, (not as long as between Marvel Cinematic instalments) Bailey also infiltrated the loud-mouthed JY troll and supporter “MandaPanda” aka “@JediBlonde“. We plan on devolving more who she is, where she’s from and her infatuation and insecurities on her attraction to JY. All we can say is that she is a poor girl who was well-groomed at 15 and is madly in love with JY despite no longer being “loved back”. Watch the skies for these chats to leak!

In summary, both of these idiots believed that Bailey was the genuine article for more than eight months. I stress that I did not work alone to achieve this, as two other cohorts had taken turns behind the scenes to speak with JY and learned a lot about the ongoing pattern of lying, cheating, stealing and predatory behaviour instigated by JY in the community.

We anticipate JY is going to be irate and red, as they read this just the onset of this article. After all, JY knows that I am the one who initially called in their taser charges (I am on the initial e-comm report) before encouraging others, as well as recently getting the “creme de la creme” of evidence demonstrating that JY is truly violent claiming to have “multiple guns” and is enabled by Miriam. Both JY and Miriam are being fully investigated by local law enforcement for indirects threats toward Donald Francis Smith. As an update, Smith is even more fearful for his personal safety and the RCMP are now seeing clearly that JY has pulled the wool over their eyes in this entire gauntlet of malicious prosecution!

Anyways, JY might want to note that “Operation Bailey” has been disclosed to members of the senior management at Langley RCMP. This will admissible in the near future to defend Donald Francis Smith should this go to trial, including expertise on forensic evidence that JY manufactured an email to themselves on December 10, 2019. Part 2 shall further examine the pattern of recruitment and provocation over time by allowing audiences, such as law enforcement and lawyers, who subscribe to to further see JY malingering as a “portrayed victim” when in fact they are the “provoker” and “instigator”.

We also kindly advise the delay for Baileyleaks occurred after my older Macbook Air devoted to the operation had an unfortunate accident with a caramel macchiato that had a crack on the cup and ended up short-circuited the computer. Unfortunately, some data was unrecoverable without a potential cost that is cost prohibitive on the chances of recovery at this time.

We spent two months piecing together from other areas to deliver this to audiences. We have done our best to only include as much as possible, as well as what I vividly recall JY stating in some stories and points of interest. There will be an addendum to BaileyLeaks, as there’s another source of verifying some of the below requiring us to devote time to check internal communications to get those screenshots that were stored on the hard drive. We’ll keep you informed for further entertainment!

Who was Bailey?

Bailey’s characteristics in being the perfect trojan horse included “identifying” as a 15-year old caucasian transgender (MtF transitioning) girl from Castlegar, BC (now hailing from Eastern Passage, NS). Bailey had tried portraying “herself” as seeking to transition and believed that JY was a “renown trans activist. As Bailey, we had sporadic private chats with JY between September 2019 and May 2020.

As many shall recall, Bailey was JY’s defender screaming back in BIG BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS AKIN TO YELLING AND SCREAMING THAT EVERYTHING WAS “TRANSPHOBIC”. JY told Bailey some “interesting” stories in private DMs, including confirming desires to harm Donald Francis Smith, as well as JY sharing their personal animus about twitter critics “@menacingcrow”, “@langleyresident” and trans activist Morgane Oger.

One of the most concerning, which we’ll get into later, as we recover more screenshots, is that JY flagrantly misgendered and dead-named Oger behind the scenes and stating it was ok because of their hatred and animus toward Oger. It’s unfortunate, as Oger was perceived as more-than-fair by audiences toward Yaniv stressing that despite being a predator, asking audiences to be respectful towards JY. As I am a member of the LGBTQ+ and writing this, it clearly shows JY is a hypocrite.

Abstract Concept of Friendship?

One of the most pivotal things I want to point out before getting into some nitty-gritty is exploring how JY engages in “one-sided” friendships that demonstrate how extremely egotistical and selfish they are.

We know that the world polarizes around JY and the constant need to solicit empathy/sympathy by being portrayed as “a victim of hate”. We all know this is Malingering 101 and JY being a predator and vexatious litigant is at the core of all the criticism and exposure. Honest to gosh, I had to bear with so much whining and “woe is me”, as it gets pretty tiring with anyone, especially at the magnitude of JY.

As Bailey, I learned that from interacting with JY that friendship and relationships to JY are “disposable commodities“. Friendships and relationships are bound by “guilt” and “pity” with constant “emotional blackmail of (fake/alleged) self-harm threats”. We saw that clearly with Katie and Nicole on a repeated basis where JY would use the pattern of tactics of making the recipients “feeling manipulated and subjected to emotional abuse with alleged self-harm claims”.

This is clearly behaviour JY still uses in order to control and subdue these fragile friendships and relationships to instil obligation, guilt and fear to trigger the recipient to reacting to this emotional abuse. (I am more than certain that Sara, if you’re reading this, must be continuously subjected to this on a repeated basis. You can do better! Meow Mix is here to help!)

In the end, JY felt Bailey was “annoying” and could not stand that Bailey had no interest in talking about “tampons”, “periods” or “sex toys”. Despite all the feigned public support to keep up the Bailey ruse, JY had no clue Bailey was the trojan horse and mole when deciding to ghost “her”. Granted, I annoyed the crap of JY asking them repeatedly why Pokemon had gender and some didn’t, as Bailey’s focus was playing Pokemon Go. It was a good run before calling in the towel!

Bailey – The “Earthwoke” Trojan Horse

In the beginning, I recall it took about 10 days of tagging and defending @trustednerd repeatedly in mid-late September 2019 before getting the naive beluga’s attention that ended up getting JY following “Bailey” back. This enabled us to get access to JY’s private DMs where Bailey was able to engage JY semi-regularly, which more so sporadic between September and mid-November 2019 before further gaining JY’s trust completely for the time being. (The ruse would later work with “Molly” that had to provide the infamous catfish portrait (in black and white) in order to gain some access to JY.)

To the audiences, Bailey had been accused several times of being a JY “sock account” when publicly decrying “transphobia” within threads. I can ensure everyone who interacted with Bailey that I NEVER reported anyone; however, clearly everyone had reported Bailey. We did have war waged with a number of trolls at the time. The only difference in mimicking JY’s sock account formula is that Bailey was not identifying as a MAP (Minor Attracted Person), as that is not a boundary none of us would want to cross as normal, reasonable human beings.

JY believed Bailey was real for so long, I still chuckle at how naive JY really was, especially how easy to react, but would always infer and read what JY wants to think when it’s clearly not the case. Just like when I was pretending to be JY’s ally on Facebook as myself and tricking JY into making scrupulous arguments at the BCHRT that landed JY in hot water, I learned I was pretty good at the role of Bailey too!

I identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ and was able to play the role well. Perhaps I might consider an acting role in the near future? (According to facepalmchris, I am handsome like “Danny Devito”.)

Going forward, we will share BaileyLeaks in the following manageable parts:

Part 2: Watch the play-by-lay as Yaniv gets mauled by teenagers on SnapChat! We do a rundown of the commentary, as Yaniv learns the hard way that a mob of teenagers do not like to be groomed or sexually exploited!

Part 3: Feature the Yaniv’s animus towards Donald Francis Smith, MenacingCrow, LangleyResident and Morgane Oger. (Friday August 28, 2020)

Additionally, I am still locating a very valuable screenshot where Yaniv fully confessed to admitting that they indeed called Smith in August 2019 and uttered death threats towards Smith (when I questioned if it was true what was being tagged on Twitter). This is something material required to go back to Langley RCMP and for crown counsel to review this evidence, as this was the second threat made towards Smith at the time by JY (the threat of illegal pepper spray was the first prior to it on July 26, 2019). Smith still finds himself still in the crosshairs of a malicious prosecution by JY, which we hope will be resolved soon in light of a plethora of evidence.