Jessica Yaniv Legal Update – August is Busy!

Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathan Yaniv, has spent every one of the last four (at least) business days in court or being targeted by someone in court.

August 14 was busy with two calls between a judge and Kari Simpson and Donald Smith. MeowMix covered that story here.

August 15 and 16 fell on a weekend, but the 17th brought a rude awakening and reality check for the vexatious litigant Yaniv when Amy Hamm filed an application to have Yaniv’s entire claim tossed. MeowMix’s legal expert friends are confident that Yaniv’s counterclaim will be dismissed, but add that it’s less common for requests for $5,000 bonds (think: deposit for Amy’s costs) to be granted in cases like this, except in cases like this where the other party has a reputation for not paying or being a vexatious litigant.

August 18 was an update on the Kari Simpson case, which is not going in Yaniv’s favour.

Today, August 19, brings updates to Donald’s cases. If you’ve forgotten, Yaniv has active suits between him and Donald Smith in both BC Provincial Court and BC Supreme Court, simultaneously. Today, Yaniv filed an application at the BC Supreme Court declaring that he was too broke to pay court fees and asking them to waive them. A one year waiver was granted. Must be nice to know he has that while he’s dining at steakhouses, flying across Canada chasing catfish, drunkenly livestreaming from Montreal, and strolling the beach hand-in-hand with his mom setting up Trumpet for Truth Canada for his next BCHRT claim. Something smells fishy to me…

Jessica yaniv indigent order granted

The provincial court case against Donald was heard by a Judge on Aug 14, who promptly dismissed Yaniv’s default application. Yaniv threatened to take the matter to the Supreme Court (obviously forgetting he already has one there) and the Judge set a date of September 9, 2020 to look at this case again.

Also on the August docket are dates for a settlement conference between Yaniv and the physiotherapists and the bed manufacturer on Aug 28. It is believed that the physiotherapists will not settle with Yaniv. At an earlier conference they demanded medical records, which Yaniv produced 130 pages of. If Yaniv had an ace, this would have been the time to play it. Instead, Yaniv was told to come back at a later date with something better to support his claim. If he had anything better he would have provided it. My prediction is this case ends and I hope the physiotherapists are granted costs.

August 31 brings two court appearances, back to back at 9:00 am and 9:30 am, for criminal possession of an illegal weapon (pre-sentencing review of his psych eval) and assault (first appearance).

Mark your calendars folks. There’s fun on the horizon! For us, not JY. To read the full documents visit the Legal Document Library.

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