Jessica Yaniv – Criminal Assault Charges


Whether you love or hate Rebel Media– we all have to feel a little bit of excitement today from the latest development by Rebel reporter Keean Bexte! Like a giddy countdown to Christmas, we’ll all be anxiously awaiting for another round of criminal charges against notorious alleged predator and violent offender Jessica (formerly known as Jonathan) Yaniv.

Bexte reported earlier today on Twitter that the BC Prosecution service is “ready to move forward with a “strong case” [to] criminally convict” Yaniv regarding the January 13, 2020 assault on Bexte outside the Surrey Provincial Courthouse. Bexte has also tagged in Blaire White, which we can hopefully expect an update from both her, as well as Rose of Dawn shortly!

Yaniv has other legal matters stemming from that day, including a civil suit filed by Amy Eileen Hamm for defamation after Yaniv publicly accused her of voyeurism and attempting to maliciously prosecute her it. Local law enforcement have recently not proceeded with any charges and the civil suit in ongoing.

Constable Bernard Lapointe from Surrey RCMP has been been overseeing three of Yaniv-related matters regarding Bexte, Hamm and disabled citizen reporter Donald Francis Smith. I had previously made a number of attempts to get back into contact with Lapointe regarding the Smith case and have not received a callback since my last attempt on Friday.

At this time, Yaniv hasn’t been formerly arrested by local law enforcement and the BC Court Services Online (CSO) has not been updated to reflect these charges. As we understand, as a warrant is executed, which upon Yaniv’s pending arrest, these charges will likely appear, as with the weapons charges. Yaniv previously denied assaulting Bexte and his colleague David Menzies in a separate incident despite video evidence to the contrary.

I have been informed by Yaniv’s neighbour that their automobile is currently not at home at the time of this article. But it sounds like they’re super excited for drama and an inevitable freakout over at the Yaniv homestead!

Where could Yaniv be hiding at this time? Could Yaniv go on the lam with Miriam to avoid more charges? Likely not, but it would be fun to see them try since Yaniv wouldn’t get very far being so “recognizable”.

We’ll have more as the story develops.

Also, tune in this weekend to Bailey Speaks Up! which audiences can watch Yaniv get attacked by formerly “woke” teenagers who find out that they’re a predator! Don’t miss it!

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