Vexatious Litigant Jessica Yaniv Sues Township of Langley!

It looks like Jessica Yaniv/Simpson is now attempting to sue the Township of Langley claiming “endangerment” regarding the jail cell conditions of the date of their arrest and refusing to take vexatious and frivolous calls.

It has been well-documented publicly and from our reliable source in Yaniv’s building that there has been abuse of decrying “emergencies” requiring the scarce resources of first responders for non-trivial matters. This has been witnessed, such as Yaniv and their mother trying to see if they can spot who is possibly the noisy neighbour informing of activities on the premises.

Now Yaniv makes a jump claiming hard-of-hearing when it is Miriam Yaniv who has these known disabilities and requires hearing aids. Yaniv seems to be leveraging their mother’s disability in order to try and circumvent the fact that the Township of Langley will not hear vexatious complaints any further. This is a far cry from being discriminated on the basis of gender identity, as it’s always a weapon and crutch for Yaniv as the nexus between hard of hearing and gender identity are pretty hard to assume here. Also to iterate the judge from the Kari Simpson/Yaniv teleconference the other week, the courts do not have jurisdiction on matters before the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Anything related to “discrimination” must be taken to the BC Human Rights Tribunal and not the courts.

Let’s go on to the conditions where Yaniv claims to have been in such squaller and then denied access to disability-related needs. It would be here too where Yaniv would need to determine if it’s Federal Jurisdiction (RCMP) to go to the Canadian Human Rights Commission or if it actually falls under the Township of Langley in the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Since the RCMP arrested Yaniv, I am leaning to the former as the likely complaint mechanism Yaniv would need to pursue.

Upon observation, it seems Yaniv has got the dates wrong repeating the date of Thursday August 8, 2019 as the day of their infamous arrest. I recall clearly that Yaniv was arrested on Monday August 5, 2019 as that’s the day of the Blaire White podcast timestamped online. Furthermore, even without fact-checking, I personally recall that date clearly I was the first to call in about the illegal tasers brandished on the livestream. I wonder why Yaniv, who knows my first and last name has not sued me for that yet, but only time will tell I suppose.

I also decided to also for curiosity determine what was Yaniv up to on August 8, 2019. I went to Kiwi Farms where it was well-documented that there was an ambulance visit and a heated argument between Yaniv and mother Miriam that included an audio recording.. According to W.G. Kitty, Miriam was outside yelling out in search of the noisy neighbour. So how could Yaniv be in such poor conditions in a jail cell when they obviously were at home making fake ambulance reports?

Courtesy of Kiwi Farms from August 8, 2019.

It seems Yaniv is suing Township of Langley because of the treatment by the E-Comm overseen by them, which they’ll turn around and refute since they have entirely different accounts of August 8, 2019. Yaniv is truly a moron. I bet after this article, Yaniv will run back to the courts wasting more time and resources to redact the dates. But at least Yaniv made a very clear record that their memory is quite hazy.

Jessica Yaniv/Simpson asking for another fee waiver when decrying poverty.