jessica yaniv simpson is not a social media influencer

Jessica Yaniv Ain’t No Influencer

Today I’d like to discuss social media influencers. In particular, I want to talk to businesses looking to utilize Jessica Yaniv Simpson as a social media influencer. Jessica Yaniv is a lousy investment, obviously, but from a technical point of view, I’d like to show why in the world’s most popular social media platform (and each of Jessica’s channels), Jessica is a terrible influencer choice. I was inspired to write this after Yaniv tried to convince AirCanada to partner with them.

jessica yaniv simpson air canada

If you are in the marketing space, you may know the impact a good influencer can have on a brand. On the other side of the coin, a lousy influencer can do some pretty hefty damage, especially in Jessica Yaniv’s case.

A great influencer needs to be all around likable. An influencer who takes the time to build a positive reputation for themselves to clients and customers alike is someone who is going to take the time to do the same for your brand.

It may seem silly that someone wouldn’t take the time to be liked by their followers, but there are influencers out there who alienate their audience segments. You don’t want that person.

A good influencer is a passionate influencer, someone who truly cares about their vertical. Passion equates to a hunger to learn more. They want to know everything that’s happened, happening, and will occur. They stay up to date with the latest trends and know when trends are going to fizzle out. A passionate influencer can talk endlessly about their vertical aspects, and they can do it with confidence.

You can trust that an influencer who is passionate will take the time to learn what your brand is about because you are a part of their space. Not just use a numbers game to convince you that they are worth your business. They want to make sure the partnership works because they know what you’re all about and how it aligns with their audience and their field of expertise.

What good is all that passion if the influencer isn’t going to use it to engage with their followers? The whole point of working with an influencer is to tap into their audience base through them. Let’s look into each channel of Yaniv’s to detail why not to use them. This is less about his past racist antics, but more about observation.

Twitter (@trustednerd)

Let’s look at Yaniv’s most prominent social media channel. Upon looking at its face view, it would look impressive, with a following of 131,000 users. However, there is little comment and like engagement, and the comments on the page are generally negative, the reputation of Jessica seems quite negative. Jessica follows an outrageous amount of users, around 35,700 users. Looking this up and speculating, we find that they may have used this extension:

To follow this many people, a bad trait of a social media influencer, because doing a mass follow instead of creating content, clients won’t engage in your content if they were brought up here by manipulation. Especially if nothing of value is brought to the table. Also, upon auditing the follower count, it’s found that over half of their followers are fake bot accounts.

Even considering Yaniv’s Pinned Post on here:

This tweet is a clear example of Yaniv’s Tweet Ratio. “The ratio” is how many comments a post gets compared to likes and reposts — the mathematical formula is commenting/ (reposts + likes). It’s especially associated with Twitter since those numbers are conveniently lined up right under tweets.

If comments exceed retweets plus likes, that’s a bad sign the influencer is generating negative reaction. Case in point, Yaniv’s pinned tweet received a whopping 6,100 comments vs 390 likes.

Youtube (no channel)

Now it’s evident that Jessica Yaniv doesn’t have a Youtube channel, but searching “Jessica Yaniv” the auto-fill can tell you a lot already, and there’s an issue. Only 2 of the auto-fills are slightly positive.

The results are also self-explanatory.

Not quite a raving review of Yaniv. And these were the top results.

Tiktok (@jessicassimpson)

Obviously, it’s not the official Jessica Simpson. Jessica Yaniv legally changed their name back in 2020. However, this is a problem because they have inconsistent social media handles and names. Jessica Simpson is also problematic because it’s shared with the very famous Jessica Simpson, making it hard to find Yaniv across platforms. Not only is the follower ratio abnormally high (again a suspicion of the mass following app or program), but Jessica has purposely turned off comments and turned off dueting their videos (a means of creating a side by side video of the original video with your content). Both are terrible features of a channel if you wanted Jessica to review your product or content. Yaniv’s small nine video count is all over the place, has no clear theme (except maybe trans), and overall not good quality.

Instagram (@trustednerd)

Same issues as the Twitter and TikTok, none of the content of the channel is available for comment, or at least there seem to be about 5-6 comments all strangely positive before it’s turned off. The likes are also few in comparison to its ratio, 35,000 followers (bought vs earned we suspect) yet only 75 or less. Even your average social media influencers with 5,000 followers have an average of 100-700 likes and hundreds of comments. And again, the content hardly has a theme or a point.

Snapchat (@trustednerd)

Nothing worthy of note for Jessica Yaniv’s snapchat. Though their have been videos of disturbing reviews of sex toys.

LiveMe (@Jessica(LGBTQ))  

Jessica recently started using an up incoming social media platform called LiveMe, a platform for people to showcase their talents, meet people. Yaniv, with a tiny following of only 500, uses this platform to do live streams of their DJing, not skillfully, by the way. Yaniv streams for hours, not engaging their viewing audience, and seems to be talking on another platform entirely offscreen (people have theorized it a site called Omegle). Other users will try to battle with Yaniv, but they are always ignored, especially men. Yaniv also seems to play the same rotating songs and seems to play a soundtrack of someone’s voice rudely. There are also reports of Yaniv sending threats to other users, but only in chat.


As you’ve probably gathered, a lot of these qualities prove the following: if you take your time and do your research, you’ll see Yaniv is a poor choice. Most of their followers are purchased, engagement is basically non-existent or critical, Yaniv seems to care little of their audience, and the current media press is very negative. A PR nightmare waiting to happen. Avoid them at all costs.

Did we miss any platforms? Have you seen Jessica Yaniv Simpson on other apps? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of social media apps and websites. If you see Yaniv on these platforms please report it to MeowMix!