Jessica Yaniv: A Profiteering Copyright Leech Admist a Global Health Pandemic

March 25, 2020

By @Divebomberinc

As we’ve said time and time again, there are no limits to the degeneracy, indecency and conniving nature of infamous vexatious litigant Jessica Yaniv. As the British Columbia’s courts are now restricting services amid the COVID-19 global health pandemic whilst Yaniv’s liquor and wine sampling gig Is likely on hiatus over safety concerns with the spread of the coronavirus, it doesn’t seem to stop the self-proclaimed trans activist from finding new ways (and cons) to generate cash.

It seems fitting Yaniv is now willing to be among the profiteering leeches during a global crisis, as we’ve seen in the media as of late trying to take advantage of people in a very vulnerable time in our modern history.

On March 24, Yaniv took to Twitter to promote a uni-sex t-shirt that she put together for sale on Teespring. The website allows anyone to design a product, set a price, and to sell, whereas Teespring commits to take care of production allowing the creator to generate profit.

It seems Yaniv joins the tasteless bandwagon with jokes such as those disseminating online about Corona Beer, with the tagline: “You, me, ____ and Quarantine.” It should be expected that she would come up with something like this, as she is known for being a depraved, alleged sexual predator.

Yaniv refers to her “artwork” as “Coronavirus Flirt” and the ridiculous asking price? Allegedly the original asking price was around $47.00, but it cannot ascertained if it was USD or CAD. Shortly thereafter, she would revise the t-shirt with another emoji and then claimed to have “[taken] the price down a bit” to $27.99 USD ($40.25 CAD). Yaniv would later state that she “make[s] $8.00 profit from each shirt” and then claims she is “not the one that sets the prices so high”. However, she contradicts herself as claiming to have brought the price down.

It seems Yaniv is not giving herself any good public relations, as she was evidently just as poor at it in the past with alleged ties to Cimorelli and her own defunct business, JY Knows IT Public Relations Business Consulting.

When called out as profiting off the pandemic on Twitter, being told it is “disgusting”, Yaniv responds, “Not really, you have to smile during the hardest times.”

So let’s look at something else hypocritical here for a minute. Yaniv took an emoji, demonstrating not only a lack of originality, but it is something that she does not own any copyright to nor has any legal agreement with the creator– yet she is putting the unlicensed artwork onto a t-shirt and adding some lame wording.

Emojis are used in text conversations on smartphones and social media platforms, as we’re well aware of, but you may not know that they are governed through legal arrangements with these devices and platforms, respectively. In all likelihood, no one would in the right mind give Yanv licensing rights to their copyrightRd material given her history for alleged predatory behaviour, most particularly towards minors.

Yaniv is known to decry to platforms about copyright infringement, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), in order to censor critics who use photos or share conversations on those platforms that are often times negative albeit allegedly true. Yaniv has admitted using DMCA to circumvent denials to remove content that frames herself negatively although it is not eligible for it, but platforms have policies to remove or suspend the content, often pending appeals, as a matter of risk mitigation. However, we are here forth witnessing that Yaniv is taking someone else’s copyrighted material in order to generate a profit for herself with tasteless sexual content regarding a global health pandemic.

If perhaps, Yaniv was generating this t-shirt to solely support frontline healthcare and hospital workers who are bracing for the worst as the pandemic rages on, audiences might be slightly more sympathetic. Given that Yaniv wastes the taxpayer’s dollars with vexatious visits to medical doctors and first responder calls to their condo for attention, such as in an attempt to identify their neighbour @langleyresident who will report to Twitter or Kiwi Farms, we are just kidding ourselves to think Yaniv would engage in any sort of social responsibility that would not otherwise be selfishly to sustain her own sustinence.

We ask ourselves why Yaniv has not created t-shirts to promote her own crotch-waxing activism such as “wax my balls” — a tagline that we would grant Yaniv originality and possibly an eligible copyright application, this argument would be more favourable toward her.

But creating tasteless Jokes and stealing someone else’s work is the type of lowlife that Jessica Yaniv truly is inside and out. In a world that is not in lock down amidst the coronavirus crisis, Yaniv would otherwise be filing lawsuits, private prosecutions, criminally harassing vulnerable individuals and compelling racially and economically marginalized women to handle their sexually neglected male genitalia akin to otherwise is perceived as their license to commit “legalized sexual assault”.

With nachos and chocolate cake only available by takeout with the local government restricting services by local businesses, Yaniv is very hungry to subsidize her lifestyle all the while cons the courts with claims she’s low income and needS fee waiver after fee waiver to engage in vexatious lawsuits. We believe this is only the first of lame money grabs Yaniv will attempt from further social isolation, as she gradually gets back to their trolling campaigns in a starved need for negative attention.

We’re not sure if Yaniv’s t-shirt gig will work out, but we believe that Yaniv is working hard to ensure these shirts are also available in children’s sizes!

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