January 2020 Yaniverse Review

That’s too much, man!

It’s the end of the first month of the new decade, but for those of us who follow the online antics and legal outrage of Jessica “Jonathan” Yaniv, it feels like a lot happened in the Yaniverse. Yes, as we predicted, there was more stupidity, entitlement and victimhood throughout January.

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Given the start of the year thus far, the perpetual downfall of Langley’s notorious predator Jessica Yaniv is at hand!

Donald Smith Saga Continues

As we left 2019, Yaniv was entering the new year (and decade) boasting about the arrest and incarceration of disabled citizen reporter Donald Smith. Throughout January, Yaniv would use Donald’s arrest, as if taking credit for it, to threaten others online, especially long-time critics, that they will be joining Donald in jail.

Given Yaniv’s alleged claims of “living in fear” of Smith, seems to have continued mocking him online while he was behind bars. Yaniv with their mother in tow showed up at one of Smith’s hearings just to blatantly intimidate him.

Yaniv took a detour on January 19 to take a selfie video outside the Surrey Pre-trial and still under the impression (of their own idiocy) that Donald Francis Smith was Twitter user @menacingcrow dubbing a visit to the “crow jail”. Unfortunately, if Yaniv would unblock @menacingcrow, they might know that they’re not one and the same.

Hopefully all of this will catch up with Yaniv and relieve Smith of all charges. Yaniv is the predator that deserves to be in jail!

Learn how it started at: Jessica Yaniv v. Donald Smith (and the world): How it started?

Also check out the Post Millennial’s Article: Jessica Yaniv advances private prosecution against disabled journalist

More Jessica Yaniv v. Morgane Oger

Yaniv could not resist resuming their feud with long-time rival and controversial trans rights activist, Morgane Oger. It began over tweets on December 31st and into the start of the new decade over Vancouver Rape Relief before escalated new into mocking Oger’s physical appearance.

At one point, Yaniv refused answer Oger’s question why they crossed seven federal constituencies, accompanied by their mother, in order to attend her nomination meeting.

Yaniv would later mock Oger again my insulting her French heritage and making unfounded assumptions that Oger is unwelcome in the political arena. Oger, who was previously blocked by Yaniv on Twitter, kept her composure despite being subjected to repeated insulting, inflammatory and infantile remarks.

Read more at: Jessica Yaniv – TERF

Golden (well-waxed) Globes

Yaniv has been musing about the possibility of Ricky Gervais once again mocking them at the Golden Globes. Even others on Twitter had contemplated whether he might or not– however, he didn’t. Yaniv then announced a stand that they vowed to not allow Gervais to perform in Vancouver during his 2020 North American tour when the dates were announced. The show sold out in a couple of days and tickets are still highly sought. Yaniv had a lot of work ahead if they plan to stop good ol’ Ricky!

More BC Human Rights Complaints Drama

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) announced in a press release that it had been retained as counsel as Yaniv appeared to be back in the same vexatious litigative pattern of launching complaints with the BC Human Rights Tribunal preying on marginalized immigrant women.

It appeared this specific incident occurred months after waxing hearings in early October 2019. Yaniv became increasingly agitated with the criticism that it started days of ranting that they suggested it was only for “legs” despite initially asking for both a “Brazilian” and “leg” waxing. It appears that Yaniv began to crack under pressure, which unprecedented since the acrimony began after the publication ban in July, Yaniv began a mass-campaign to block all of their critics.

Read more at: Another Waxing Case? How Many More Vexatious and Frivolous Lawsuits Will We See From Jessica Yaniv?

Langley’s First Pride

On January 12, the announcement of the first ever Langley (British Columbia) Pride Parade and Festivities to be held in 2020. Yaniv immediately put themselves forward publicly to be a member of the organizing team. However, Yaniv was quickly turned down on Twitter pointing out the (obvious) problem with Yaniv being on the committee. Langley Pride responded with a series of tweets that illustrated that the committee was very much aware of who Yaniv was (without actually naming them (potential lawsuit avoidance?)) citing the need for all volunteers to be vetted and those that “will not contribute to a safe, positive, environment “ or “those that seek publicity, personal gains, etc “ would not be allowed to volunteer.

Yaniv was outraged at those tweets and blamed another political nemesis, Stacey Wakelin, who was on the organizing committee. Yaniv had a number of run ins with the former NDP Federal Candidate during the October 2019 election because she would not accept their leadership and being a spokesperson of Langley’s Trans community on the account of Yaniv being infamous, let alone a predator.

January 13 Courthouse Debacle

We hope that Yaniv has finally come to the epiphany that they grossly miscalculated going after Keean Bexte and Amy Eileen Hamm of Rebel Media and the Post Millennial, respectively. Yaniv must have felt that not really respond & he would be able to spin himself as a victim.

Unlike (until recently) with Donald Smith, Bexte and Hamm are not only articulate, but have resources and connections to pursue all of the legal avenues available for as long as it takes for justice to be served.  They, amongst their supporters, will not be bullied or intimidated into silence or worn down by Yaniv’s faux legal maneuvers, fake police reports and have the platforms to make Yaniv’s life even more unpleasant over time. Their stories and actions will not be confined to various social media. 

We have now all been privy to the sordid story of Yaniv accusing Amy Eileen Hamm of the Post Millennial and a GIDYVR advocate of sexual assault in a courthouse. Yes, Yaniv accused Ms. Hamm of sexual assault in the middle of a crowded courthouse in broad daylight! Hamm has since demanded an apology, which if not received, Yaniv will face a subsequent defamation lawsuit.

More on this can be read at: Yaniv Gets Sexually Assaulted? A Timeline…

The courthouse debacle didn’t just end here, it appears that when Yaniv was initially questioned by Rebel News Media reporter, Keean Bexte, BC Sheriffs came to their aid. As Yaniv threatened previously, Bexte was not allowed in the courtroom, which demonstrated Yaniv was getting special treatment as a predator that’s not even afforded to others.

Yaniv appeared to have requested more time getting a lawyer, which moved the weapons charges appearance to February 10. But it appears Yaniv’s extended visit in the courthouse was more than making accusations, as it seemed the fourth private prosecution was launched against Donald Francis Smith.

Upon departing the courthouse, Bexte returned to question Yaniv, which Yaniv responded with a vicious assault. Unlike the assault (also caught on camera) )by Bexte’s fellow Rebel reporter, David Menzies in August, Bexte sought to get the overhead court CCTV cameras and pursued criminal assault charges.

Click here to see the above video shows Yaniv assaulting Bexte, which has had more than 2.3 million views.

Yaniv was apparently arrested on January 17 at their residence, but was released on a promise to appear for the assault charge in addition to the weapons charges already pending. Yaniv demonstrates more and more violent tendencies, yet authorities are doing nothing!

Attention-Seeking, Click-bait and Mass-Blocking

Yaniv spent the much of the month with the usual attention seeking and click bait tactics, including attempting to get free goods and services. Despite all this free time on their hands, one would think that Yaniv would be busy preparing (at the very least retaining a competent lawyer) for their January 13 weapons offences court appearance. Yaniv did claim about a week earlier they going to write the bar exam in the near future, which despite laughable and beyond belief, is that what Yaniv has been up to? Or could it explain their self-representation? More at: Could Jessica Yaniv really “write the bar exam” in the near future?

In our opinion, Yaniv either procrastinate or was seriously is too obsessed by focusing and monitoring (if not actively seeking out perceived transphobia) on various businesses and government agencies.

A tweet about an Alaska Air service issue caught the eye of the mensuration, tampon and bodily fluids fetishist such as Jessica Yaniv. Alas, the tweeter recognized the infamous predator, and removed their tweet!

BC Ferries and Harbour Air and were both recipients of some of Yaniv’s click bait and need for attention for purported Transgender Activist tweets. It appears Yaniv had some misinformation on Harbour Air’s policies and back-pedalled on those tweets!

Yaniv then alleged a WestJet claiming that a customer service representative called them “Mr. Jessica”. It’s completely absurd and unbelievable! When Yaniv demands the phone calls under a Federal Freedom of Information request and goes to the Canadian Human Rights Commission with the evidence, then we can consider if this has credibility!

Yaniv also demanded that Uber add the opportunity to request a female driver who was not a TERF concluding with (in the deleted original tweet but later amended to women & retweeted) “Us #LGBT girls want to be safe.”

After reading about the parents of a gay son throwing him a “gayceanera” party, Yaniv tweeted that they wanted a transceanera party and tagged in all their favourite restaurants in a blatant attempt to see if one would offer. If it’s anything like the failed attempt by Miriam Yaniv to recruit old neighbours to come to Yaniv’s June 12, 2019 birthday bash, Yaniv will be celebrating for one at Olive Garden. One can just imagine the responses, such as, – “not a bad idea to reach out to the trans community but its Jonathan Yaniv. You remember the ball waxing cases…”

Yaniv also tried to insert themselves into a couple of good news stories, the most high profile one involved people worried about family and friends in Australia with the wildfires. After the various telecom companies had announced that they would waive long distance fees for people calling family in Australia, Yaniv began tweeting demands that they do so.

How low can Yaniv go?

One of the most disturbing was revelations from the past that Yaniv had a penchant for sexual exploitation of nine year olds. More at: H&M Speak Up – Not Even Nine Year Olds Are Off Limits for Yaniv.

New Employment Opportunity: SkiptheDishes?

Allegedly, Yaniv had a brief stint as a SkipTheDishes driver causing many, including local residents to cringe. Yaniv even found their former friend Katie’s sister. More at: Yaniv Joins SkipTheDishes, Finds Katie’s Sister

More Bullying of Young Women

Yaniv used the same bullying tactics, as with previous victims, such as Louise, a Cimorelli fan. Yaniv encouraged another young girl to harm herself on twitter showing how malicious they really are! More at: Dear Jessica, Sincerely, Jenna.

Chasing (WG) Kitties again!

Yaniv escalated their feud with the anonymous neighbour WG Kitty aka @LangleyResident on Twitter. Earlier in the month threatened to get a speaker to play loud music to intimidate them– but really, does Yaniv know who it is? I guess if they go after the entire strata, they’ll be able to achieve this!

Yaniv created the sock account @HawthornUnit229 and began to tag and taunt them. It was the fifth Yaniv accused a unit of being WG Kitty. The taunts included incorporating Yaniv’s fetishization for bodily fluids, which was seen in the defamation of Donald Smith on the Dirty, as confirmed by a source. At least it wasn’t as stark as the death threats last summer that included threatening to have their body turn up near the local Golden Ears Bridge.

Yaniv had needed the month by blatantly wasting the time and resources of the local fire department. It appears obvious Yaniv joined by Miriam who lives across the street, provided an hour of amusement for the Hawthorne condo strata residents.

Both Yaniv’s literally stood on their balcony first literally “meowing” before it turned to fighting. But the best line of the night came not from a now deleted @trustednerd tweet taunting @LangleyResident but from a fireman who was overheard inferring this was not an emergency, but insinuating this is more documented antics from Jessica and Miriam Yaniv.

The motive for this call to first responders: was attempting to see who amongst the 119 fellow residents might be looking out the window and then checking twitter. It was these type of non-sensical first responder calls that put other lives in danger who might need these professionals in a time of need at that very moment! This proves more that Yaniv has absolutely no regard for others.

Culture Guard Attacks

Yaniv even decided to take aim with Culture Guard, who was advocating for Donald Smith in court, by having their mother tweet where Yaniv posed in front of a restroom with transgender inclusiveness (assuming Miriam Yaniv took the photo) to advocate their purported transgender activism. It mostly fell to deaf ears and entertained the masses.

What does February 2020 in the Yaniverse look like?

Will the courts will send us a little Valentine love by granting Donald Smith bail? Will the crown prosecutor manage to proceed with the various stalling tactics by Yaniv? What other lawsuits and complaints are in the pipeline for Jessica Yaniv? I guess we stay tuned!