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Is Miriam Yaniv A Victim of Senior Abuse?

Could Jessica Yaniv Simpson be abusing Miriam Yaniv?

One somewhat overlooked participant in the Yaniv story especially since her last notable public appearance was at the September 21 Yaniv Surrey Court House Circus is Jonathan’s mother, Miriam. Since she had not previously been seen in public for almost a month, speculation began about whether or not she was avoiding her son because:

1.) she was so pissed off at the Sara debacle;

2.) her son had severely injured her and she was in a hospital;

3.) her son had tried to commit her to a care facility to get his hands on her financial assets trying to get a head start on his “inheritance” or

4.) as the Jewish High Holidays approached, she started to seriously reflect on the past year.

While observers were gratified to see that she was alive and well when they finally saw her on September 21 despite a previous leg injury that required an ambulance on September 14, they began to wonder about her health in general. She seemed tired, and the energy needed to keep her son in check appeared to drain her both physically and emotionally. Perhaps that is why she did not accompany Jonathan to the Court House on September 25. Nor any other in person court appearances since. Questions started to be asked wondering if she was a victim of Senior Abuse. Thankfully, on the 21st, mother and son did not try to look like twinnsies in their dress choices, but observers noted she was wearing a sweater despite it being a warm day.

While seniors are generally more temperature sensitive, questions were raised about the sweater. Was she wearing it so it could be used to hide her face from the press (or as some concerned observers speculated, in shame) or was it to hide evidence of physical abuse?

Observers had noticed that Miriam seemed to have a lot of bruising on her arms the past year. Yes, many seniors especially those on blood thinners bruise more easily, but those bruises are usually small, light coloured and scattered over arms and hands from accidents like randomly bumping into things. Abuse is suspected when the bruises are large and located where an arm might be grabbed to squeeze, twist or pinch.

Senior abuse like family violence is a growing problem especially with the stresses of COVID 19. In my city, elder abuse that has been reported, has risen by almost a third (32%). Senior abuse can also be financial and emotional, especially if the abusive family members either live with or in close proximity to the senior.

Abusers are typically dependent on the senior for assistance, housing or money, have addictions, have emotional problems and/or mental illness as well as requiring health care. Now that Jonathan has apparently had GRS, he now appears to tick all the boxes.

While Miriam does not tick all the victim profile boxes, she does tick enough to make abuse a very real concern. She is socially isolated and does have some degree of physical impairment (hearing) or capability. Her son is known for having anger management issues as well as being physically violent and verbally abusive.

Since Jonathan has returned from Montreal and appears to be staying with her, Miriam is very much a victim of elder abuse in our opinion. Rather than applying for a public health nurse (or hiring a private one), he has been relying on his elderly mother to provide the post op care. Care that is probably made doubly difficult because Jonny is not following the recommended post op care such as Sitz vs Bubble Baths. In fact, he has become stuck in the tub numerous times and has had to call 911 to haul him out! Miriam simply does not have the strength, agility or training to pull an obese man upright out of a bathtub. If she tried initially, did she injure herself? And what about the emotional trauma of seeing your son, naked and mutilated?

To recap, from the Sara Files, Miriam did not support the surgical transition. Having recently retired from a job in Healthcare, she probably had a very good idea of what would be involved in providing not only the immediate post op care but what will essentially turn into a lifetime of medical care.

She is probably now expected to clean a gaping wound, which is very likely infected (the bubble baths) or torn (Jonny’s tampon fetish). The clinic gave you dilators for a reason, Jonny and told you NO TAMPONS especially with the surgical wound still healing. If it gets worse and her son gets sepsis or other infections, she will surely be blamed by him for not providing adequate care even through the real fault lies with her son. The emotional blackmail that will inevitably follow will be brutal.

Financial abuse is not as easy to identify as one would think. It is more than various family members asking for a loan they have no intention of ever repaying, asking for the “inheritance” early, forging a signature, etc.

Often the senior is convinced to sign over assets or management of their financial affairs. Sometimes seniors are physically threatened or assaulted and are too ashamed to go to the police to report it or even tell other family members.

While we do not have any concrete evidence that Miriam is subsidizing her son’s lifestyle to the detriment of her own retirement, there are crumbs of public information contained in his court filings and Social Media postings of his restaurant adventures and his condo financial real estate report. It very simply does not make sense when he claims $700 in income and $3,425 in expenses each month, someone has to be picking up that slack. We know he is unemployed and has been reliant on CERB as well as applying for other unemployment insurance programs. Then, of course, there are the various vexatious private prosecutions whose sole goal appears to maneuver the defendants into a settlement conference so that Jonathan can ask for “go away” money. There have also been a couple of insurance claims (water damaged condo and vehicle collision) which look like straight insurance fraud.

As well, concern has been raised about Miriam’s sister, Jonathan’s aunt, Ilana who is living with Miriam. It could just be a simple case of sharing expenses by siblings or it could be that Miriam has been so financially drained by her son that she cannot enjoy her sunset years. There is a strong suspicion that both mother and son are starting (if not already) to be financially dependent on her despite being physically abused by her nephew in the past.

Emotional abuse can be hard to diagnose especially of the senior starts to have physical or cognitive issues, but you can sense that it might exist by simple observation. For example, when Jonathan refused service by Kari Simpson at the Surrey Courthouse, Miriam was curious (an expected reaction) and went over to look at the papers on the ground. There was no indication that she would have picked up the papers but Yaniv told her not to pick it up. His voice became louder which could be explained by Miriam’s deafness but not his tone, which became abusive. It began to look like he would have smacked her or pushed her away if they were not in public with witnesses.

Yaniv’s anger management issues are well known. So well-known in fact, that fortunately a BC Sheriff had been assigned to escort Yaniv away from the Court House after his September 25 appearance. At one point, he turned to attack the reporters after swearing at them but was stopped by the Sheriff. It is one thing to lose control in public and attack reporters but an entirely different matter to smack your mother and/or aunt around in private.

Another form of senior abuse, although not common, is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse of seniors often turns out to be a fetish and a crime of opportunity (think long term nursing homes, but just as frequently this is about power and control of the senior, especially if it occurs between family members). In some cases, it is the continuation of years of incestual activity. The codependent relationship between Jonny & Miriam has always been open to interpretation but their bizarre sexual taunting behaviour during the height of the Sara catfish, seemed to indicate that there was some kind of sexual relationship between mother and son. Miriam is a senior. Any kind of sexual behaviour with her son is abuse. Even the fact that Yaniv was sexting with Sara and sending her pictures of his genitals and sex toys while Miriam was in the same bed as him is a line that should have never been crossed.

Picture taken by Miriam Yaniv.

We are not certain if anyone has reported Miriam’s abuse to the appropriate authorities. There are many Seniors Abuse and Information lines in all jurisdictions. If you see a case of suspected senior abuse, we encourage you to call them. If you suspect it is an emergency situation, call 911 immediately.