jessica yaniv simpson

Is Jessica Yaniv Simpson Weaponizing Rape for Clicks?

Warning subject of sensitive nature.

The vile Jessica Yaniv Simpson will resort to anything to achieve their goals of garnering sympathy from teen girls, promoting his perpetual victimhood, or roleplaying his fantasy about sexual assault. Twice now, JYS has brought up alleged sexual assaults days after committing acts of violence to deflect. Most likely JYS will try to use the false allegation against Amy Hamm to justify JYS attacking Keann Bexte.

jessica yaniv simpson

Back story…the Vancouver Rape Relief crisis center was partially defunded because they would not admit transgender women. This was actioned in part by the actions of the “politician” Morgane Oger, who claimed that refusal to admit transgender women was discrimination. The VRR did not want to accept TW as this was allowing access to the centre to people that were biologically male. Obviously this is a troubling scenario which you can appreciate both sides of.

Yaniv has manipulated this situation in various swings towards his on/off frenemy/envy of activism Morgane Oger, whom on a trans activism and human being level has had more achievements that JYS ever will. JYS will always be in Ogers shadow because ole JYS is a big fat failure.

In January, during a feud, JYS used the VRR to fire a shot at Oger for her part in the defunding of the VRR. Strange for a trans activist who wants access into any and every woman’s space and who resorted to filing BCHRT complaints when people refused to wax his balls. Whether it be to offer 10 year old girls tampons or some other perverted reasons, Yaniv wants to leverage liberal Canadian laws to position himself in women’s safe spaces. Why would JYS would take such a stance against Oger? Oh right! Because he wanted a point against MO using rape victims as his twisted tool!

Next, JYS learned they were going to be investigated for the assault on Keean Bexte outside Surrey provincial two days earlier. Suddenly, JYS created a tweet claiming they were sexually assaulted in the courthouse restroom by Amy Hamm. Deflection? Obviously.

JYS then made a statement that they had visited a crisis centre after the sexual assault, followed by a swipe at VRR saying “Thankfully they are accepting of Trans people”. Nice little “I’m an activist look at me praise me” 

BUT WAIT A MINUTE… you said that you reported the incident to the VRR according to your bullcrap defense of the defamation  case Amy has filed against you……

To those unaware, RCMP found no truth in JYS allegation of sexual assault. As a consequence of the dishonest tweet, JYS is being sued for defamation for the false claims.

And now JYS is back on supporting the VRR defunding by retweeting Oger when the subject is brought up again. The same place that you got help from is transphobic…..You can’t switch sides like that and use such a delicate and sensitive subject just so you can look like the caring activist you are not. 

Who is Hailey Heartless and why is Morgane Oger quoting them? HH is a Vancouver area “BDSM escort” and self-described “sissy play specialist”. HH also describes themselves as a sex work activist. HH has been quoted as saying “my dick is biologically female” and “the difference between us is, women like me get podiums, radio interviews, book deals, meetings with lawmakers and national audiences, women like you get your little niche newsletter and your slowly disappearing “safe spaces”. MeowMix readers can make up their on minds.

Taking funding away from women in need is WRONG. We know at the moment JYS is trying to reinvent himself by changing your name and lurking round actual activists but we know the truth.

JY, you are a sexual predator yourself, you are not a victim. You disgrace the actual victims of sexual assault and rape with your actions lies and your pretend act of being an activist. You use the subject of VRR to suit what purpose fits your own narcissistic desire. You are the reason there is hate towards LGBTQ+ and you are the example people use to slander the trans community. You don’t represent them at all and you tarnish their name.

YOU try to silence your victims by threatening them when they reach out to other victims.

Here at MeowMix we do not support the defunding of any organization that provides such vital care, especially not for political motives. All victims deserve help in an environment where they feel safe and protected at such a horrific time. Women, and trans woman, deserve safe spaces, but we must all recognize that they may not be the same spaces.

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