Is Jessica Yaniv/Simpson Trying to “Cash-In” on the Justin Morissette Assault?

It looks we have a follow-up (which is not exactly a sequel of sorts) to Jessica Yaniv (now identifying as Jessica Simpson) and Miriam Yaniv’s recent visit to Vancouver’s West End visit from than a week ago when they were involved in a confrontation with a street preacher and a civilian by Nick in Has the Dynamic Duo Become the Terrible Trio?

Last night on Twitter, it appears JY, under the @trustednerd account, tried to reach out to Justin Morissette, who was a recent victim of a brutal hate crime by street preacher Dorre Love after standing up to him and his group of street preachers Saturday night using a public announcement system to spread “religious hatred” with “anti-gay chants” this past Saturday night.

Jessica Yaniv (Simpson’s) response to Justin Morissette on August 24, 2020.

Love is identified by Morissette (the man in red) from JY’s video with Miriam and bystander “Nick”. In recent months, Love has been seen in recent months throughout Vancouver’s West End preaching and causing disturbances. In the incident we reported, Nick in a lolcow fashion, did some “fake hockey fall” and tried to malinger playing the victim.

Regarding the most recent incident, Morissette told CTV News, “I stood up to anti-gay bullies” and as a result had his leg broken in multiple places. Morissette told Global News how his leg was broken as, “[Love] put his right leg behind my left leg and then with me still locked in a Full Nelson, wrenched my body against his leg until my leg snapped. He broke my leg on purpose and threw me to the ground and took his microphone back.”

Allegedly, Morissette, as a local had enough of the hate speech heard from his apartment, so he approached Love and his street preachers, and took his microphone. This prompted Love and another preacher to commit aggravated assault and breaking Morissette’s leg in multiple places requiring surgery. So far, the Vancouver Police Department are preparing charges to be forwarded to crown prosecutors.

We know that JY and Mama Bear were accompanied by what was another local scam artist. When you see these four idiots on video, you just wonder why this didn’t blow up into a larger confrontation. As you can see, JY now wants credit and attention for “their run-in with Love” and if I was to accurately predict JY’s behind-the-scenes reaction to all of it, I bet they’re trying to go around and portray themselves as a “victim” and “it could have been me with my leg broken”. We know in the Yaniverse, it’s always about JY and only about JY!

We don’t condone violence in anyway, but since JY had Miriam, so if this Love pulled anything on JY, we would have seen the Yaniv matriarch defending her cub, as we’ve seen with Menzies last August. So we believe JY is going to go out and malinger as a victim of hate by Love, when we all saw that Mama Miriam was there, so there was no imminent danger. As we saw, it was just a bunch of goofballs having a spaz with one another. As Love called it, “The gathering of the evil storm.” To be more accurate, I dub it, “The gathering of a bunch of lolcows – Dorre Love included.”

Jessica Yaniv Miriam Yaniv and Nick

After JY essentially commented to Morissette, he has gone on the record stating he finds “[Yaniv] frankly contemptible.” Thank you Morissette for showing that Yaniv is someone
Morissette comments that Yaniv is “contemptible” demonstrating they are aware and condemn Yaniv’s of predatory tactics in the LGBTQ+ community.

We encourage anyone to donate to Justin Morissette’s Go Fund Me page and support him during his very difficult recovery after having surgery to repair his leg shattered by this act of hatred.