Is Jessica Yaniv Simpson Lurking Near Middle Schools?

UPDATE 7 PM PST: A friend of MeowMix has shared with us some pictures and a bit of information.

Our source has told us that the artwork can not be easily seen from the street and that one would have to drive or walk onto the property in order for it to be easily seen. Why is JY on ANY school grounds? Why is JY trying to make this a sexual situation? News Flash J, not everyone is a filthy minded pervert like you. This is clearly just a parody of the “only fans” logo. Using the words “Only Cans” is to indicate that only spray cans of paint are allowed on this graffiti wall. Only a twisted mind like the one inside JYs bulbous head would try to turn this into something it’s not. Stay away from schools, Yaniv.

This gem was posted to FaceBook. Careful Jon, your obsession is showing.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had this to add.

Original story below.

Today, March 24, 2020, Jessica Yaniv Simpson posted this tweet:

jessica yaniv simpson

This from a person who has no kids, no reason to be close enough to a school to read graffiti, no family at the school, and a documented history of taking voyeuristic photographs of unsuspecting young girls.


There’s no easily discernable reason for Yaniv to be near the school or on 202a street, as he stated, but he admittedly has the freedom to travel there. If Yaniv was heading to Langley City to do some shopping he would not travel that route. This school is out of the way for Yaniv, regardless of almost any destination he may have had. So why was Jessica Yaniv Simpson near a middle school?

Why was JY near this school?

Since posting this, Yaniv has been hiding responses. What was his goal? Virtue signaling? For what?

While I’m at it, how does this one person just accidentally trip over child-porn/child-sex-related material so frequently? It’s suspicious that Yaniv just accidentally finds this stuff so often. I’ve been around longer than Yaniv has and I can’t recall a single incident of kiddie porn popping up in my life. I guess we run in different circles.

I’m reminded of a story from some years ago where Yaniv was accused of hurting young girls at a school while he was volunteering…Unsubstantiated, but possible?

Yaniv has also expressed interest in (or actually appeared in) change rooms with minors, pools with minors, bathrooms with minors, tampon-insertion with minors, working with minors, the Big Brothers and Sisters Program, etc. Why?

Oh right. He’s a pedophile.

Concerned citizens reached out to the school principal and support staff to provide warnings about Yaniv and ensure they are alert for his presence. They were provided with his description, vehicle info, history, and guidance on responding to him.

I guess Yaniv didn’t like this because they’re rampaging on Twitter to defend themselves.

Any guesses to who Chris Pentecost is? lol It’s not anyone at MM. But it’s hilarious!

Yaniv thinks he’s scary.

Check out for countless more examples of Yaniv’s pedophilia.