Left: Jessica Yaniv. Right: RCMP Memorial Blue Ribbon

Jessica Yaniv Utters Death Threats and Disrespects Fallen RCMP Officer from Nova Scotia Mass Shootings

April 25, 2020

Last night, purported transgender activist Jessica (formerly known as Jonathan) Yaniv angrily responded to text messages from a local pranksters by uttering both threats of harm and uttering death threats. As reported on Kiwi Farms, from what we can gather, Yaniv was seemingly pranked via text message and given the impression of an alleged Craigslist advertisement was put out with “her” phone number on it as the seller of Lysol Wipes, which is a scarce commodity on retail shelves across the global during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Yaniv’s inexcusable behaviour includes the response includes that “she” was actually “selling caskets” and that this prankster would end up “dead in one” like the fallen Nova Scotia RCMP Officer, Constable Heidi Stevenson, who died tragically last weekend along with 21 other innocent shooting victims.

Second text by the prankster as disclosed on Kiwi Farms.

Stevenson is being hailed as a hero who was desperately trying to intercept active shooter Gabriel Wortman who was brutally murdered in the line of duty at the side of the highway in what is now considered the worst mass shootings in Canadian history.

Courtesy of RCMP: Constable Heidi Stevenson who lost her life on April 19, 2020.

I’m selling caskets. You’re going to be in one soon. You can join that RCMP Officer in Nova Scotia cause the cops will find you and bring you in.

– Jessica Yaniv via text message on April 24, 2020 at around 9:50 PM PST (1:51 AM AST on April 25, 2020).

What transpired now of a repeated pattern of Yaniv’s ongoing threats to harm others and spin themselves as the victim. This further depicts more and more how dangerous and unhinged that predator Jessica Yaniv truly is.

Let’s recall, this is the same unhinged individual who has plead guilty to possession of illegal weapons charges last month and is facing sentencing in June pending a psychiatric assessment. This assessment may or may not be deferred due to physical distancing measures and limited resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Courtesy of the Blaire White and Jessica Yaniv YouTube debate – August 5, 2019.

Also, recall that this is the same lunatic who prides “herself” as taking selfie videos while uttering threats in a University Women’s Restroom and then vandalizing it with dog spray without real consequences!

If you fuck with me, this is going to happen to you. That is dog spray!

– Jessica Yaniv in a selfie video on/around September 14/15, 2019 at Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus. Link found here.

Again, this is the same individual that has threatened harm or murder to countless individuals without real consequences!

Again, this is the same individual who has violently physically assaulted reporters on more than one occasion with “her” mother Miriam acting as an alleged accomplice. More charges are pending regarding Yaniv’s known alleged other violent offences and pending civil litigation for the assaults on Rebel Media.

Again, this is the same individual who has been seeking to procure an illegal firearm into Canada and possession of other weapons (e.g. both confirmed by Ms. Blaire White and Yaniv’s former friend Katie, respectively), whom again is not facing without real consequences- or receiving serious psychiatric help! This argument goes on and on!

But let’s go back and assess now the prior round of this prankster’s text messages. We are not condoning this prankster’s actions, but it appears that Yaniv threatened to harm the individual and their family. Yaniv also makes themselves out to be like a mob boss to whack people. Sounds familiar, right? Does this signal that Yaniv is allegedly open to the idea of violence towards children and minors? This is truly horrifying given they are an alleged sexual predator of underage girls.

It didn’t stop there, as Yaniv made up “her” own burner number and texted the prankster back impersonating someone named “Nikki” and claiming there were Lysol Wipes available in Vernon, BC. Given that the prankster said they were in Coquitlam, BC, more than 500 kilometers away, it made absolutely no sense logically. Who was Yaniv impersonating? Was it “her” 18-year old Facebook supporter and long-time friend of three years Nicole Amber Dunn who resides Lumby, BC, about 25 kilometres east of Vernon? We suspect that it is! This brat was allegedly groomed by Yaniv when she was underage and is a devoted and dramatic supporter condoning pedophillia! I wonder if her parents are aware about their child’s alleged grooming by this nearly 33 year old alleged child predator?!

It was also not surprising to us that Yaniv’s own paranoia continues to enable “her” making unfounded allegations against the prankster by allegedly accusing them of being disabled citizen reporter, Donald Francis Smith. From what we have assessed, the grammar is not consistent with Smith by any means. So again, recall Yaniv is the same individual who allegedly victimized Smith by manufacturing evidence and lies to local law enforcement as part of Yaniv’s poorly calculated gauntlet of revenge. We will not comment any further, as the legal challenges are before the civil and criminal courts until new information emerges pubicly.

Yaniv on Periscope flashing RCMP Business Cards depicting law enforcement as “friends”.

It was just two weeks ago that we reported where Yaniv made pathetic DJing videos on Periscope and at one point encouraged their neighbour to jump off their balcony and then boastfully flashed the business cards of multiple Langley and Surrey RCMP officers by claiming that they’re that all “friends” of “hers”. As the facts stand, Yaniv disrespected a fallen law enforcement officer who died tragically the line of duty in her attempts to save multiple lives leaving behind a partner and children. She gave her life so others can live. Does that make you angry? You should be! It’s time to show Yaniv that law enforcement are not “her friends” since she chooses to make threats that infers that this officer (and other victims) allegedly deserved it. That’s my impression of how this text was sent to the prankster!

If Yaniv thinks that local law enforcement are “her friends” and protecting “her” are now, let’s wait until they get the perception of what Yaniv has said here last night about their fallen comrades. This is a dangerous and violent predator that needs to be stopped more than ever! Could Yaniv be the type of individual to commit similar acts of hate and revenge? There’s a pattern here that needs to be stopped before someone else is harmed by Yaniv.

If you’re offended, angry and/or riled up now of the disrespect and condonation Yaniv has about the Nova Scotia Shootings, you have the right to be! This is despicable and irredeemable, in my opinion! It just goes to show that Yaniv has no remorse or regret for their actions. The predator still runs loose in the community, but like everything: time runs out!

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