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How To Beat Jessica Yaniv Simpson In Court

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jessica yaniv

Jessica Yaniv Simpson is notorious for abusing innocent people via various levels of the Canadian court system, including human rights tribunals, the civil resolution system, small claims court, and Supreme Court. He’s also tried to file his own criminal charges, which of course end up as failures. In fact, nearly everything he’s done in legal-land has been a failure. He’s basically a level 1 nobody on the court circuit, and beating him is as easy as showing up and watching him sink himself, but just in case, here’s our (not legal advice) tips on how to beat him in court.

1. Force Jonny to Present His Evidence and Medical Records.

As proven in his previous lawsuit, Yaniv will list anything and everything as proof of damages, without listing the actual cost of damages. Just a very vague list of medical ailments and the maximum amount of money he can be awarded in whichever court he chooses to use. This was noted by our dear lawyer friend when it was presented in the lawsuit for the oven-breaking from the medical team. 

However, the difficulty for Ms. Simpson is that she has not provided sufficient evidence to show that the paramedics breached the standard of care. She does not know when the alleged damage occurred. She says she was in bed and was not paying attention to what the paramedics did. Notably, Ms. Simpson does not claim that she actually saw paramedics put equipment on her stove. With all this in mind, I find that Ms. Simpson never saw the paramedics put medical equipment on her stove.” JY vs Provincial Health Services Authority.

And again in the case against Kamal and MasterCare:

“Third, Ms. Simpson submitted no supporting evidence that she sustained any personal injury or that her dog did. She claims K’s behaviour kept the dog off task but provided no details or supporting evidence (despite apparently filming other interactions). There are no medical records and no veterinary records. Ms. Simpson does not explain why she claims $5,000 or how she arrived at that figure, though I infer she claimed that amount because it is the CRT’s maximum for small claims Disputes.” JY vs MasterCare CRT

This is highlighted again, although a bit differently, in the recent 27-page indictment of JY’s character provided by the BC Supreme Court. JY alleged that Rebel News was defamatory in calling him a pedophile. The court responded:

Ms. Simpson has provided no evidence at all in response to these particular allegations. However tenuous the factual foundation for them may be, it suffices to meet the low threshold for fair comment, in the sense that the reporters could, relying on it, honestly have come to the opinions they expressed. JY vs Rebel News

In other words, JY will come to court and tell the world you’re lying and hurting him but present absolutely nothing to support that claim.

2. Just Present Your Evidence and State the Basic Facts

Jonny hates this the most. Most of his lawsuits have the same common thread of presenting as little evidence as possible and relying on the vaguest of facts. Even more, Jonny seems to love to whip out his wallet of “Oppression Cards” i.e. his Trans Card, Disabled Card, Sexuality Card, Fat Card, etc, even when they don’t have anything to do with the lawsuit itself. For example, in his lawsuit against Kamal and the Master Cleaning company, the result quotes:

“In addition to the disgust Ms. Simpson alleges K showed because of Ms. Simpson’s gender identity, Ms. Simpson says K “always aggressively slams her vacuum into my door at early hours of the morning”. JY vs MasterCare CRT

“While Ms. Simpson alleges K discriminated against her based on her gender identity, I find this entirely unproven on the evidence before me (including the submitted video). In any event, Ms. Simpson claims no remedy based on the alleged discrimination.” JY vs MasterCare CRT

“While Ms. Simpson also alleges in her reply argument that Best Buy targeted her for being transgender, there is insufficient evidence to prove this occurred. So, I find that allegation unproven.” Simpson v. Best Buy Canada

“Ms. Simpson provided no medical evidence to support her claim. Instead, she submitted a statement from her parent who claims the flag on Ms. Simpson’s address has caused Ms. Simpson “significant harm” by “causing her permanent psychological trauma and PTSD.” Nothing in the evidence shows that Ms. Simpson’s parent is qualified to diagnose medical conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. I am not persuaded by this evidence.” Simpson v. Provincial Health Services Authority

However, if you provide evidence such as witness statements, videos, photos, his social media he’s posted, most if not all the time his lawsuit falls apart faster than a house of cards.

3. Hire a Lawyer, and Always Ask for Costs

If all his lawsuits have a common thread beyond Jonny being an absolute liar, is that Jonny is an absolute coward, and this will usually get Jonny to quit. We saw this for ourselves in the Waxing cases, where the judge has noted that as soon as Yaniv catches on that the respondent hires a lawyer, he drops the case immediately. 

“Early on in this process, Ms. Yaniv withdrew two of her complaints after the JCCF was retained as counsel: Various Waxing Salons at para. 9. In doing so, her express purpose was to “remove” Mr. Cameron as counsel: Mint Tanning at para. 15. She later applied, unsuccessfully, to have Mr. Cameron removed as counsel for the Represented Respondents and barred from appearing in front of this Tribunal. She has ultimately been compelled to face him in these complaints, after I denied all applications to have him removed and found that her pattern of withdrawals was improper: Various Waxing Salons.”  JY vs Various Waxing Salons Decision

4. Have Actual Witnesses.

Having actual witnesses to testify is also a great deal. Mostly because Yaniv can only get his mom to supposedly testify, or in some cases,write anonymous notes stating that the respondent was mean.

“Further, Ms. Simpson did not provide any objective evidence to show that the flag on her address was unwarranted. The writer of an unsigned, anonymous statement Ms. Simpson submitted in evidence says ambulance attendants “are transphobic and do not like Jessica”, so they “falsely” put a flag on her address “in malice.” I do not find this evidence persuasive. Ms. Simpson does not say who wrote this unsigned and anonymous statement.” – Simpson v. Provincial Health Services Authority

“I note Ms. Simpson relies on a witness statement from her mother, MY. MY generally says she has seen K act aggressively. I place no weight on this evidence, as it lacks specificity, is inconsistent with the other evidence before me, and because I find MY is not a neutral witness given her relationship with Ms. Simpson. Conversely, I note Ms. Simpson submitted no witness statements from any of her neighbors in support of her allegation that K was aggressive towards her or her dog.” – JY vs MasterCare CRT


For a person pursuing a career in law school, it’s shocking to see how he supposedly gets 100% on test scores, we assume the teacher is just so embarrassed by his presentations that he just scores them with an elementary school sticker. But even with his supposed education, we still surmise that he’s just using this as an excuse to creep on younger students. Nonetheless, we think anyone can beat Jonny in court, so far he’s like Glass Joe from Punch Out, despite his 99 losses and 1 win, he thinks he’s all that and has an actual shot.