H&M Speak Up – Not Even Nine Year Olds Are Off Limits for Yaniv

“You must remember that some things legally right are not morally right.”

Abraham Lincoln

This is the trouble with so much of what Yaniv does. Is it illegal for a 30+ year old person to talk to a 15 year old girl about tampons? No. Is it illegal for an older man to talk to a young teen about her period? No. Is it illegal to lie online? Not always. This is the world Yaniv literally prances around in. Immoral, but not always illegal. It’s hard to say how much of what Yaniv does is actually against the law, and that’s why he’s still on the street.

Two teen girls recently came forward about Yaniv. Despite the fact that Yaniv is a vindictive, hateful, lying psychopath, they bravely stood up against him.

Note: Neither girl will be named other than by using a generic initial.

H, an aspiring makeup artist who often shares her photos on social media and has no connection whatsoever to Yaniv, hasn’t been following Yaniv, doesn’t participate in the Yaniv discussions, and has never even heard of Yaniv before recently, suddenly started receiving messages from him on her posts.

Had these come from almost anyone else the would have been rather innocuous, but when when Jessica Yaniv, known child predator and alleged child assaulter, starts telling a young teen girl how pretty she looks it’s rather creepy.

Bravely, H called him out on it.

The tweet above was posted as a reply to several of Yaniv’s recent tweets before H was blocked. Welcome to the club H!

A day later, another girl spoke up. M, now in her 20’s, was in shock. She had spoken with Yaniv off and on for a lengthy time, unaware of his activities online with dozens, if not hundreds of other girls. Yaniv had preyed on her, using her interest in the band Cimorelli as a weakness. He made himself look important and powerful so she would trust him. This is textbook predatory behavior.

The conversation soon darkened, exposing Yaniv’s racism, period fetish, porn addiction, more creepy Elmo recordings, and in a new twist, at least for this writer, desire to involve a 9 year old girl to satisfy his sexual cravings.

Nine. Let that sink in before moving on to this.

The screenshots below are just a sample. There’s more to follow. Make sure you scroll through these images before proceeding.

The pictures above are just examples. M added that she wasn’t especially proud of her responses, but it was so awkward for her that she just typed something. This is understandable. When someone you look up to, perhaps even envy in some ways because of their alleged connections, starts saying things like this, it can be scary to contradict them.

How did you meet Yaniv?

I was 17 when we started talking in 2014. We matched on Omegle because of our common interest of Cimorelli. He started talking to me by telling me that he worked for them and that he was super close to them, which amazed me.

We talked on that website for awhile and then when it was time to go I think I let him find my Facebook and we started talking on messenger from there. Super silly on my part, but I was super excited to speak to him because he told me he worked for Cimorelli and was good friends with the whole family/band. He told me unknown things about them and even sent me an unreleased song, so I felt like I could trust him because he “trusted” me.

How old were you at the time?

I had just turned 17 when I met him. Which isn’t so bad considering the ages of the others he had reeled in with his lies, but still.

You sent me screenshots of your chat log with Yaniv. There’s a lot of WTF here but the first thing I want to ask is what on earth is he saying about your sister?

Okay, so, he started doing the thing where he would ask me over and over to sext with him. Talk dirty with him, or when i would say no (every time) he would sometimes ask me to pick him out a porn video for him to watch. I always said no to that too.

So, in that screenshot he is asking me to do something like that with him. I’m saying no because I was in the same room as my little sister. He knows I’m 17 at the time so little has to mean 16 years old or under. When I say that she’s 9, his response is kinda like saying, well, she’s going to learn some day. She’s going to do it some day. It’s kind of hard to make sense of his response but – as disgusting as it is for me to type out – he’s jokingly saying I’m going to “plug her hole” so she can never take a dick (a D, is what he said) Really gross stuff.

Did he often bring up your sister?

That was the only thing said about my sister that i know of. We started talking in the app kik after messenger, where more things could have been said but somehow the messages were all cleared. I only have the messages from Facebook.

lol get her into it too. 🙂 LOLZ She’s gonna learn one day lmfao lol think about that.

J. Yaniv, talking about M’s 9 year old sister.

What was Yaniv like in the beginning? When you first started talking to him?

In the beginning he did seem normal, but I was mostly reeled in from all of the Cimorelli talk. He would tell me things no one else supposedly knew, like “top secrets” about the label, and even sent me a lot of unreleased music. This hid the red flags from me for a good while, because I was so focused on how cool all of that was.

When was your first red flag?

My first red flag was the first time he told me how attractive I was, and then continued to say that he would date me. We had a conversation like that many times. He even wanted to confirm that I had just turned 17.

Most of our conversations turned inappropriate quickly, although I didn’t realize it at the time, because I thought his constant questions about pads and using women’s restrooms were genuine and a real problem for him. It didn’t cross my mind at the time that it was actually quite creepy. I felt like I was helping out a friend. What was clearly inappropriate though, was the sexual advances and constant asking of me to sext with him. Or pick out porn videos for him to watch.

We moved the chat to Facebook to be able to continue to talk about Cimorelli. Initially he didn’t say anything weird, but a few days later he made comments about going through my old pictures and how cute I was. I was 12 in these pictures and told him that they were very old and I was young, and he kept calling them cute and adorable.

He also sent me a video I had posted of me playing the guitar with my little sister when I was 13, and he kept telling me how cute that was, and then immediately after asked me if I “wanted to have some fun”.

When did he first bring up pads? What did you think?

He brought up pads the very first time by “confiding” in me about a “secret” of his, that he has a skin condition that requires him to wear pads to not get a rash. Something his doctor apparently told him to do. He acted embarrassed and many times would bring it up and ask if I was sure it wasn’t weird, and seeked my validation in that.

From then on he would ask me questions about buying pads, which kind was best, how to use them, which ones I use, etc. At the time I thought this was fairly weird, but didn’t show that to him. I was a bit naive though so also felt it was genuine on his end and that I just needed to be understanding.

And now?

Today – I think it’s crazy and I’m annoyed with my younger self that I didn’t see that. Even if he did have a medical condition that pads could help with, talking to a girl 10 years younger than you about it is inappropriate and just straight up weird.

Yaniv has had many excuses for wearing pads. He’s told others that he has a vagina and gets his period, that he urinates in them, that he sweats profusely and needs them to stay dry, and that he experiences penile discharge.

Tell me about the Elmo thing. What was that all about. Do you know he’s sent Elmo recordings to other girls?

He sent me two voice memos of him doing an Elmo impression. Very randomly. One was him singing a Cimorelli song, the other was him saying something about me liking to be tickled and having lots of boyfriends. He asked me if thought “any” girl would fall for an Elmo impression. He was sometimes very spontaneously random and weird, so I brushed it off as that. Like oh, he’s just being weird quirky Jonathan. When I found out he also sent the Elmo recordings to other girls, I was instantly freaked out. I still am just thinking about it. I’m not sure why he did that and what that did for him, but it’s creepy.

Video 1 – Singing

Video 2 – Singing

Speaking of singing, he sent you other singing videos. He’s sent those to others too, and they’re all just as cringy.

How did you first hear about his trip to Vegas? What did he tell you about the girl he took to Vegas?

He started out very early in our conversations talking about this woman that he liked. He said they were getting closer and closer, and asked me for advice on if I think she likes him, and if I think she’s trying to pass him signs based on the subtle things she was doing and posting online.

He then shifted most of our conversations about her to be about him telling her that he uses pads. He pretended to be nervous to tell her, and brought that up often. He asked me if I would type out “word for word” what he should send her about him using pads. That’s also when he said he was nervous she would find out because they are staying in a hotel room together for a few days. He asked me if she would notice if he stole some of her pads.

He told me he decided to tell her about his pads after having sex with her at the hotel. I was confused and asked how he even knew that she liked him, because sex is a big step. He said something like, “Well I know she likes me because I asked her out and she didn’t say no.” He said he had a feeling they were going to get very close in that hotel room.

When the trip came around, what happened?

He told me after the trip that he was upset because during the trip this woman manipulated him, screwed him over, and treated him like a baby. He said she sent him a nasty email afterwards, and sent me the email to read myself. He didn’t explain to me what she actually did to him specifically, but the email was very clear that he did many things wrong on that trip.

Text from the email is in the screenshots below.

So his plans didn’t exactly pan out then…

Oh absolutely not. After reading the email it was very clear to me that all of his ideas about her and her feelings towards him were absolutely a fantasy he created in his own head, which resulted in her feeling very uncomfortable and put in an awkward position with him.

At the time, it appears like Yaniv was very male, and very into male-female sex. He refers to his “hot dog” and your “taco”. Did he seem at all like he was interested in transitioning? Did he talk about it? Hint at being a lesbian?

He seemed very comfortable in his gender and sexuality. I didn’t get the sense at ALL that he was interested in transitioning or uncomfortable with his gender. The only hint I could think of would be his interest in make up, but even then, he said it was because his skin was breaking out, and make up to cover up break outs does not necessarily equal a male wanting to be female.

He was more than comfortable about his male parts. I am respectful of trans people, and respect that I don’t get to decide whether or not they are truly wanting to transition or not. With this situation, however, I feel like it’s a little different. This is a clear situation of a comfortable male doing whatever he can to get closer to females, particularly young girls, in women’s restrooms. I continue to use his name Jonathan and male pronouns because I don’t want to feed into his scam.

You mentioned he tried to get you to select porn videos for him. What was that about? Did he ever send you porn?

Yeah, I always said no to sexting, so his back up plan would be to ask me to pick out porn for him. I always declined for that too. I do have a faint memory of him maybe sending me a porn video that he was watching on the other messaging app Kik, but can’t say for sure since I don’t have the messages anymore to confirm that. I think it was just his desperate back up plan to try to get something sexual out of me.


H and M are two more examples of Yaniv’s typical targets. There’s multiple stories of Yaniv preying on girls and women from makeup groups, and posting about girls makeup. The things he said to M show Yaniv’s pattern of luring people in and making them feel special and then twisting things sexually. This is what predators do every day. I have no doubt there are dozens more girls. More M’s. More H’s. More Jess Rumpels and Louises and Mandas. For every girl that speaks up, how many are afraid to? How many girls did Yaniv intimidate into silence?

How many times as Yaniv made sexual remarks about girls as young as nine? Are there younger ones? What kind of adult says “Get her into it too, she’s gonna learn one day”, about a nine year old girl?

Fucking pedophiles. That’s what kind.

He must be stopped.