jessica yaniv simpson

Heads Up Nanaimo! The Yaniv’s Are Coming!

jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s genius of a mother Miriam Yaniv dug herself into a fun one this time folks! Sit back and enjoy the story about how Miriam set herself up to be catfished.

No, not romantically, although that would be funny as fuck. Instead, a friend of MeowMix who has access to Miriam’s number called her up one day to see if her number had changed. She answered, and randomly asked if the person was calling from Nanaimo. Our friend seized the opportunity and ran with it.

The first half of that clip is the original call. You can hear a faint beep, and that’s when Miriam phoned our friend back and left a voicemail. When you’re given an opportunity like this you need to take advantage of it. Is it still catfishing if they throw themselves at you this way?

Jon calls himself a water baby all the time. Is that even a thing? Can we throw him in an ocean?

She seemed to drop him for a couple days and then she phoned and left the aforementioned voicemail here.

See how she says she lost her hearing right there in the police assault. I thought it was a genetic issue. Which is it?

Anyone know if Gafka is suspended and facing any charges? I don’t notice any new private prosecutions. Could be an investigation ongoing.

Oh, now it’s a hereditary hearing loss. I can see where her idiot son gets his brains – his idiot mother. Also interesting to note her say that there is a court order saying the police can’t touch Jon. Very interesting. I’m skeptical such an order exists.

Ah yes, there’s the racism we’ve come to know and expect from these clowns.


Does Miriam actually believe her son, the most hated person in all of Canada, is a social justice activist?

Imagine the fun! Miriam, Ilana, and Jon living in one place. Get your popcorn ready!

Way to take advantage of people Miriam! Victims of the BC forest fires (which have devastated BC this year) were staying at a nearby hotel and she’s over there trying to take advantage of their situation and government supports. That’s the Yaniv spirit! Also looks like she’s trying to con her way out of pitching in for building upgrades. It would be a shame if anyone told her Strata council that. Message me if you want the building managers email. I’ll happily provide it!

That voicemail says 24 seconds but it’s a weird app glitch. I’ve heard the clip. It’s 2 seconds of silence. It must have been around this time when Jon showed up.

Straight to Calgary, indicating she thinks it’s Donald.

“I don’t remember due to all my injuries”. How many times did Jon say the same things to Arianna?

And it abruptly ended there, but what a great chat. I wish the person could have got some more details, but we can gather that Miriam, Jon, and Ilana plan to move to Nanaimo.

We’ve also heard rumours from contacts that Jon and Miriam have been traveling to Nanaimo every few weeks to visit the hospital. His car is left unattended at Horseshoe Bay and they go on foot, which is must cheaper than ferrying his car. If memory serves, that’s a huge parking lot though, so if you were trying to find his car it could be tricky. I’m not saying you should go hunt for a late model dark gray Nissan Kicks, but….

This aligns with what Miriam says above about the Nanaimo hospital providing her preferred care, but I’m curious why they chose that hospital. It must mean the local hospitals, of which there are many, are wising up to their antics and she’s branching further out. Doctor shopping? Building a case? Let’s see where this takes us!

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