Funny Pages!

Because if you can’t point and laugh at Yaniv, what else is there?

In all seriousness, JY is a joke. Nobody takes them seriously except people that are legally required to (I’m looking at you, court clerks!). You just know the police are using JY calls to haze rookies, and 911 operators are playing Yanny-bingo every week with Yaniv’s insane complaints about his own shadow.

It’s Friday the 13th and the world needs a laugh and perhaps the only thing JY is good for is giving us a good chuckle. For a moment, forget that this guy is a pervert, a liar, a bully, a womanhater, a vexatious litigant, an alleged pedophile, child groomer, animal killer, suicide-faker, emergency-services abuser, scammer, thief, and crook, and let’s remember that JY is a walking, talking meme.

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