jessica yaniv simpson

Funk/Cailis Drama: Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Wheelchair Show

Jessica Yaniv Simpson had a morning hearing today, March 17, 2023, for a settlement conference with Ted Cailis, and an afternoon hearing related to JY’s lawsuit against Gerald Funk. Neither of them went well for JY.

First, Ted Cailis’ settlement conference was halted. Cailis was applying to have the entire thing tossed, but the Judge had different – and better – plans. Instead of tossing the case entirely on it’s merit (which doesn’t exist), he’s waiting to see the results of JY’s criminal trial first, partly due to the no contact order between Jon and Ted.

But wait! There’s more!

JY appeared in court later the same day with applications to have Gina banned from Funk’s hearing and dismiss Funk’s counterclaim. He arrived at the courtroom IN A WHEELCHAIR, with fake service dog Rexy in tow. As Jon wheeled into the courtroom, the expertly trained and competent service dog was TRYING TO DRAG HIM OUT BY HIS SWEATER HOOD. Yes, he wore a hoodie to court.

Ted, Gerry, and Gina were present. Jon complained they shouldn’t be there because he’s not supposed to be near them, and the Judge agreed. The three left the courtroom – but only so Jon could be told that his case was being temporarily stayed pending his criminal trial.


The Judge has ORDERED that Funk and Cailis’ files be heard at the same time, by one Judge, after the trial happens. One judge, merged cases, post-criminal trial. This is very bad news for Jon the Con.

To sum up, the settlement conference between Cailis and Yaniv didn’t proceed. Yaniv’s applications against Funk were not heard. Gina is not barred. And Yaniv at one point STOOD UP FROM HIS WHEELCHAIR IN THE COURTROOM and exposed almost a foot of his ass crack to the entire courtroom.

Stay classy, Pedo Jon.