Free Speech and Victims Rights Trump JY

Since Meow Mix started, JY has been coming for us. We learned fast that JY is a liar that will say whatever they must to get content taken down, even if it’s completely invented. Yaniv called the pictures and chat logs on the first Meow Mix iteration “intimate content”. Flickr obliged and deleted our album.

We came back, and we’re still here.

I won’t go into depth on the security measures we take to protect the site, short of saying everything is backed up by multiple people on both cloud sites and local devices, and that Meow Mix as a whole is continuously backed up and mirrored on another site in near real time. Should WordPress ever punt us from their system, we’d be up and running again with all of our historical content in a few hours, not days.

The fact of the matter is this – we won’t be silenced. The site is run by several people jointly in at least 4 different countries. The mirrors are hosted outside North America.

JY has taken many swings at us, including sending fake legal letters with stock photos and made up lawyer names. It’s been laughable, and easily managed.

True to form, Yaniv tries to rely on silencing us instead of changing their behaviour. Why stop being a predator when you can just stop people from saying you’re a predator, right?


We’ve been in contact several times with WordPress. Our site has been reviewed in full and we’re within their TOS, and the pictures we use have been allowed under fair use portions of copyright laws. Yaniv has filed numerous DMCA complaints against us. Short of one, where we accidentally forgot to crop out JY’s phone number, all DMCA complaints have been rejected by WordPress and JY has been told to take a hike. WordPress Support has clearly said they support our rights to free speech.

We raise funds to keep the site going via Fundrazr and Yaniv has gone after that, too. They responded by doing the most responsible thing I’ve seen any platform due in response to JY’s claim – they researched the topic and made an independent decision to reject JY’s claim. Our content is not hate content and is within the TOS of Funrazr.

Show JY how futile their attempt to shut down our Fundrazr was by making a small donation to keep us going! Click here to donate. This is especially important because our content prevents us from participating in traditional site monetization strategies like advertising, so we need your support!

Those are just two of the many emails we’ve received from our various hosting platforms showing their support for freedom of speech and protecting victims from predators.

We’re not invincible. We may get canned one day. We’re prepared for it, and it won’t have any lasting negative effect on us. We’ll pop up another iteration of the site. And another. And another. The funny part? JY, if you get Meow Mix taken off WordPress and we go live on our own server – the offshore server where MeowTube is hosted – we don’t need to play nice anymore. Remember that.

JY – you can’t silence the truth. You’re a child-grooming predator, con artist, manipulator, racist, animal abuser, and a pervert. You will be exposed until you stop doing these things and make things right.

A note to our supporters – please do not leave hateful or transphobic comments on Meow Mix or our Fundrazor campaign. We are not here to attack JY – we’re here to attack JY’s behaviour.