Is JY Encouraging You To File False Reports?

For months, JY has been stalking Donald Smith. Just recently, Yaniv posted on social media that Donald is breaching his release conditions. Again. Yaniv claims Donald is not to be on social media at all, nor have any content about JY. Yaniv then posts a screenshot of the release conditions, shown below. Be sure to read the screenshots at the end to see how Yaniv is trying to weaponize the public!

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It’s hard to read, but it says Donald is restricted from most online activity, but then it explicitly ALLOWS (condition 9) Donald to use Facebook or other online resources for communicating with his lawyer, the government, or family members. In modern courts, family doesn’t strictly mean blood relatives or close family members. It can even be people Donald views as family. This is really easy to be interpreted in Donalds favour, as long as Donald doesn’t contact Yaniv.

As far as I can tell, Donald Smith has followed these rules, yet here we are. Why? Because Yaniv is a paranoid piece of work that believes every single troll online is Donald. When Yaniv’s number was leaked, he accused everyone of being Donald. When someone contacts his friends on social media, he says it’s Donald. When someone Tweets, he says it’s Donald.

Yaniv has made countless dozens, perhaps hundreds, of calls to local police complaining about this and it seems they’re finally fed up.

Yaniv sent this video out to all his friends on Snapchat, telling everyone he had replaced the police with personal bodyguards. I seem to recall him saying the same things months ago in the Mandaleaks, claiming a security company quit because they were so afraid of Donald.

Then, Yaniv sent this picture out via Snapchat and text, and who knows where else. It looks to us like Yaniv is complaining that the police are ignoring them, as well as RCMP Victim Services and other advocacy groups.

It appears to be Yaniv complaining, pathetically, and lying through his teeth. In this message, which was sent out en masse, Yaniv is calling people to his aid, asking them to call the Langley RCMP and file a false police report saying Donald breached his release conditions, despite a complete lack of evidence to back this up.

What do you make of this? Is JY encouraging everyone to file false reports? Is Yaniv themselves actually lying to police?

Yes, yes, and yes.