Emily Speaks Up!

Another LGBT Community Rejection of JY.

@Emily_Tressa is a beautiful transgender 18 year old high school senior with a large following on Twitter. In other words, she’s everything JY wants to be and wants to be with.

Since mid-2019, JY has made numerous attempts to contact her on social media platforms including Twitter and Snapchat. JY often likes her photos and adds creepy comments. Emily has ignored JY entirely, yet JY still makes claims that they “talk to Emily all the time”.

At the start of 2020, we politely approached Emily, asking how she knew JY. She adamantly denied any friendship with him, even going as far as to question which pronouns to use for JY. She knows JY is a fraud.

We asked Emily for her opinion on JY and she didn’t mince words.

Eventually, Emily blocked JY. Clearly not taking the hint, Yaniv noticed this and reached out to her on Snapchat.

Despite Yaniv claiming he never uses Snapchat, that’s how he reached out to Emily, as well as many other girls, as we’ve learned.

In case you’re wondering, @trustednerd is the best way to reach JY on Snapchat! What would be even better to find out is what name Yaniv uses on Tinder. When Emily complained to her friends (note: this isn’t you, JY) about her experience on Twitter, Yaniv piped up. When will this mid-30s creep stop creeping on young girls?

What Yaniv isn’t picking up on is that every community has rejected them. The LGBT community. The Jewish community. The local Langley/Surrey community. Local governments. The legal and BCHRT. Nobody wants to be associated with JY, a documented racist and convicted criminal, alleged pedophile, violent predator, and con artist. Emily isn’t the first trans woman to speak up on Meow Mix against JY. Many members of the LGBT community have spoken up against JY, and we hope more do.

To further drive home just how creepy Yaniv is, while he isn’t eyeballing young Emily, he’s gloating on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat that he now has a 22 year old girlfriend. We’re investigating and will keep you posted if we learn anything else. My theory: she’s entirely made up, or a sock.

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