Elmo Day!

So amidst all the something hilarious hijinks of ole tampon Jon and equally insane enabler mother Miriam there is actually some seriously disturbing things at heart, and we celebrate (what’s the opposite of celebrate?) Elmo Day today with this!

Six years ago today, Yaniv (then living as Jonathan) sent Jess Rumpel, who was 14 at the time, the infamous Elmo clips, where Elmo was saying he loves the dicky and loves the pussy.

He then went on to say how Jess Rumpel’s “boobies” go up and down, up and down. She was A CHILD!

The Elmo Clip

This was at the same time as the sick comments asking her about periods and tampons. Yaniv claimed he didn’t send them cough*bullshit*cough

elmo day, jess rumpel

Miriam has heard the clips, she’s has seen the screenshots, but still wants her predator son near a 2-year-old girl. Good one, but then again Miriam lives by the motto, “incest: the game for all the family”.

Ole Jonboy “apologized” for what he had done and basically said he only did it because his dad died and was in a bad place. This apology was usual self centered crap filled with Jonboy’s usual narcissism and fake victim mentality. Sorry daddy dying doesn’t let you off for grooming children.

I lost my dad. I didn’t become a pedo. Clearly your derangement includes weaponizing the grief of Jack dying. You use that as an excuse to be a pedo when you were actually a pedo long before that. It isn’t Jack’s fault you’re the way you are. It’s yours.

Jonny, you still creep around young girls. You send child porn to minors. You bully and harass girls, and you still talk about periods as a way of grooming. Like seriously, what more do you need to know? Other than you’ll never get one except for the cramps from your IBS that you bring on yourself because you eat crap. Oh no, wait, you ram tampons up your ass like your toys. Question…does your equally screwed up enabler mummy help or did she just teach you a few things?

As soon as Sara finds out the truth about you she will be heading for the hills protecting Emily from being anywhere near you, just like the rest of your family hid from you after Jack passed.

Happy Elmo Day, Jonathan Yaniv. You and your mom are pedophiles.

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