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Drama at Miriam Yaniv’s Strata: A Vote Will Be Held!

On February 28, 2022, a town hall-style meeting was held at Miriam Yaniv’s strata to announce a proposed strata bylaw that would allow the strata council to ban a visitor from the property. This didn’t sit so well with the Langley Lump Jessica Yaniv Simpson or Miriam Yaniv, especially since the obvious target is her son.

MeowMix has been following the building drama closely for several weeks now. We know from multiple reliable sources that the RCMP have attended Miriam’s building, Jon’s building, or both, every single day for the past several weeks.

Miriam and Jon have been threatening various forms of legal action against strata council members and residents. They’ve filed a CRT case about Yaniv’s service dog, which has been quashed, on top of numerous lawsuits against both strata’s in the past. The latest scam is to call both Walnut and Rexy service animals and claim they can go wherever they want.

Not sure who Miriam is? Check out her gallery on, and her backstory at these links:

After last week’s drama, which resulted in pending charges against JY and a ban from the building, a bylaw was proposed that would ban nuisances from the building. It was introduced at a town hall meeting this week and will be voted on Mar 16, 2022. It will easily pass.

Miriam Yaniv

Since that day, Jon has stayed out of the building, but that didn’t stop him from being a pain in their ass.

Miriam arrived at the Monday night Town Hall meeting, stayed for about 10 minutes, and went back to her unit. However, keen eyed observers noted that her phone was dialed to JY’s number and muted, meaning JY was listening in to the entire meeting.

Right as the meeting was wrapping up, Miriam arrived back downstairs, freshly showered and changed and ready to give a statement. She was told that the meeting was only about the bylaw, but she insisted that she talk about other problems, like the fake service dogs and fire alarm (which is currently before the HRT, since it was shot down in provincial court last year). She was politely told that this wasn’t the right venue for those concerns – today was only about the bylaw.

Miriam didn’t like this, of course, and she started spouting off to anyone that would – or wouldn’t – listen. People were advised not to engage and several simply went back to their units. This made her more angry.

Eventually Miriam started going to into (fake) hysterics and demanded an ambulance. Emergency services responded, but she went back up to her strata. What a waste of resources!

Interestingly, JY knew that an ambulance had been called because when it was, he was standing outside in the rain, across from the entrance.

To express her displeasure, Miriam decided to spend her days being a pest – in case you’re wondering where JY got it. She started roaming the building, leaving notes on doors,

Four interesting things about this note. First, the handwriting has been confirmed to be Miriam’s. It’s not JY. Second, she has said the phrase “the jail cell is not big enough” (or very similar) before. I’ll be honest and admit this is just from my memory, but it jumped out at me. Third, the plumber being referred to is someone that Miriam alleges assaulted JY and she wanted charged. Police declined. Lastly, the screenshot below is from a lawsuit filed by Ilana Altman, in which she alleges that the Township of Langley was endangering her life. Notice the handwriting similarities? I wonder if Ilana even knows she filed this.

The entire note reminds me of Miriam’s campaign to defame RCMP Cst Gafka after she was arrested.

On the topic of Miriam being a pest, we’ve heard from multiple sources now that she’s been roaming the common areas of the building rearranging little things like plants or furniture, proudly telling onlookers that she’s an owner and can do what she likes. She’s been cleaning random spots, moving little things, and leaving things lying around, like hand cream, chocolate bars, and open bottles of vodka. Strangely, she’s been muttering that Jessica “has given her the day off”, and has told multiple people that she just had to spent several thousand dollars for JY’s legal bills because JY can’t pay anything themselves.

Most disturbingly, two independent sources told MeowMix that feces was being spread on a door in the building. Building staff were left to clean it up.

There are more notes, and more information, but we’ve been asked note to post more details. The RCMP have been given everything and an investigation is ongoing. The truth is that Miriam and Jon are both violent, unstable people with very low IQ’s. They’re prone to angry outbursts and residents are concerned. The Yaniv’s want people to believe they’re sweet and compassionate people. The reality that everyone who meets them comes to learn is that they are truly monsters.