Double Header: Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Miriam Yaniv Court Update

Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Miriam Yaniv both had court hearings scheduled for today, Mar 4, 2022. JY’s in relation to his alleged assault on Keean Bexte, and Miriam was scheduled for a final hearing in relation to her charge of uttering threats.

jessica yaniv simpson

JY was up first and, lucky for us and not for him, the Judge and Crown are on to his games. Patrick Johnston (name confirmed) did appear today with Yaniv, both by video. Yaniv still hasn’t washed his hair, as it appears to be greased down to his scalp. Apparently he confused “wet look” with “well oiled”.

The Judge started the hearing by confirming Johnston was not available for the Mar 18 trial date as scheduled. Crown was clearly concerned about JY’s history of firing counsel right before trial and then asking for a delay and made sure to say as much. The Judge announced that he was seizing himself to this case, meaning he would hear all related matters from now on. The Judge added that he has become very familiar with the case now.

Crown and the Judge seemed to agree that JY’s past adjournments were a problem and a future risk and agreed that they needed to manage the case better. This means approving Crown’s application for a lawyer to be on hand to cross examine Keean Bexte at trial, should JY go as far as to fire Johnston, and granting a short adjournment so Johnston can bring himself up to speed. The Judge emphasized that the next trial date WILL go ahead as scheduled, even if JY shows up without counsel.

Crown also took a moment to add a comment about JY’s statements earlier this week where he slandered past lawyers and the court, accusing them of intentionally mismanaging his case, and not understanding the “complexities” of his adjournments. It seems Crown took that personally.

Crown asked the Judge to not place any weight on JY’s assertions about the nature of prior without notice to Crown and opportunity for everyone else to weigh in on the matter. The Judge was quick to say that he had not. He stated twice that he placed no weight on JY’s claims and he wasn’t even looking for it. He said it just “came out”, implying that JY was blabbering in Court for no reason. JY was visibly twitching on video and kept trying to interrupt Crown and the Judge to speak.

Quick note…he kept grabbing his throat when he tried to speak. Trying to sound feminine? Failing.

Nobody let JY interrupt them so he shut up.

Crown, again without prompting, also expressed that they were concerned that JY may file an application to have his fake service dog Rexy in the courtroom and that they would need to set aside time to hear that application if he did.

The Judge responded quickly and said, “That application would come before me. Not anybody else. We will deal with it in that way.”

Yaniv was then given the chance to speak, which he of course took, and then he mumbled on, barely getting words out. He said he believes he understood the reasons why past lawyers were dismissive (his word…), then said he picked up Crowns application but not disclosure, and that Crown stated that this case would attract significant media attention and JY agrees with that. He said this is why counsel cut ties with him. He then said he was thrown around like a hockey puck from counsel to counsel without any say whatsoever.

Note…he used this expression “thrown around like a hockey puck” in the earlier hearing this week. Please, fellow Canadian’s, tell JY what you think of his sports references in the comments below.

He adds that Andrew Coulthard was ok with the media attention but JY says he wasn’t okay with Coulthard’s delays. Sure JY, sure.

JY goes on to say that lawyers and officers of the court are supposed to be ready and prepared to deal with any type of matter, regardless of attention that may come. The Judge didn’t give a shit, telling JY that his decisions today were based on other factors and not his difficulties with previous counsel.

JY now has to go to the JCM list to have a trial date set. This date will happen Monday, March 7, at 1:30 pm. We will update the trial date after that.

Crown estimated that the trial would take one day, but the Judge encouraged him to book two. Crown said they would interview two police officers and that there was four minutes of CCTV footage (thank God!) being shown as evidence. When Crown said they had CCTV video, JY waved a hand in the air, seeming concerned.

Overall, the Judge seemed unimpressed with JY’s games and ready to take the case to trial as soon as possible. Should JY attempt any more scams to delay the court, the Judge is ready. JY was visibly uncomfortable. I think he knows he’s fucked.

On to Miriam’s case…

This was a circus! JY and Miriam appeared in person and they were pathetically, well, pathetic. Crown started by saying that having the public observe the case had caused Miriam to want to shut down in the past. Multiple members of the public objected today and the Judge – and Crown – went to bat for them, saying that Miriam’s lawyer needed a good reason to exclude the public from a public courtroom. At one point Miriam and JY were complaining that the court results were being posted to social media and she wanted them to be private.

Miriam was shouting at the Judge – as was JY – from the gallery and they were scolded by the Judge for doing so. The Judge said the defense lawyer was to speak for Miriam and that was that. Defense argued that Miriam has anxiety, which the Judge said everyone in court has. Defense argued Miriam has mental health concerns, which the Judge said did not overrule the publics right to participate. However…that soon changed.

After a brief recess, defense counsel Sarah Grewal came back and asked the court for a public exclusion under section 486 of the Canada Criminal Code. Unfortunately, before she could be specific about her basis, the Judge cut her off.

Turns out that a previous Judge in Miriam’s case, Judge Hamilton, had stated that Miriam’s future hearings should be held in a room not equipped with MS Teams. With that order, the hearing was closed to the public.

Regardless, any order or sentence that comes from this hearing, which is being moved to another room or date (TBD), will be available to the public.

My personal opinion is that this was a pathetic display of weakness and cowardice by the Yaniv’s. They think they’ve won something here but the reality is they’ve only further aggravated the court and their neighbours. The reality is that the court order would have been finalized and it would all be over now if she had just accepted it. Now she has to say stressed longer, and the order will still be public. Any sentence Miriam receives starts at the sentencing date. That could have been last week. Or the week before. Or today.