Predator – Jessica Yaniv Exploits the Law to Hide Evidence

By MeowMix Guest Author Mags from Drama and Opinions on YouTube. Hit her up and subscribe to her channel!

Jessica Yaniv has been involved in a number of inappropriate sexual conversations online with young girls between the ages of 10 and 17 over the years. Jessica also has a period/pad/tampon fetish and likes to talk about this with her victims a number of which have spoken up to share their uncomfortable experiences with Jessica. These victims provided proof of their interactions with Jessica in the form of screenshots (of texts and images exchanged), voice notes (containing explicit sexual advances from Jessica) and video recordings.

So, a lot of evidence has been accumulated over the years, proving that Jessica is a predator but Jessica doesn’t want their potential victims or the authorities to find this evidence so Jessica exploits the law in every way they can to make sure the evidence disappears. Jessica achieves this through unjust takedowns including false copyright strikes on videos and complaints about websites.

I made a series of five videos exposing Jessica Yaniv’s predatory behaviour on my YouTube channel and used material from the public domain such as news articles published online, public tweets and livestreams published by third parties to show Jessica’s exploitative pattern of predation towards young girls. Jessica did not own the copyright to any material used in any of my videos. A potential victim (who Jessica called their best friend at the time) saw one of my videos. They were shocked at the proof presented and told Jessica about it before cutting ties with Jessica.

Regardless of the fact that Jessica did not own the copyright to any material used in my videos, Jessica exploited YouTube’s copyright process and issued a false copyright strike on two of my videos in what is known as a false DMCA takedown.

Thankfully, YouTube has a process to dispute false copyright claims and based on that, I issued Jessica a counter notification, stating that I didn’t use any material Jessica has the copyright to. The downside of this process is that I had to provide personal information (including full name, address and phone number) which YouTube forwarded to Jessica in case they wanted to take legal action to prevent the videos from being reinstated. The process gives the copyright claimant (Jessica) 10 – 14 business days to respond with proof of court action against the person who used the copyrighted material (me) and if they can’t provide that evidence, YouTube reinstates the video.

 Of course, Jessica couldn’t go to court against me because filing a false DCMA takedown makes the claimant (Jessica) guilty of Perjury and they are liable to the same punishment and anyone who lies in court. After 14 business days, my videos were reinstated to YouTube.

 I was contacted by another content creator on YouTube, telling me Jessica did the same thing to them but just like in my case, their video was reinstated at the end of the copyright process.

Jessica has no intentions of stopping her disgusting behaviour towards children and teenagers and instead chooses to exploit the law in every way possible to get rid of evidence.

Jessica has also tried to take the meow mix down because they were on Twitter trying to promote another pool party for youth (ages 13 – 18) and a concerned citizen reported Jessica to the organizers of the event explaining why Jessica should not be allowed to attend the event. They attached a link to the meow mix so the organizers could see proof of Jessica’s behavior. This person then left a comment under Jessica’s tweet saying they had reported Jessica and encouraging others to do the same.

Jessica went to the site hosting the meow mix and read their terms and conditions or guidelines of things people could or could not post and one of the guidelines said not to post intimate photos. Jessica told the site that pictures of their pads which the meow mix had put up as evidence were intimate photos of theirs and based on this, the site took the meow mix down. That was a clear exploitation of the guidelines to get rid of evidence.


JJ Yaniv, predator and liar, has a history of trying to hide content. Fortunately for us, but not for him, the Streisand Effect is ever present. The more he tries to hide his past and present behavior, the more it will be seen. Yaniv thinks he’s some sort of tech guru, but he’s not. He’s simply an exploiter and abuser. Frankly, he’s a liar too. He reports thinks dishonestly on a daily basis. He’s over sensitive, immature, and pathetic.

Yaniv – the BCHRT can’t rule in your favor about getting your balls waxed because you simply don’t have any balls.