Dear Jessica, Sincerely, Jenna.

We were recently asked if we would publish this letter from Jenna, a girl that Yaniv relentlessly taunted and bullied. Once Yaniv found her emotional soft spots he targeted them, often making fun of her appearance, weight, and even encouraging her to kill herself. The letter below is published unedited.

Dear Jessica,

As you know, I am one of your victims, or as you like to put it, “abusers”. I think it is so beyond absurd that you honestly think that I, a tiny 18-year-old girl from a small town in the USA who has severely struggled with often times debilitating mental health issues could “bully” or “abuse” a 32-year-old severely sociopathic MAN like yourself.

As you must know by now I’ve read your interview with meow mix and I truly was not impressed. You not only threatened to sue me for the millionth time but you also claimed that I deserve to be bullied, harassed, and even told to kill myself. Have you forgotten that its illegal to encourage a person to kill themselves? Have you forgotten that a woman by the name of Michelle Carter is currently in prison for encouraging her boyfriend to end his life or are you just truly that stupid?

You also completely failed to comprehend the concept that you are not the only person on this planet who has feelings. You can’t understand that pain is relative and that what hurts me doesn’t hurt you and vice versa. Me calling you a pedo and a terf and all the other things I’ve called you doesn’t hurt me in any way (it honestly brings me joy) but it may hurt you, and you calling me fat and telling me to kill myself genuinely hurts. The things you say are very hurtful. Whether you choose to believe it or not those are the FACTS.  YOU JONATHAN YANIV HURT ME! And that’s something you can’t deny,  no matter how hard that tiny brain of yours tries.     

You have this god complex. You think you’re this incredible and amazing person who can do no wrong but you have wronged me. I know you don’t care but you made me feel so small and weak. As if I had no right to speak up about the injustices you’ve done to me. As if I were a bad person for speaking up about how you made me feel. I remember a time right before you told me to kill myself where I was sitting at my vanity crying my eyes out and shaking like a leaf. I had the blade from a pencil sharpener in my hand and I was using it to rip tiny shallow cuts into my already scarred leg. This is something I had done countless times before but this time was different. Instead of crying over the mean girls at school who bullied me relentlessly, I was crying over a legitimately dangerous and evil man who is fourteen years my senior, and instead of only cutting five or six times I had dug that blade into my leg over twenty-five times. I sat there bleeding and crying because you Yaniv pushed me to that point with your relentless bullying and tormenting and sadly that wasn’t the end.

Moments later after realizing that the cutting wasn’t helping me in any way to calm down I decided that I couldn’t handle it anymore and that I’d rather die than continue living a life where you are involved. I went to the sock drawer where I had hidden an old bottle of my old medication and grabbed it. I went to my bed, opened the bottle and poured out all seventy-nine of the three hundred milligram pills. I was never planning on taking all seventy-nine pills but I was planning on taking twenty of them.

I had put three in my mouth but just as I was about to take them I got a call from one of my best friends. This call ended up not only saving my life but also yours because if I had taken these pills and killed myself as I wanted, you would have been arrested and put in jail.

About ten minutes after this you went on to tell me to kill myself knowing what I had just attempted. You claim that you were worried about my mental health when you basically told me to kill myself, and if that’s so then why did you feel the need to delete the tweets five minutes after they were posted. Surely if they were said in good faith then you’d have no reason to take them down. Is it because when I said “did you just tell me to kill myself” you sent “=)” because honestly if that’s what you meant then why reply to my question with a smiley face, it screams suspicious. Not to mention right after claiming to be worried about my mental health you made a tweet saying “hey Jenna you disgusting mutt” directed at me. Tell me Yaniv, how in the hell can you go from being worried about my mental health to full-on insulting my looks in a matter of three minutes?

You claim that I’m the one who’s wronged you and that I deserve these things you’ve done to me. I’ve done absolutely nothing but defend and protect myself against you. You claim that you’ve done nothing to me, but if that’s so then why did I nearly overdose on six thousand milligrams of an extremely strong mood stabilizer because of the things you said to me and because of the way you made me feel and more importantly why the hell did I do it TWICE? If you truly did nothing to me then seriously why did I nearly take my god damn life twice? Please explain that to me. Because before I met you my mental health was getting significantly better day by day. My family and my doctors were amazed at the progress I was making because honestly, it was extremely impressive, but then you, an evil monster in women’s clothing came into my life and all the progress I had made went straight out the window causing me to be forced to go straight back to the start again.

You have no idea how devastating that was for me, to get so far in my recovery only for human scum like you to ruin all my hard work. The fact that you claim to be this great, amazing, and loving person absolutely enrages me because you are none of those things. You’re a disgusting, vile, evil, pedophilic and predatory person who sees a vulnerable person and goes right after them because you get off on harming innocent people. You don’t deserve to live in that luxury condo you live in. you deserve to live in a teeny tiny prison cell. You can keep coming after me, you can keep calling me names, threatening me, harassing me and bullying me all you want, but understand this Jonathan. YOU. WILL. LOSE.  Unlike you I have people backing me up, I have people who are willing to defend me with evidence to back up our claims and I also don’t have a 100% losing streak when it comes to lawsuits, unlike yourself.

You get off on going after vulnerable people, especially autistic people and the more you do this the more you ruin any credibility you think you have. Understand that unlike you I have no criminal record and that when you google my name nothing comes up, whereas when people google your name pages upon pages of articles with the words “criminal” “pedophile” and “predator” come up attached to your name. So go ahead and sue me, go ahead and bully me, go ahead and threaten my life and please continue to tell me to kill myself because you sir not only do not scare me but you also will not win this war against me like you think you will.


That lying whore Jenna

Jenna isn’t the first one that Yaniv has encouraged to kill herself. We already know that Yaniv targeted Louise, and there are surely countless others.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, talk to someone. A family member, friend, teacher, counselor, first responder, or a pastor. I’ve experienced suicidal thoughts myself and struggled with depression for decades. People like Yaniv target people like Jenna, Louise, and myself. There is help out there though. Go online. Look at sites like the Center for Suicide Prevention. If you need help finding local resources to support you, email [email protected] and let us help you research some local support options. We’re not professionals, but we can help you find someone.

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