DJ Pervert Livestream

In case you missed it, JY went live last night, telling the world how they used to be a DJ. Yes…a DJ.

Of course, you only need to watch the first five minutes to see what their definition of DJ is – running Atomix Virtual DJ with MP3 files. Admittedly, this is decent software for a beginner, but it certainly isn’t “DJing” like JY claims. Its version of mixing songs is simply dragging a slider from one side to the other and letting the software do the rest while it bops its head and sticks its tongue out.

Other highlights include wearing awful yellow gold glitter makeup. When the trolls pretend to compliment JY on the makeup job, JY laps it up like a thirsty puppy.

When asked if JY would ever get a boyfriend, JY, who we know adores the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber, said no, declaring itself to be a lesbian.

When asked to play some Nirvana (pronounced wrong, of course), this fearful sexual assault survivor mixed up some “Rape Me” by Nirvana and started bopping its head.

Hilariously, people asked JY to play some more Kurt Cobain. JY responded – immediately after “Rape Me” ended, by saying, “I don’t have any Kurt Cobain. I don’t know who that is.” OK then.

There’s a lot more there, from the awful shirt to the hard-to-watch-but-can’t-look-away dance moves. There’s even little bits of singing spread throughout, like little raindrops of cringe sprinkled on our bleeding ears every few minutes.

If you have the guts, check out the full file on and share your favourite moment in the comments below!

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