DJ Maxxipad Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Omegle, and Little Girls

This past weekend, Jessica Yaniv Simpson, pedophile and pervert, livestreamed over an hour of his DJ’ing. Thankfully, several of us were watching and we captured some good stuff – including him sharing the young girls he was watching on Omegle.

The video is an hour long, but MeowMix minions have taken the time to sort out the highlights for you. You can watch it all, or skip down and see the timestamped highlight list.

0:00: Chinzilla appears. Awful music, all the usual fake fans. Jonny actually thinks these are real fans and he isn’t being trolled. Meanwhile, in the real world, links to this livestream are spreading like wildfire across social media so everyone can get in on the lolz. Note that Yaniv is wearing a wrist brace on his right hand. Too much masturbation? Also noteworthy is that the life alert pendant has returned. And why is he wearing “that”? Does he think this is how 33-year-old women dress? And what’s with the dyed grey highlight in the front of his hair?

2:44: This is brief but it makes me cringe each time. That head tilt! Makes you want to kick his head the rest of the way over.

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3:06: THIS IS THE BIGGEST PART FOLKS. Yaniv grabs his phone from it’s bracket and turns it to show his computer monitor where you see he’s watching people on Omegle. Yaniv’s cam is shown on the bottom, and the top shows two young girls. If I had to guess, they’re between 9 and 12 years old. It’s at this time that Yaniv has his biggest smile, his face flushes, and he looks genuinely excited. This lasts a few seconds before Yaniv realizes that he’s just exposed himself as a pedo – again – and he returns the phone to it’s home.

Immediately after returning the camera back, Yaniv, still beaming a bright smile and staring intently at his monitor, starts playing “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. Was he hoping the “I’m too sexy for my shirt” line would resonate with these young girls?

Instead of showing the young girls here, which you can see in the clip, I’m showing you Yaniv’s face. I want you to see how big and bright this smile is. He’s connected with two young tweens on Omegle and he is THRILLED.

When’s the last time you saw Yaniv smile like that? His face got pretty serious, almost nervous looking, after returned the phone.

It get’s dull here for a few minutes, so take a minute to think bigger here. Yaniv is sitting here, dressed like that, because he genuinely thinks he has fans and people want to watching “DJ”. Yaniv think he’s genuinely attractive. Think about that. His moobs and his belly bounce together like they’re eating a sandwich and he thinks people are actually a fan of him.

6:50: Some weird Siri thing. Nothing great. Just awkward watching him.

8:30: Yaniv chants, “Put some clothes on, put come clothes on”. No idea who he’s talking to. Side note…It’s hilarious watching all those names join the stream and watching Yaniv. Names that I know are friends of the Mix and Yaniv is sitting there thinking he’s popular.

Random thought….what’s worse? The cheesy family quotes wall art, the white undecorated Christmas tree, or the zebra print thing in the background?

15:30: Lots of strange smiling here, and even some mumbling. No idea what he’s mumbling about. It could be singing a line or two. The dancing continues, and Yaniv repeatedly eyefucks himself looking at his own camera. AGP much?

18:00: A user named “radoov” appears and starts sending Jon hilarious messages. The typical “bobs and vagene” style compliments. Yaniv seems to take them seriously for a bit, even waving at him. This becomes even more funny at 19:30, when Yaniv appears a little flustered and breathless over it.

jessica yaniv simpson

Jonathan…you’re being trolled and you’re too stupid to know. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will ever compliment you that way for real. Think about it. Would you say it to someone like you, Jon?

23:55: Radoov is still trolling Yaniv and he notices it again. He blushes and flutters his eyelashes. Anyone still think he’s not a gay male? This happens again at 24:45. His natural reaction is to look a few times, blush, and then shyly look away.

24:15: Someone says “hi grandma!” and JY replies, “heeeyyyyyy”.

25:08: What the actual flashing fuck is this? What is that banana slug doing? Nobody wants to see that Jon! Put away the moob!

25:30: Yaniv turns the camera to show his screen again. A guy in a hoodie is messaging him on Omegle, saying, “Hi nana, weee neeeed boobs, we need nudes.” At 25:57 Yaniv replies, “You’re not getting nudes”. Jon, do you think that guy was serious? Really?

26:18: Listen closely – he has his “mixing” software set to say “Elmo” when he wants. Also interesting is how Yaniv is actually taking this seriously. He thinks this is good DJ’ing, good music, and people are interested in it. Pathetic, really.

28:15: Yaniv shouts, “I’m a girlllll“. No you’re not, dipshit. You’re an autogynephilic male. There’s nothing trans about you. He follows it up with, “Bitch I have a fucking pussy so fuck off.” I think he meant to say, “bitch I AM a fucking pussy.”

As MeowMix has stated a million times over, outside of porn, women generally don’t use the word “pussy”. This is what horny, desperate males do. Horny desperate males like Jon.

31:05: His moob/stomach Pacman moves are in full effect here. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Also, for someone in extreme pain and a person with fused hips, he sure does a lot of bobbing around – including pivoting at his hips.

32:45: Random mumbling and swearing about how he can’t find anything on his computer. For a tech expert he sure sucks at tech stuff. Every time he “DJ’s” he seems to struggle to find songs. He goes on and on about “it’s going to be so hard to mix this.” The transition he tries after this is actually really awful.

33:23: Someone says, “Have you seen my dildo?”

35:00: He starts singing Dido. It’s awful.

37:00: After rambling about how hard it is to mix something, he poorly mixes in an Eminem song. And then starts rapping it.

38:20: Someone asks if he has a certain song and he says no. I only point this out because people ask him for songs on all of his DJ streams and he never has any, but he gloated about having nearly a terabyte of music.

41:05: He tells someone they’re really hot. Not sure who, but he has the same pedo-cheery face as he did at the start of the video with the 10-year-old girls, so I would assume it’s another tween.

42:50: Yaniv shouts, “Jesus Christ I don’t want to see your dick”, with a massive smile. That’s ironic coming from someone with a long history of showing his egg dick to people.

43:10: Yaniv says he’s going to mix Alicia Keys in and complains about how hard it will be. He keeps doing this, as if he’s working a real job or taking on some actual task. He even takes a deep breath and tries to look like he’s taking on some heavy load. Dude, you’re pressing a few buttons and not even doing it well. You have all the finesse of a sack of potatoes, and the exact same shape. He then proceeds to “mix it in”. It’s ridiculously awful.

44:00: One of the users that has been trolling him throughout finally gets blocked. Yaniv does his stupid head tilt and smug look. Meanwhile, 40 more of us are still recording. Yaniv’s smile quickly fades and you can tell he’s annoyed.

45:45: We know Yaniv is using filters to smooth his face out. It normally looks like a melted candle that someone blew out and the wax hardened on one side first. If you look very carefully in the background, where his face meets the zebra pattern behind him, as he moves towards the left side of the screen you can see the filter struggling to keep up. The zebra pattern distorts and stretches.

45:45: More Elmo. Several minutes of random babbling here about how hard it is to “DJ”.

53:40: God this guy is boring to watch. It’s like watching the little trails of slime that slugs leave on sidewalks dry. It’s awful music, awful “mixing”, and that face, ugh. That fucking face. No filter in the world can make that face appealing.

The livestream ended shortly after. Nothing else interesting happened.