jessica yaniv simpson

Disability Faker Jessica Yaniv Simpson TikToks – Wrists, Hips, and Back Are Fine.

Just another case of what the fuck from Jessica Yaniv Simpson.

A few videos below…The first is a tiktok from today. I’ll just list my issues and move along…

  • The other girl in the video is 14. Jonathan, why are you dueting with a 14 year old girl? Oh right…because you’re a pedophile.
  • Those. Wrists. Aren’t. Injured. If. They. Were. You. Wouldn’t. Be. Doing. That. Disability. Faker.
  • That coat is awful. My God. You’re already round. Why do you need to exaggerate it with a puffy coat?
  • Who the fuck wears neon yellow makeup like that, with that coat, and that mask, which has never been washed, and has those shitty “filters” that the health authorities actually recommend against using it. Dude looks like Bubble Gum Bane.
  • Jon, you can’t dance. Nobody dances like that. Stop.
  • Jon, if your hips are so fucked up like you claim, you wouldn’t be dancing like that. Idiot.
  • Jonathan.
  • Yaniv.
  • Fakes.
  • Disabilities.

Moving along….

There’s this tiktok from New Years Eve….As if anyone has ever kissed this pedo on NYE or ever will.

Plus this one from a couple weeks ago. My favourite part is Jon trying to talk tough, as if he didn’t need an inhaler and a juice box after making this video. Looks like The Kool Aid Man and Babu Frik had a kid and tried to drop it off at the fire hall, only to have it returned weeks later malnourished and beaten.

There are videos coming in a day or two from DJ Pedopuff’s livestreams, including trying to lecture a troll about respecting women, rapping, and more bad dancing.