Did you receive a creepy Twitter DM from Miriam Yaniv?

February 11, 2020

On February 07, 2020, several Twitter users reported receiving Direct Messages (DM) that were purported to have been written by Miriam Yaniv (@miriam_yaniv). These messages were directed the primary critics against her offspring, Jessica Yaniv. The DMs contained was linked to another tweet articulating the possible consequences of a person committing suicide. The article starts off stating:

“Seems fitting I write this today after an agonising 10 days. 10 days ago I had the call every parent dreads, the one from the police. My beautiful daughter, a student at Leeds Uni, had been found in her flat in Leeds by her flat mates. She had taken her own life.”

Given that it’s from Miriam’s account, it wasn’t something I wouldn’t read too much into. I know that Jessica is too narcissistic to even legitimately take her own life. I mean, we all know that Jessica doesn’t regret routinely claiming an “overdose” of pain pills or Resperidone in screaming for attention to a particular audience and then calling first responders over to their suite. It begs the question whether Yaniv also needs to get another stamp on her punch card for using ambulance services in order to document themselves as a “victim of discrimination”. It has become more routine when Jessica needs to really rack up the “sympathy points” under the weight of legal pressures.

Then again, in January, Miriam has partaken in calling Fire Fighters over to Jessicas’s strata so when they arrive, they can monitor the watchers and then Twitter in order to the deduce the identity of Jessica’s neighbour, @Langleyresident, who reports first responder visits. After the obnoxiousness, it ended in an argument between her and Jessica!

So let’s first look at this. Jessica claims to have 911 on speed dial, something that public announcements condone as it can tie up the lines. Furthermore, every time Jessica calls 911 when it’s not a true emergency, they are potentially endanger someone in the community. It already happened, as Jessica was allegedly tying up first responder services the day that 14-year old Carson Crimeni died of a drug overdose a few blocks away. Can you imagine how much taxpayers are burdened with the frivolous, vexatious and ridiculousness of Jessica Yaniv? How many services are placed in jeopardy? Yet you can see, Miriam even partakes in that. So for someone as a mother to disseminate messages about the unintended consequences of criticism, she might want to look Carson Crimeni’s parents in the eye and explain why her offspring tied up scarce resources that could have possibly been more responsive in saving their child’s life.

As you can see, Miriam is no stranger to lunacy given she’s Jessica’s wingman, so to speak. When Jessica needs protection, she’s like the mother hen making a squawking. I mean, look how combative she was with each Rebel Media reporter in the public domain? Firstly, she went postal by parading around two middle fingers into the face of Jessica Swietoniowski. Next, when approached by Keean Bexte, she slapped her house keys at him before assisting Jessica, who was supposed to be confined to a walker, to block his car in and accessory to falsely making a police statement. Then, there was partaking in the infamous assault and battery of David Menzies by whacking him with her iPad. You can see that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree!

But let’s not get too far off track here. Let’s get back to this with refreshing a little history on Miriam Yaniv’s journey into just the social media side of things. Before the waxing cases, not much was known of the matriarch of the Yaniv clan. She joined Twitter in August 2019 climatic the peak of Jessica’s clickbait trolling and onslaught of criticism following the BCHRT publication ban a few weeks earlier.

After attending a LGBTQ event in Vancouver, BC on August 03, 2019 during Pride week, Jessica immediately took to Twitter to claim that they received praise from human rights crusader Jason Jones (Twitter: @jonesvtnt) applauding their alleged local activism efforts. Jones was displeased by the comments, especially pointed to Jessica’s predatory behaviour, which he immediately took to Twitter and disavowed Jessica with a statement. Shortly thereafter, this drew the ire of Miriam, who created an account to lambast him.

Jones is a known international crusader who challenged the Sexual Offences Act of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as unconstitutional in 2017. The country’s court ruled in his favour and made it legal for homosexual sexual relations.

The Jones incident is alleged to have been the catalyst for the Yaniv duo to recuse themselves to Harrison Hot Springs, where Jessica took selfie videos in the pool with children present before another photo in a bathing suit in the women’s change room that was intended to troll audiences. Jones became immediately educated and defended comments from both Miriam and Jessica in the aftermath.

Following August 2019, asides from the occasional like, Miriam was quiet on social media. In January 2020, just as Jessica appeared to have caved under the pressure of more national infamy for new waxing cases, weapons charges, allegations of a sexual assault on an unconscious epileptic girl and the assault on Rebel Media reporter, Keean Bexte, a mass-blocking campaign of hundreds of known critics to start silencing the movement against their predatory behaviour.

As the flurry of events occurred, Miriam miraculously emerged and began following users, primarily the critics blocked by Jessica. She also went ballistic at allegations and critics, but it appeared that the tweets were sporadically written by two different users. It’s pretty cut and dry that both Miriam and Jessica have been using the account, as the grammatics at times are far too sophisticated for Miriam’s comprehension of the English language. Therefore, it is impossible for the trolling to have been solely orchestrated by Miriam herself, as it is consistent with the historical Modus Operandi of Jessica themselves.

But hey, let’s get back to the self-harm and suicide? Jesica is no stranger to uttering claims of attempting suicide by overdosing on medications and calling first responders over to the Hawthorne to receive an audience from neighbours. In the past, she made comments to encourage a Cimorelli fan do this and referencing Amanda Todd. Also, more recently, with Miriam tag-teaming, encouraged a twitter user by Jenna to harm herself!

More at: Dear Jessica, Sincerely Jenna

So personally, I am unfazed receiving such a message from Miriam Yaniv- she’s the enabler of Jessica Yaniv. We wouldn’t have so many problems if she knew how to parent.