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Fact Check: JY Claims MeowMix Ruined Their Life

In conversations with several of Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s victims, or prey perhaps, we’ve been told that Yaniv refers to MeowMix as a terrorist group, and says we’ve “ruined his life”. MeowMix editors, a group of people spread across a dozen different countries on multiple continents, takes offense to this. It’s time to contrast the impact we have had on JYs life vs. the self-destruction Yaniv brought upon himself.

Note: MeowMix fully recognizes those that came before us – KiwiFarms and their thousands of pages of information, and writers like Anna Slatz. This writer personally believes that MeowMix has taken the lead on exposing Yaniv, although we don’t do it alone. Friends from media sources, KiwiFarms, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and various other social media platforms have supported us. MeowMix takes everyone’s efforts and aims it squarely at the right target.

Looking back, it’s easy to see how far Yaniv has fallen. At some point he had a semi-reputable tech website that he used to get freebies and handouts, and even a local IT business that had a few clients. He had friends, even in the real world. He had some real followers on social media that liked his posts and offered support. People would visit him occasionally. When angered, Yaniv was successful at silencing his foes. He even had a few minor HRT wins (read: settlements) before he pushed things too far.

Today? Yaniv is a well known pervert and troll. His IT business and website are virtually defunct. His only friend is the equally twisted Miriam Yaniv. His Instagram is liked by bots and nobody else. His Twitter account is full of bots and haters. His legal ventures are mostly failures. He’s alone, and lonely.

MeowMix didn’t do this to you Jon. Full stop. You did, Jon.

Jonny, I know you read this. Stop lying to yourself. Here’s a reality check…

Did MeowMix turn TrustedNerddotcom into a perverted sex toy review / awful car review / copypasta tech “news” site?

Did MeowMix send creepy messages about tampons to 13 year old girls?

Did MeowMix tell Jess Rumpel they want to see her “boobies”?

Did MeowMix ask Madison to invite her 9 year old sister to help select a porn clip and masturbate?

Did MeowMix send kiddie porn on social media?

Did MeowMix attack immigrants and use racial slurs like the n-word or “turban fucker“?

Did MeowMix attack Keean Bexte or David Menzies?

Did MeowMix catfish Rachel, Jessica, or Tianna?

Did MeowMix make false accusations against Amy Hamm and Mani Vigg?

Did MeowMix send nude photos to young girls, or expose themselves on webcam?

Did MeowMix build a giant lie around Cimorelli and exaggerate their involvement with the band simply so they could prey on their fans?

Did MeowMix engage in homophobic and even transphobic behaviour?

Did MeowMix sign up for pool parties and pageants simply to get into change rooms hoping to see “tits and pussies and tampon strings” hanging out?

Did MeowMix sign up a pair of underage girls for an escort site?

Did MeowMix invent a story about your condo being flooded?

Did MeowMix steal from Cops for Cancer or plagiarize the work of others?

Does MeowMix make videos teaching kids how to infuse gummy candies with alcohol?

Did MeowMix drug their own dog and claim someone broke in?

Did MeowMix kill animals at Greenside?

Did MeowMix show up uninvited to a pre-pageant breakfast and start taking pictures of all the young girls?

Did MeowMix stream videos from a pool, panning around to show the girls?

Did MeowMix take pictures in the women’s washroom with tween girls in the background?

Did MeowMix fly across the country for a catfish after being specifically told not to?

Did MeowMix buy a taser?

Did MeowMix invent a story about being intersex and having both sets of genitals, only to find out that was complete bullshit via the Sara logs?

Does MeowMix lurk on dating sites using fake career info, ages, and photos?

Does MeowMix make prank calls and send prank pizzas and cabs to people?

Does MeowMix try to get people fired from their jobs? Actually wait…we did this to JY.

Does MeowMix send dick pics to lesbians?

Does MeowMix constantly harass teens about their periods and pads?

Does MeowMix invent a litany of medical stories for attention?

Does MeowMix threaten to get a gun and shoot people?

Does MeowMix claim to have an army of 40 cops ready to shoot people?

Did MeowMix try to profit from COVID by making t-shirts?

Did MeowMix try to mansplain to young girls on TikTok how to use a tampon?

Did MeowMix invent stories about people being their girlfriend?

Does MeowMix talk to a woman once and then tell everyone she’s the one, then show up with flowers and scare the shit out of her?

Does MeowMix stalk the local community?

Did MeowMix fraudulently claim to be injured by breaking a physio bed?

Does MeowMix obsess about Amanda Todd and try to be seen as a victim like her?

Did MeowMix call anyone an autistic fucking retard?

Did MeowMix make an 8-page, highly plagiarized resume filled with lies?

Does MeowMix obsess about being a girl and a princess when they’re a 30+ year old person?

Did MeowMix try to shove their balls in the hands of 20 different salons to get them waxed, even though you’d never have gone through with it?

Does MeowMix walk around with a creepy bodycam and a recorder?

Did MeowMix flirt with and try to get in a relationship with 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 year old girls?

Does MeowMix abuse the legal and human rights tribunal systems?

Does MeowMix encourage young girls to kill themselves?

Did MeowMix fake a seizure video for attention?

Did MeowMix spend several minutes alone in a room with a woman while she was having a seizure?

Does MeowMix use dozens, perhaps hundreds, of fake accounts to prop themselves up? Or to attack people?

Does MeowMix make grandiose claims like “I’m close to passing the bar exam”?

Did MeowMix try to book gynecologist appointments simply to create an opportunity to sue them?

Does MeowMix file false DMCA claims?

Does MeowMix relentlessly annoy and harass their neighbours?

Did MeowMix threaten to expose a sexual assault victims address to her assaulter?

Did MeowMix steal Corey Dixon’s tweet and try to use his mental health issues for attention?

Did MeowMix sweat it’s way around the GRS Montreal clinic making three different livestreams with lies?

Did MeowMix fake a disability to abuse parking and avoid fees?

Does MeowMix keep secret Twitter Lists of young girls called “team-buttercuplets”?

Does MeowMix get drunk and go on late night social media rants attacking people?

Did MeowMix kill someone’s dog and leave it on their step?

Did MeowMix invent misogynistic stories about banging a girl named Amanda’s head off the bathroom wall and calling her a pig?

Did MeowMix create a fake contest and hand pick a winner based on looks in an attempt to take her to Vegas and get laid?

Did MeowMix message teen girls and ask them to pick porn for him to masturbate to?

Did MeowMix admit to MandaPanda on October 20, 2019 that they preferred dating underage girls?

Did MeowMix obsess over 12 year old Dani Cimorelli and call her a hormonal little slut?

Did MeowMix file 20+ “private prosecutions” in an attempt to scare people?

Does MeowMix send fake suicide messages and obsess over killing themselves?

Does MeowMix try to weaponize teens on social media to make false police reports?

Did MeowMix make fun of the murdered RCMP officer in Nova Scotia?

Did MeowMix obsess over teen trans icon Emily Tressa and suddenly attack her when they found out how Emily felt?

Did MeowMix post videos with a Livia device and moaning sounds?

Does MeowMix pack their luggage with sex toys to embarrass people?

Does MeowMix threaten businesses with false reviews to get freebies?

Does MeowMix yell at local businesses on a regular basis?

Did MeowMix message teens about a coin slot pussy?

Does MeowMix say it’s ok to sing the N-word?

Does MeowMix lie on court documents to avoid paying fees?

Did MeowMix send nude photos of Donald Smith to teens in an attempt to humiliate him?

Does MeowMix attack the police while simultaneously begging for their assistance AND suing them?

You see Jon…MeowMix didn’t do these things. We simply wrote about them. These are the things you’ve done in public or with other people. I can’t imagine the deviancy in your private life.

If you ever wonder what you’ve done wrong in your life Jon, please see above. You’ve left a path of destruction behind you and you blame MeowMix. That’s dishonest Jon. Where is your dignity? Stop blaming everyone else for your actions. You’ve destroyed your life. Not MeowMix.

If you want MeowMix to stop, quit giving us fuel for the fire.