Did JY Manufacture More Allegations Against One of Her Enemies on TikTok?

April 27, 2020


Jessica (formerly known as Jonathan) Yaniv is once again making unfounded allegations. This time Yaniv does so by taking to TikTok and allegedly doxxing a phone number read in the message seen in the video. The “her” Yaniv refers to here is Kari Simpson who Yaniv is alleging is the directing mind as the sender of the message. Yaniv goes on to infer in the tag-lines that this as hateful and then isn’t really upset for being dead-named by”her” former male name and subtly defending that “she” does not support this.

Click above to get to the Tik Tok Video. A copy will be available on MeowTube.

However, I strongly believe that Yaniv allegedly sent this to “herself” in order to provoke conflict on her enemies. Do you notice that Yaniv does not show the origin of the message to determine if there’s an an email address or phone number. It looks like it was written on a Notepad or Word Processor with a dark background, showing Yaniv’s lacklustre ability to convince audiences of a genuine article.

Thank you for signing up for BC Culture Guard newsletter and phone notifications. Executive Director Kari Simpson will appeal a BC Human Rights Tribunal decision against the City of Langley with the generous support of donors such as yourself and stand together against the Rainbow Propaganda. It’s time to take off the rainbow blinders and the political lunacy of homosexual privilege and gender-jacking extremism. For more information contact us at [number redacted]. Against, thank you Mr. Jonathan Yaniv for supporting progressive change!

– Alleged Message to Yaniv

I am pretty sure no one is going to doxx the phone nimber, as Yaniv states as, “This is so awful” and “disgusting”. But what I find “awful” and “disgusting” (which I am sure you do too) is what a pathetic performance of feigned innocence Yaniv puts on here playing the victim yet again!

Since July 2019, Yaniv continues a psychotic obsession with both Simpson and Donald Francis Smith. The resentment towards Simpson doesn’t seem founded from her Culture Guard roots contrary to Yaniv’s own alleged LGBTQ+ beliefs, but rather because she is Smith’s surety on a $10,000 bail jail in an ongoing matter between the two, as springing Smith from jail after 39 days for an alleged breach seems to have escalated this public feud with Simpson. Smith is intellectually disabled with low-to-moderate functioning autism and Yaniv has gone on public record to refer to Smith as an “autistic retard”. It’s so hypocritical as Yaniv “herself” is “special needs”, as documented from sources who attended school with “her” in the past.

I actually for one oppose Simpson’s Culture Guard agenda, as I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, but Yaniv seems to oppose her more as defending Smith than being a purported LGBTQ+ activist.

None of the ongoing allegations between Yaniv and the other parties have been proven in either criminal or civil court proceedings. Furthermore, Yaniv has absolutely no proof that either Simpson and/or Smith had any involvement in this (again, I strongly believe Yaniv manufactured this). Like you, Yaniv’s attention-seeking to “play the victim” gets tiresome, but I can assure you it is not going to win over the young woke folks on TikTok even with the frills of adding some filters in a pathetic attempt to present “herself” as “cute”.

I wonder when Yaniv will wake up to the inevitable reality is coming that “she” will be charged for a number allegations and these “cute” Tiktok filters won’t be available to “her” in prison. Even if “she” manages “her” way into a women’s prison, there will be no salvation for this child groomer and predator, I can assure you!

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