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Cashing Out: DFS Files for Costs Against Jessica Yaniv Simpson

An application has been filed by Donald Smith against Jessica Yaniv Simpson for costs after DFS was invited to do so by Judge Gaffar. DFS is seeking costs of for $35,085 as a penalty (equal to what JY sued DFS for), plus $960 in fees, $880 in travel expenses, costs to file this application, and an order vacating Kari Simpson’s prohibition against helping DFS.

DFS supports this claim by saying Yaniv filed his lawsuit in bad faith, and despite being told that his lawsuit violated the rules of small claims court, Yaniv pursued it anyways. DFS also alleges that Yaniv targeted him for being disabled and then engaged in stall tactics at the court, costing DFS more money.

Eventually, Yaniv silently withdrew his lawsuit, silently admitting that he was beaten by Donald Smith. When this happened, the Court immediately invited Smith to apply for costs. This is extremely rare.

We’ve also been informed that Regional Administrator Judge Hamilton has seized himself of this case and the Township of Langley lawsuit, meaning he has chosen to handle these files himself, a clear sign that he’s on to Yaniv’s games. The judicial case manager has been consulted and dates are scheduled for these cases to be heard only by Judge Hamilton.

In other words, the court is on to Yaniv’s shenanigans, they know he targeted DFS to bully him, they know he’s wasting the courts time with the ToL lawsuit, and they’re likely watching all other matters that come their way, just to be sure, and a supervisory judge is going to handle JY himself.

MeowMix’s legal friend has mixed opinions on the case but is confident that DFS will be awarded some costs. Realistically speaking, he is unlikely to receive everything he asked for, but there’s a very strong chance JY will be writing Donald a cheque soon. Enjoy that Jon! If you don’t post a pic of the cheque like you did for the aestheticians I’m sure DFS will!

This case will be heard June 7 at 2:00 pm.

The attached documents have been provided courtesy of Donald Smith and Kari Simpson. PDFs and JPEGs are below.

20210505 - JY vs DFS - Application for Costs Filed by DFS
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20210505 - JY vs DFS - Affidavit of Costs Filed by DFS
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