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Jessica Yaniv Simpson – December 2020 WrapUp

This year the month of December is reminiscent of the ads for the 1975 thriller JAWS. You know the line just when you thought it was safe to go into the water again – Du Du Duuuuu. We all thought December would be uneventful – just the normal Yaniv attention-seeking antics, except of a couple of court dates. It was to be a month when several staff projects could be completed and published.

jessica yaniv simpson

It was pretty quiet overall, at least until December 30, when Chris Elston announced that Yaniv was being charged with one count of uttering threats against him and two counts of public mischief. The sharks were back in the water looking for Yaniv chum. The real shitshow – an arrest and further human rights complainants – began on January 1. If you missed any of it, check out MeowMix, KiwiFarms or just search under TrustedNerd (not @trustednerd) on Twitter. But let’s just wrap up December for those who like to keep their Yaniv chronologies complete.

On December 4, a Notice of Settlement Conference for the Aestheticians civil suit was published. The conference was set for January 12, 2021 coincidentally around the same as Jonny’s rumoured bottom surgery in Montreal. The aestheticians were again represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, the same lawyers who soundly defeated Yaniv at the BCHRT in 2019. On December 30, Yaniv obviously thought better of going up against the JCCF again and be assessed further costs and withdrew the lawsuit. This is the second lawsuit he has recently withdrawn (the other being the Choos). It seems that whenever the vexatious litigant cannot intimidate people of colour into paying go away money he backs down.

jessica yaniv simpson withdraw choo lawsuit

December 5 saw Jonny try to shake down Quiznos He was very unhappy about the TWO chicken carbonara sandwiches he ordered but still somehow managed to choke down. What is interesting is about these tweets is that it is the beginning of Jonny turning off the replies not that this stopped his critics. They merely retweeted it with comments among other things about the calorie and fat content of TWO sandwiches, as well as warnings to Quiznos about his history of looking for freebies from small  businesses.

On December 9, MeowMix published a very revealing article based on material and interviews with another of Jonny’s victims, Jordan. Shortly afterward, with his adult diaper still in a knot, he started complaining about the Langley RCMP getting Christmas cookies from a little girl. The online consensus was that it wasn’t the free cookies that Jonny was jealous of but that it was a very sad attempted diversion from the very embarrassing and disgusting revelations from Jordan. There was also a strong element of jealousy that the officers could be so physically close to a little girl and he couldn’t.

Jonny was back in court on December 14 applying to have some of the conditions from his illegal weapons possession conditional discharge sentence removed. The condition to report to a PO officer was removed, as was the requirement to attend counselling, but the weapons prohibition remains. It is understood that these conditions were completed in full prior to their removal.

Yaniv, ever reluctant to stop being the center of attention in the court room, announced that he was applying for a body armour permit and that he was receiving “lots” of money from the BC government – ICBC, WCB, and the Ministry of Justice. No one reacted, but interestingly, Andrew Coulthard’s, his lawyer for the weapons charges stated he was no longer representing Yaniv in this matter.

In hindsight, this is an extremely important announcement. With his arrest on January 1, Yaniv has effectively breached his discharge conditions and remaining probation conditions BUT has no lawyer knowledgeable about the original case to represent him on this matter in court. The remaining days until Christmas saw Jonny plagiarizing at least a dozen (five from one author alone @DrRonHolt) tweets trying to look a real trans activist. He was called on all of them and the original authors notified. They were not pleased at not only having their intellectual property stolen but being associated in any way with Yaniv.

jessica yaniv simpson atls donation

Continuing his fascination with teen suicide, he tweeted a thread about a 17-year-old French trans youth who committed suicide in, you guessed, it FRENCH. He can no longer talk about Amanda Todd with impunity since MeowMix and the Amanda Todd Legacy Society had a joint fund raiser this month raising $750 – $500 for ATLS and $250 for MeowMix web hosting and server expenses.

December 2020 MeowMix Spotlight

While the rest of us were eating our way into a food coma on Christmas with friends and loved ones, Jonny spent the day alone drinking and reporting tweets to Twitter. It turned out to be a Christmas bonus for many of the Yaniv-named “meowers” despite many either getting a time out or having to delete the offending tweets, we all now know he reads our tweets.

As the year began to wind down, on December 29 MeowMix published details about Yaniv’s upcoming GRS, which were leaked to MeowMix from multiple sources. As usual, Twitter lit up with comments but what was especially revealing was Yaniv’s response to one particular person who retweeted Langley Resident’s ask for surgery horror stories in context of Yaniv’s supposed upcoming surgery.

Normally all he has been able to do the past year is fume or to threaten the tweeter with legal action, which everyone just laughs at now. Who remembers the time before MeowMix when he used to threaten to have his online subscription legal service send out cease and desist letters? He was successful a couple of times until he threatened a real lawyer whose “See you in Court” response ended that nonsense. However, this time a newbie to the Yaniv shit show retweeted Langley Resident’s tweet and Jonny was able to find a telephone number and text her to threaten her. His threatening message was promptly sent to us.

He had messaged them to delete the retweet if they didn’t want to get killed by his friends in Kitchener. Everyone had a good laugh as we all know Jonny has no friends anywhere on the planet and certainly not in Kitchener. Jonny being Jonny could not resist adding an insult to the threat, but in reality it was the biggest reveal about how Yaniv subconsciously views himself. In his biggest Freudian slip to date, he told the tweeter to “hit the gym you fat useless blob of cow shit.” Is that what you see when you look in the mirror Jonny. Mooooooooo!

“slaughter you to death”

On December 30, as Twitter lit up after Chris Elston tweeted about Yaniv’s impending arrest and carried on through New Year’s Eve. It was quite a New Year’s Eve. In fact, it was quite a year for Yaniv and MeowMix period. As an intellectual exercise, compare where he was this time last year to where he is now. Revealing isn’t it. We will keep reporting on his downward spiral. We still have quite a way to go till we hit bottom.

We wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Don’t forget to check out the always-expanding MeowTube site. In the last year it’s grown to over 4000 images and 300 videos of Yaniv and his antics. If you need a laugh, that’s the place to go.