Dear Sara, An Open Letter to Jessica Yaniv Simpsons “Fiance”

Dear Sara,

Just in case you’re real, I need to get this out there. If what Jon says is true, you’re 19 and have a two year old daughter. As a young mother in the world we currently live in, I pray that you do what is standard practice when considering bringing someone into your inner circle: Research the Hell out of the person.

But I’m terrified you haven’t. I’ve only heard bits and pieces of internet gossip and speculation about you. The rumours say you and Jon have never met. Which could mean that you’ve never seen his real face. You’re in for a shocker if that’s the case. Because in all likelihood, Jon has kept you in the dark about as much as possible or given you his version of the truth. Like how he thinks he’s a girl. Not a 33 year old woman, but a girl.

He recently changed his name. Did he tell you his name is Jessica Simpson? Well, I guess legally that’s true. But allow me to introduce you to Jonathan Yaniv.

He is a dangerous predator. He is cruel. He cares for nothing and no one but himself. He and his mother are involved in what some speculate to be a “questionable relationship”. Would you like to see the video of them in the hot-tub? No two people act and react towards each other like that unless they are in a sexual relationship. She caresses him like he is her lover. He moans and sticks out his tongue in a sexual response when she is caressing him and kisses his neck. Pay close attention to those threats. If you are real, you and your daughter are about to become prisoners. And those two people are going to be your jailers.

He threatens to murder people rather frequently. Anyone who does not indulge him in his whims and his fantasy are subject to lawsuits at best and death threats at worse. He is well known for his habit of telling people to kill themselves, while getting those same people banned from social media for “hurting his feelings”. Is this the kind of person you want to be a secondary parent figure to your daughter? Is this the kind of example you want for her to model her behaviour after? Or the standard to which she will someday judge her own future partners?

If you think that Jon is not capable of targeting an actual child, you are wrong. He has proven he has no problem being in inappropriate relationships with minors. He has sent pictures of dildos to children as young as 13. He has flashed his man boobs (I’m sorry, those are not breasts. It’s man fat.) at a 17 year old. He has sent videos of himself in the tub to minors. He flashed his chest to a live audience while pretending to be a “DJ”. An audience he knew to be filled with children. He asked a 9-year-old girl to help him select porn to masturbate to.

He is obsessed with menstruation. Has he ever questioned you about your periods or the products you use? I bet he has. He claims he menstruates. Which is impossible because he is a biological man. He has claimed he is intersex. Has he told you this? It is most likely a lie. And he got his mother to go along with it during the BCHRT cases. She testified UNDER OATH that Jon started having periods at around 13.

This family has a long history of being dishonest. They lie with ease, but, fortunately for us, not very well. Jon has claimed over and over that he is this innocent little victim and nothing bad that has been said about him is true. I need you to think about this. There are literally thousands of examples of his antics readily available on the internet. It is statistically impossible for them to all be “fake” and “untrue”.

His latest stunts in the legal arena are mind blowingly stupid. He is claiming that his neighbours carried out a “malicious act” causing his condo to sustain substantial damage. All one has to do is look at the layout of his building to know that even IF his neighbours did this on purpose, it is next to impossible for his unit to have been damaged in the ways he has claimed.

He claims that the same day the incident happened his unit was so badly damaged from the water that his airways closed for 12 minutes. We know this to be untrue because, well, science. Mold does not grow in mere hours and humans can not survive for 12 minutes without oxygen. He claims that because of this damage, he can not work and is losing $200 a day. But while all of this was supposedly going on, he filed court papers and swore an oath that he was out of work due to Covid-19. He does not keep very good track of his lies.

He will go to great lengths to avoid having an actual job. He spam tags companies on social media hoping someone will send him free things to “review”. Which he does do, but very badly. Many of his reviews read like a child wrote them. He brags about getting free money from the government. He sues people and companies hoping that they will pay him a small portion of what he’s asked for just to shut him up. It worked last week, and he was given $2500 just to go away rather than pay outrageous court costs. He is currently in lather, rinse, repeat mode as far as lawsuits go.

Speaking of lathering. His personal hygiene is, shall we say, lacking. He is more often than not, to be perfectly honest: filthy. His hair is greasy. His face is unwashed and his hands are clearly not washed like they should be. You can see how dirty he is. It is no secret that his neighbours have complained about how bad he smells. People who have been in his presence have commented on his body odor. This is not a medical condition, as he likes to blame all his shortcomings on, this is just him being a lazy pig.

He has near zero sexual impulse control. He recently sat in a massage chair, in public, and pretended to be having a sexual experience. He moaned and made what I’m sure he imagined were “sexy faces”. And he did this in full view of children. You can hear the voices of other people in the background and there are the voices of children that can be heard. Is this the type of person you want around your daughter? If you think for a moment that your daughter will be safe near him, you are wrong. No child is safe near Jonathan. Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and say “oh he wouldn’t actually molest a child!” He has proven he can not be trusted to conduct himself appropriately near children. Look at the video of him in the pool last year. He makes sure to position himself so that he can have the CHILDREN in the shot.

I understand your child was recently ill. I’m so sorry to hear of this, and I want you to know that when Jon tweeted that his stepdaughter needed brain surgery and asked for prayers, I of course, prayed to our Heavenly Father for your child’s recovery. It was the first I, and most of us, had heard of this relationship that connected him to a “stepdaughter”. I continue to pray for you both. If you are real, and your child had brain surgery, there is a chance that this will have an effect on her development.

Jon is not kind to those that are mentally disabled. If a person is even slightly challenged and he perceives them to have wronged him, Jon is seething with hatred and calls them “retards”. Going forward, know that Jon is capable of lashing out at those with disadvantages. Is this the person you want teaching your child how to move through life?

Jon is well known for his violence, but he comes by it naturally. I’m not sure if you’re aware of his mother, Miriam, or not. But let me tell you this: she is violent, she is unstable, and she is bold. She backs Jon up in all of his lies and joins in on his crusades of hatred. She can be heard here taunting who she believes to be Donald. She created the monster and continues to cultivate what she created.

Why am I so worried about some young girl that may or may not be real? Because you MIGHT be real. And if what I hear is true, you are a very young mother. If you are 19 and have a 2 year old, you were 17 when your daughter was born.

My son was born 2 weeks after I turned 17. I wish the internet had been as popular back then. I would have researched the man I brought into my inner circle. I wish I could have seen the hundreds of people willing to talk openly about what a dangerous person he was. Instead I heard a few rumours but I brushed them off as girls jealous because the super hot guy wanted me. I scoffed at the other men and boys and convinced myself that they too were just jealous of his cars and his money.

If I had been able to research with ease I wouldn’t have ended up with scars that will never go away. Even after surgery, they are still there when I look in the mirror. A scar on my right breast where he stabbed me. Another on my neck where he shot me. It’s a miracle that the bullet only grazed my neck. If I had been standing just one inch to the right, the bullet would have killed me.

One inch, Sara. One inch saved my life. This letter is me, grabbing you by your shoulders and moving you one inch to the left. Look at everything Jon has done. Look at the girls he has damaged. They will never be the same. And one of those girls is my daughter. When Jon targeted her, she was only seven years old. He knew how old she was and he didn’t care. He taunted her in front of over 130 thousand people. And when I asked him to remove what he posted he responded with one word. “Nope.”

Thankfully, that post was one of the things he deleted when he scrubbed his Twitter back in December/January. My daughter has been in therapy for the entire year because of this person that you are rumoured to be engaged to. She has nightmares about him. I hope you’re not real. I hope your daughter is not real. But my daughter is real. And Jonathan Yaniv is real. He hurt my baby. I hope you’re not real so he can’t hurt you or your baby.

Sara, if you’re real, please, run. Don’t look back. Run to me if you need to. I don’t know what your relationship is with your mother, but I can tell you this: no way does she know about Jon. Because if she did, I would not be writing this letter to you. I’ve moved you one inch to the left so you can run. We want to save you and your child. Sara, do you know the LGBT community puts pictures up warning the area about “Jessica”? This person is not the activist they claim to be. Please, I’m begging you.

Run. Sara, please. Run.

Signed with hope, Abby.