Dear JY, It’s Not Transphobia, It’s You.

Taking away JY’s trans shield.

Editors personal opinions ahead. Feel free to add your comments at the bottom! I have a lot to say about JY’s trans shield so sit down with a cup of coffee and dig in. We’re getting real.

J. Yaniv has spent the better part of their life as a professional victim and scammer, simultaneously. Every time someone denounces JY’s behaviour, one of the Yaniv’s screams oppression.

This blog and many other sites go into great detail on the scams and cons the Yaniv’s have pulled over the years and they don’t need to be reiterated. Simply scroll back a couple weeks and look at the headlines of recent Meow Mix posts to get a feel for the kind of antics JY likes.

For years JY accused people of being bullies or liars, saying everything people say about them is wrong. JY’s expertise is flipping the narrative back onto you. Why does it continue? Because it always works.

I’ll be honest…I can’t tell if there’s a high degree of mental impairment here, and JY is in serious need of mental health in a secure facility, or if JY is simply a professional con artist. I think there are elements of both.

However, what I can say decisively is that transphobia is not the problem, at least not for the vast majority of people. Are the transphobes out there that are leaping at the opportunity to cry foul? Yes, I’m sure there are, but the vast majority of JY’s “haters” aren’t transphobic. They hate JY’s behaviour, and they despise that JY is trying to use being transgender as a shield for it.

I can only speak for myself, so I’ll lay it out straight. JY is using the trans bit as a weapon to conceal their perversions. Is JY a genuine transgender person? Canadian law says yes, while the court of public opinion has weighed in with the opposite assessment. In many cases, that court was populated with members of the LGBT community that JY so desperately wants to weaponize as allies. JY’s manipulation of the trans movement to cover up their illicit activity is an insult to the activism championed by so many people in the LGBT community before JY. JY is to trans rights what the NRA is to PETA.

But yet, the trans shield works, and JY is twisted and manipulative enough to do so. JY knows what they’re doing is wrong. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t try so hard to cover it up. And now, knowing full well that being labelled as a transphobe in 2020 is like being accused of being a racist in 2008, JY throws it around every time someone speaks out against JY’s actions, hoping to discredit that person. And it worked for a long time.

I’ll say this now – to anyone attacking JY ONLY for being trans – fuck off outta here. Don’t ever come back to Meow Mix. You’re not helping the cause. Trans people are people, and that’s been decided. What you’re doing is validating JY’s accusations. Stop.

Now…for everyone else, for everyone speaking out against JY because of JY’s ACTIONS, speak louder. Speak often. Speak clearly.

JY…You have openly encouraged people to kill themselves on several occasions, then simultaneously try to garner sympathy by saying you’re suicidal. Both parts of this are wrong. You can’t tell people to kill themselves, and you shouldn’t threaten suicide to get attention. It isn’t transphobic to say that you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you have violently attacked at least two people – Bexte and Menzies of Rebel Media. You have sprayed a pepper-spray like substance in a public facility to look intimidating, you gloated and displayed an illegal taser, and you have commented to people like Katie that you want to obtain a gun. On the other hand, you want people to view you as a fragile little woman, claiming that the big bad Donald, someone who has never laid a finger on you, is a violent transphobic oppressor. You’re a violent person inventing stories about being a victim of violence. It isn’t transphobic to say that you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you have accused multiple people of sexually abusing you, whether it was at NY Grill and Bistro or a courthouse bathroom. You often tell people on social media that you’re a victim of rape and sexual assault. This has never happened. On the other hand, you have been ALLEGED to have touched someone during a seizure, you’ve been accused of flying a camera-equipped drone over teenage girls to record them in bikinis, and you expose yourself on camera to underage girls frequently. You’ve even been accused of sharing child porn. You’ve been convincingly accused of committing sexual offences and you accuse others of committing them against you. It isn’t transphobic to say that you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you have accused people of harassment against you online. You say you’re a victim of prank calls, threats, rude comments, and so on. Meanwhile, you have been accused of sending pizzas and taxis to peoples homes at all hours of the night. You’ve been accused of making dozens of pranks calls, if not hundreds. You have been recorded making multiple death threats against multiple people, and then you complain on social media about being a victim of constant death threats. It isn’t transphobic to say that you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you recently posted that you’re not fat at all. I was torn on this one, as I’m not a fan of body shaming, but I think this is fair game. Why? You body shame the shit out of people JY. You accuse people of being “fat whores” and attack women for their weight. You idealize “simplistic” skinny white teen girls as the perfect body type and attack girls who don’t have that figure. Meanwhile, you accuse Anna Slatz and others of fat shaming you. It isn’t transphobic to say that you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you have made multiple attempts to groom underage girls. I’ll be honest – there is a tiny, tiny chance that your brain is so underdeveloped that you can’t relate with anyone your own age so you befriend teen girls, but that doesn’t excuse the behaviour. The fact is, you know teen girls can be emotionally vulnerable and crave attention, and know you can heap attention on them and they’ll feel bad for you, giving you their attention back. This is predatory behaviour JY. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY…I touched on this topic already but it deserves it’s own. It is proven that you have frequently exposed yourself to people on camera, usually uninvited. This isn’t normal sexual behaviour. This is a form of sexual assault. Forcing people to unexpectedly see your “female breasts” is sexual assault. For someone who says that having their picture taken is sexual assault, it is offensive that you would do this yourself. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you’ve weaponized the DMCA system as if it’s your personal shield. You accuse people of violating your copyright as if you were one of the original authors of Websters fucking dictionary. On the other hand, the laundry list of you LITERALLY COPY PASTING other people’s content for your own gain is endless. You literally posted copyrighted copy-pasted material to your TrustedNerd website for profit. Your resume is copypasta from job listings online. One of your lawsuits contains the exact words, verbatim, as said by M Petch on Twitter. You copy pasted Corey Dixons mental health pleas as your own to get attention. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you’ve also tried to weaponize the court and human rights tribunals, following the footsteps of people like Morgane Oger. The only difference is your intentions were clearly vengeful and profit-driven. The HRT slapped you down, and now you claim they’re oppressive. JY, you targeted innocent people to make a buck. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY,…you refer to the police as if they are at your personal disposal. It’s offensive. These are trained professionals protecting the public and it speaks to their dignity and character that they respond to your games as professionally as they do. They know you’re full of shit, but they do their job. Let me say this clearly. It is repulsive that you treat this people like they’re your best friends, laughing with you at everyone else, and the next day accuse them of being useless and ignoring you. You’ve recorded videos playing the whole “I’m a taxpayer, you work for me” card. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you’ve been documented as a racist, both on in private and public. The BCHRT said your complaints were race based, and there are over 75 screenshots on displaying your racism, including using the n-word. You openly act as though people of colour are beneath you. On the other hand, you want to claim that you’re a victim of discrimination and oppressions. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you’re a documented liar. It’s shocking how dishonest you are. There’s days that I, someone who I think most people would consider an expert on your behaviour and history, sit here and shake my head, wondering how you can possibly think that anyone will buy your lies. Even more shocking, you accuse everyone else of being liars about you being a liar! I can’t even….Just no. Try to have an ounce of dignity and integrity JY. You’re a deceitful person and you’ve built your entire life on lies. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you claim you’re a victim every day. You say you’re oppressed, bullied, attacked. You scour social media for new platforms, like @HERsocialapp, looking for someone to lie to. You record videos pretending to cry and feel emotions, begging someone to feel bad for you and befriend you, even love you. Behind the scenes there are dozens of young girls, many of whom were so young that you very likely had a long term negative impact on their confidence and sexuality because of your predatory actions. You want people to think you’re “just a girl” while simultaneously knocking down the platform that millions of girls have spent their blood, sweat, and tears to build up just so they could stand a little taller in a male-dominated world. Some may think this is transphobic, but you’ve been openly accused of being the exact thing that so many women have fought against for so long – a man trying to retake his power from women by forcing his way into their spaces. JY…you aren’t trying to improve trans rights or equality. You’re weaponizing the work of trans activists so you can be sadistically empowered over women. Where you lack the pride to stand up and be a normal member of the community, you make up for it with arrogance and entitlement, trotting about as if all these women beneath you owe you something. JY…it isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this.

JY…you weaponize social media to spout hate and vitriol. You lie, you try to steal, and you manipulate. You prey on the weak, and then you accuse people like me of being transphobic liars. I dare you to prove any one of my accusations above as false. JY…you’re a social media con artist that calls people that speak out against you social media con artists. It isn’t transphobic to say you’re wrong to do this. And I won’t stop.