jessica yaniv simpson

Dangerous Driver Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Video and Court Evidence

Jessica Yaniv Simpson…wait wait, I mean Jessica Serenity Simpson has been charged with violation section 125 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act. While minor, it’s still noteworthy.

Unless otherwise directed by a peace officer or a person authorized by a peace officer to direct traffic, every driver of a vehicle and every pedestrian must obey the instructions of an applicable traffic control device.

British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act Section 125.

Section 128 and 129 of the same law refer to stopping at yellow/red lights, and section 186 refers to stopping at stop signs at an intersection, so it’s a bit of a guessing game on what particular traffic control device Yaniv failed to disobey.

The offense date is shown as Mar 2, 2021 in Coquitlam. There are no noteworthy events in the MeowMix archives for this date.

jessica yaniv simpson

One minor traffic violation does not in itself make for an interesting story. What makes this interesting is that traffic violations only appear on CSO if they are contested, which means Yaniv must have filed a not guilty plea to this. He may also be disputing the fine amount (claiming indigent status) or requesting extra time.

What also makes this interesting is that we’ve seen video evidence of Yaniv being a completely ignorant, selfish, downright dangerous driver. Yaniv has no issues cutting people off, illegally turning in front of others, livestreaming videos while he’s driving, driving with no hands on the wheel, using his phone while driving, and causing other drivers to be distracted. Sadly, the video below is unlikely to be useful to police without proper date and time information on most events, but we know Langley and Surrey RCMP visit MeowMix and hopefully this causes them to watch Jon’s driving habits more closely.

We do have a longer version of this video. This one is cut down and sped up to highlight the hundreds of infractions that occur in the clip. If any LEO wants to get their hands on the unedited versions, along with our limited metadata, please contact us.

A couple other thoughts on this:

  • Yaniv was rear ended a few months ago. I’ve seen the clip and it appears genuine. This doesn’t mean Yaniv didn’t brake check or do something to cause it, like stop unexpectedly. We don’t know.
  • Yaniv has been claiming in private social media channels to have been involved in a second “collision”. This one is more recent, and it occurred in the Nissan Kicks. I use collision in quotes because it he talks it up like he was in a major crash but he also said there was no damage to his car, and it was simply a matter of someone bumping into him in a parking lot.
  • There may be other fines/violations on Yaniv’s driving record. They would not appear on CSO if they were not contested.
  • Some of the streaming video events in the video above are difficult to review in full. In many cases you can tell that the car is moving, or is in traffic. From a legal perspective, if the car is on the road the rules are the same whether or not you’re moving. Using a phone at a red light is just as illegal as using a phone while in motion. We’re not implying that all events shown meet the legal bar for prosecution, but they do show a pattern of disregard for the safety of the general community. In many cases Yaniv is looking away from the road – or has his hands off the wheel – for several seconds while driving through residential-level streets. Even at 50 km/h – the residential speed limit in most areas – Yaniv is still travelling three car lengths per second. A three-second look away from the road is basically 10 car lengths, or 150 feet. Add in reaction time, which I doubt he excels at, and you’ve got serious potential for disaster here. Yaniv – or anyone else who thinks this is ok in a residential area – needs a kick in the teeth to wake them up before they kill someone.

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Bonus document: This is the kind of thing we do with your donations – obtain documents from CSO so Jonny can’t hide them from you. We just got this one today, June 23. It’s a copy of the court order granting DFS costs against JY and dismissing Yaniv’s application to adjourn that hearing.

20210607 - JY vs DFS - Order Granting Costs
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