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BC Crown Stomps on Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Dog Scam, Legal Skills

As previously reported, BC Crown had filed an application to have a lawyer appointed to cross examine Keean Bexte in Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s upcoming criminal trial. The idea is that JY has been playing hot potato with lawyers and Crown wanted to stop JY from further delaying a trial by dumping yet another lawyer. The alternative fear was that JY would end up self-representing in court and intentionally (or unintentionally, because he’s an idiot) screw things up so badly that a mistrial would have to be declared.

MeowMix has exclusively obtained a copy of the Crown application for this, in which Crown lays out their concerns, including the fact that JY has dumped several lawyers and Yaniv (and possibly Bexte) are unprofessional beasts.

jessica yaniv simpson crown application

The application goes on to paint a picture of Yaniv and Bexte’s past, in which Bexte worked for Rebel Media and Yaniv is a (claimed) transgender person that Bexte has criticized. Crown also reveals that Bexte is concerned that he couldn’t give his best evidence if cross examined one on one by Yaniv, as he is concerned about threats, retaliation, and being confined in a room with his attacker. Bexte was concerned that Yaniv would provoke or frustrate him, but feels that a neutral lawyer would be beneficial. This makes sense. Yaniv is a dirtbag, and completely unlikeable. It’s hard for even seasoned Yaniv followers to keep their cool when they see Jonathan “I Ate a Whole Ham For Breakfast” Yaniv.

The claim goes on to say that March 18 was the fifth scheduled trial date for Yaniv (it’s now been rescheduled). The first trial was rescheduled 11 days in advance because of Yaniv’s GRS surgery. The second because Yaniv claimed he was too anxious to attend and needs a dog. The third was because Yaniv obtained new counsel and that they could not attend the scheduled dates, even though the Judge allowed Yaniv to bring his dog to that delay application to help alleviate his anxiety.

This is where it gets interesting. The Crown application goes on to describe in detail that Yaniv’s dog was “in fact an untrained puppy wearing a “service dog in training” vest. It ran around the courtroom and barked. Judge brown granted the defense an adjournment”.

The Crown indicated at that time that if Yaniv wanted his dog there that they would oppose this, for obvious reasons.

A new trial date was set, and then delayed because Yaniv’s new counsel was unavailable. A new trial date was set for March, but Crown was advised in the evening of February 24, 2022 that the lawyer, Ms. Hung, wanted off the record for JY.

This is interesting. According to our sources, Yaniv was abusive to her, including shouting and swearing. We aren’t sure if it was verbally by phone, or by email, and we have no confirmation of this.

This led to Yaniv applying to delay the trial even further.

Crown’s application goes on to cite case law suggesting that Crown and the Court have a responsibility to ensure the trial will flow smoothly, and the Judge has the power to take steps to ensure this happens to protect the accused and the victim.

The application goes on to state that Yaniv is likely to unduly frustrate and provoke the witness (Bexte), which deprives the Court of proper evidence. Crown says an appointed lawyer to question Bexte would help alleviate this. Again, that makes sense.

Crown goes on to say that, because of the acrimonious history between Bexte and Yaniv, they anticipate a breakdown of decorum which could lead to a mistrial.

Despite Yaniv’s claims to be a legal wizard, and most recently a student of criminal justice, Crown believes Yaniv is a loose (and stupid, probably) cannon, and that a skilled and trained lawyer would provide a more focused cross examination, resulting in fewer objections from Crown Counsel and less time spent by the Court correcting and training Jon.

In other words, to sum all of the above up…

  • Crown is tired of JY’s delay tactics.
  • Crown knows JY’s dog isn’t a service dog and opposes it being in the courtroom.
  • JY is a legal idiot who will fuck the trial up, perhaps intentionally.
  • A professional should come in and handle this because JY is an idiot.

To the best of our knowledge this application has been granted.

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